Jeremy Birnbaum is a bratty, rich, and spoiled kid who first appears in "Monster Arm". He is a karate student at Marco Diaz's dojo and regularly picks on him, despite being younger.


Jeremy is an eight-year-old boy with light skin, light brown hair, blue eyes, and brown freckles. While practicing karate, he wears a white gi with a black belt, a white headband, and red gloves. Outside of karate, Jeremy wears a light blue shirt, light green pants, and white shoes. He also wears a white sweater with light green cuffs around his neck.


Jeremy comes from a rich family and uses his immense wealth to buy fancy karate equipment and private lessons. Unlike Marco, Jeremy is a Tang Soo Do black belt. He is also not above cheating to get ahead in karate, as he brought a set of golden brass knuckles to a karate tournament in order to beat Marco. Unfortunately for him, he was found out by Sensei Brantley and disqualified for cheating along with Marco.

Despite having the support of his parents, Jeremy appears to harbor childish resentment toward his mother. Outside of karate, he regularly picks on Marco whenever they cross paths and enjoys tormenting random people on the street.


Season 1

Season 2


S1E5 Monster arm prepares to eat Jeremy
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  • Jeremy has a black belt in karate, outranking Marco's red belt, although it's possible he accomplished this through cheating or via his parents simply buying the belt for him.
  • In the show's season 1 opening sequence, Jeremy's hair is a darker shade of brown, and his headband is red instead of white. This is fixed in the season 2 opening sequence.
  • In season 1, he's one of the few people who know that Marco has a crush on Jackie Lynn Thomas.
  • While he does make fun of Marco, he becomes afraid of him when he attacks him.
  • Jeremy is similar to Brittney Wong in that both are rich and spoiled and serve as rivals to the main characters (Jeremy to Marco, and Brittney to Star).
  • "Trickstar" suggests that, deep down, Jeremy is a very miserable person; When Preston Change-O takes a small amount of joy from him, he is left utterly depressed, with Preston stating that Jeremy barely had any to begin with.


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