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"Just Friends" is the thirty-ninth episode of the second season of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.[1]

It premiered on February 23, 2017.[2]


When Star invites Jackie to a Love Sentence concert with her and Marco, she tries to make sure Jackie doesn’t feel like a third wheel.[2]


The episode begins with Star and Marco brushing their teeth with electric Love Sentence toothbrushes and lip-syncing the lyrics to the song "Just Friends". The two are excited to be going to a Love Sentence concert the next day, and as an added surprise for Marco, Star has invited Jackie Lynn Thomas to go with them since she and Marco are dating, which Marco only discovers when Jackie calls him. While Star is excited for the three of them to be hanging out, Marco is worried that, with Star around, Jackie will realize he isn't cool. But Star assures him things will be fine.

The next day, Star produces matching Love Sentence T-shirts for her, Marco, and Jackie, and Jackie arrives with matching Love Sentence skateboards for them to ride to the concert. However, while Star and Jackie bond over their love for Love Sentence, Marco is inexplicably struck by bad luck: his T-shirt is several sizes too small, and while skateboarding to the concert, he trips over and injures a family of ducks. After the ducks are treated at the vet, Star and Jackie bring them to the riverbed that Star once ran away to.

As they enjoy each other's company, Marco begins to feel left out and suggests that Star and Jackie go to the concert without him. Jackie assures him that she likes spending time with him, and Star suggests they go and have more fun together at the concert.

At the concert, Love Sentence takes the stage and begins singing "Just Friends". Star, Marco, and Jackie take each other's hands and lip-sync the song's lyrics. During the performance, numerous couples in the audience start kissing, including Marco and Jackie. This causes Star to now feel left out. She leaves her seat to go down to the front row, and Marco follows shortly after. He apologizes for making Star feel uncomfortable, but Star says that she's fine. She tells him to go and be with his girlfriend, and Marco hugs her in gratitude, calling her "the best friend a guy could have".

Marco goes to join Jackie just as Love Sentence starts singing "Too Little Too Late", and Star leaves the concert auditorium alone. With a smile on her face, she uses dark magic from her magic wand to destroy a Love Sentence billboard.


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Production notes


Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Dutch Gewoon Vrienden Just Friends
French Amis Pour la Vie Friends for Life
German Nur Freunde Just Friends
Hebrew רק חברים Just Friends
Italian Il Concerto dei "Verdetto D'Amore" The Love Sentence Concert
Japanese ただの友達 Just Friends
Korean 그냥 친구 Just Friends
Polish Tylko Przyjaciele Just Friends
Portuguese Só Amigos Just Friends
Russian Просто друзья Just Friends
Spanish (Latin America) Amigos y No Más Friends and Nothing More
Spanish (Spain) Sólo Amigos Just Friends


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  • Nick Lachey, lead singer of the band 98 Degrees, guest-stars as Love Sentence lead singer Justin Towers for the second time after "Friendenemies".
  • As of at least May 13, 2017, this episode and "Collateral Damage" have been removed from Disney XD's television schedule and website, presumably due to its depiction of several same-sex couples kissing.
    • As of May 23, however, it has returned to television reruns.
    • This scene is censored and heavily edited in the Southeast Asia broadcast due to rules against LGBT portrayal in media.

Revelations and continuity

  • Jackie is revealed to also be a fan of Love Sentence. Their song "Just Friends" is her favorite, while Star and Marco state that this is their second favorite Love Sentence song. However, Marco previously established in "Friendenemies" that his second favorite Love Sentence song is "Too Little Too Late". It is unclear whether this is an error or if Marco has a second favorite that he shares with Star as well as a personal second favorite. Alternatively, he may have simply changed his mind since the events of "Friendenemies".
  • Star recounts events from "Star vs. Echo Creek" to Jackie.
  • Jackie's ear is seen for the first time, and it has multiple piercings in it.


  • When Star makes the Love Sentence concert tees appear, the book of spells is seen to her left for one shot, even though she had lost it to Ludo in "Bon Bon the Birthday Clown".
  • When Marco returns to his seat near the end of the episode, he sits to the right of Jackie. However, in the next shot where the two kiss, Marco is now on her left.
    • Also in this scene, Jackie's sleeves under her t-shirt disappear, which also happens in an earlier scene, when Jackie leaves Star and starts walking over to Marco when the three of them are in the riverbed.


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