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"Junkin' Janna" is the twentieth episode of the fourth season of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

It premiered on April 14, 2019 alongside "A Spell with No Name".


Tom comes to discover just how much fun he can have without Star being there as well.


Janna goes digging for trash on Mewni's Garbage Island, and she brings Tom along while Star is at a royal meeting with Eclipsa. Having nothing to do when he's not with Star, Tom spends the entire time sending her text messages, much to Janna's annoyance. When Janna finds an old, giant, metal boot in the trash, she and Tom go "boot-sledding" and ride the boot down a large mountain of trash. Tom enjoys the experience, but he still can't stop sending texts to Star.

Meanwhile, at the Bureaucracy of Magic, Star and Eclipsa are in the lobby waiting for the Magic High Commission to arrive for their meeting, and despite the supposed urgency of this meeting, the High Commission is running late. When Eclipsa tries to leave and reschedule the meeting for another time, Sean the security guard compels her and Star to stay and sample his terrible-tasting donuts. Before long, the High Commission finally arrives, having apparently stopped for milkshakes on their way to the meeting.

Back on Garbage Island, Janna and Tom continue boot-sledding until Janna sees a crow in the sky. Recognizing it as the same crow that's been stealing all the cool trash she finds, Janna tells Tom to kill it with his fire powers, but Tom refuses to harm an innocent and defenseless animal. Suddenly, the crow swoops down and attacks Janna and Tom, and they try to get away by sledding down the mountain of trash. At the bottom of the mountain, Tom chastises Janna for bringing him along with her just to kill a harmless bird, and as he sends a selfie to Star, Janna tosses his phone away into the boot.

Just then, the crow returns and, apparently possessing immense strength, starts carrying the giant boot away. Janna, refusing to let the crow steal more of her trash, grabs hold of the boot, and she gets carried off into the sky. When she yells at the crow, it lets go of the boot, and Janna starts falling until Tom flies up and catches her. Janna tells Tom to follow the crow so that she can get her boot back and Tom can retrieve his phone.

At the Bureaucracy of Magic, Star, Eclipsa, and the High Commission finally begin their meeting – despite the animosity between Eclipsa and the High Commission. After a brief (and slightly violent) dispute between Star and Rhombulus, the High Commission explains that someone in Mewni is using extremely powerful magic that hasn't been used in centuries. Eclipsa is implied to be the High Commission's prime suspect, but they have no concrete proof due to the magic's mysterious nature. With no further leads and feeling like her time has been wasted, Eclipsa says she'll keep an eye out for any unusual magic and bitterly leaves the meeting.

Janna and Tom track the crow to the abadoned ruins of Butterfly Castle, where Janna finds a pile of all the trash the crow stole from her, including the boot. After Tom retrieves his phone, the two try to take the boot and leave, but the crow stops them, suddenly transforming into a hulking monster. Tom protects Janna from the monstrous crow by sacrificing his phone and blasts it with fire, leaving a scar on its right eye, and they make their escape.

Back at the Monster Temple, Janna and Tom meet Star in her bedroom, and Star is happy that Tom had a fun day without her. Meanwhile, the crow delivers the metal boot to Mina Loveberry, who is assembling a giant suit of armor.


Major characters

Minor characters

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Japanese ジャンナの執念 Janna's obsession
Korean 까마귀가 수상하다 The Crow Is Suspicious
Portuguese (Portugal) A Tralha de Janna The Janna's Jumk
Spanish (Latin America) Janna en el basurero Janna in the dump


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Revelations and continuity

  • Eclipsa and the Magic High Commission are bitter toward each other after episodes such as "Butterfly Trap" and "Swim Suit" (in addition to the fact that the High Commission crystallized Eclipsa in the first place).
  • The Magic High Commission reveal to Star and Eclipsa that someone in Mewni, but not a living queen or Glossaryck, is using ancient and extremely powerful magic.
    • It is implied at the end of the episode to be Mina Loveberry, who is assembling a giant suit of armor.
  • Mina's crow companion Sebastian is revealed to have similar Solarian powers to hers.