Episode begins with Star and Marco brushing their teeth with electric Love Sentence toothbrushes. They sway back and forth to the beat of Love Sentence's song Just Friends and lip-sync the lyrics.
Star Butterfly [lip-syncing] ♪ It was no secret, the way that we feel ♪
Marco Diaz [lip-syncing] ♪ A love that's so pure, a love that's so real ♪
Star [lip-syncing] ♪ You showed me your world, and it felt like a sign ♪
Marco [lip-syncing] ♪ But you acted too slow, and you ran out of ti-i-ime ♪
Star and Marco [spit]
Marco Oh, man, the only thing cooler than these Love Sentence singing toothbrushes is the fact you got us tickets to see them tomorrow!
Star Duh. That's what friends are for! Plus, Love Sentence is like our thing.
Marco Aw, you would know. You're my best friend.
Star Good night, Marco.
Marco [leaves the bathroom]
Star [slyly] Sleep tight.
Scene cuts to Marco sleeping in bed.
Marco [snoring]
Marco's phone buzzes, and he answers.
Marco Hello?
Star Marco! Are you awake? I forgot to tell you, there's more.
Marco [phone buzzes again] Aw, wait. I'm getting a call from Jackie.
Star Yeah, you are!
Marco [answers other call] Hey, Jackie. Uh, is everything all right?
Jackie Lynn Thomas Dude, Love Sentence tickets? You're smoother than you let on, Marco Diaz.
Marco [chuckles nervously] What?
Jackie Ooh, gotta go. Gotta crush this ramp. See you tomorrow! [hangs up]
Marco Star! Did you get tickets for Jackie, too? ...Star! I know you're there.
Star [slowly rises up behind Marco's bed]
Marco Hello? Did you get Jackie tickets?
Star [pokes Marco] You did.
Marco [gasps]
Star Aren't you excited, Marco? You guys are a thing now! The three of us are gonna be hanging out a lot. I don't want Jackie feeling left out 'cause I'm a supercool girl who's also your supercool best friend.
Marco Yeah, you are. I'm just... I'm just worried that with you around, Jackie will realize I'm not as super-cool.
Star I've dated before. Trust me, you'll be fine.
Marco [sighs] Fine. Just let me sleep.
Star Yay! This is gonna be awesome! Now, get them beauty sleeps. [leaves Marco's room]
The next day, Marco looks out the window and closes the curtains.
Star Time to get dressed, Marco!
Marco [screams, falls over]
Star Come on! Come-on-come-on-come-on! Jackie's gonna be here any minute!
Marco I know. [puts his hood up] That's what I'm worried about.
Star Oh, poor thing. I told you, there's nothing to worry about, right? We just want to make Jackie feel included in our fun times together.
Marco Yeah, I guess.
Star [picks Marco up off the floor] Come on, it'll be fine. I promise. Now get dressed! [skips away humming]
Marco Uh, I am dressed. Red hoodie. Jeans. That's pretty much dressed for me.
Star Hah. Uh, no, you're not, 'cause I made concert tees~!
Star uses her wand to make three concert tees, one of which materializes on her body.
Marco Oh, man! Love Sentence concert tees! [gets tee thrown in his face]
Star Handcrafted.
Marco's concert tee bears his, Star's, and Jackie's faces with the words "LS TOUR".
[horror movie music sting]
Marco [sarcastic] Perfect.
Star I know, right? Put it on!
Marco struggles to put the concert tee on.
Marco [chuckles, straining] Little tight.
The doorbell rings.
Star Jackie's here!
Marco [panicked grunting]
Star [opens door] Hey, girlfriend!
Jackie No way! You made concert tees?
Star Oh, yeah. Check it out.
Jackie That's so funny, 'cause I made concert skateboards! Whoa! [holds up Love Sentence-themed skateboards]
Star No... way... I can't believe we had the same idea!
Jackie Great minds, am I right?
Star ♪ Trade! ♪
Star trades a concert tee for one of Jackie's skateboards. Jackie puts the tee on.
Jackie So, where's Marco?
Star Oh, he's getting dressed.
Marco [still struggling to put on concert tee, straining, panting] Hey, Jackie.
Jackie [takes off helmet] Hey, Marco.
Marco [strains, pants]
Marco finally puts the tee on, but it's way too small for him.
Jackie Nice shirt. Shows off your pecs.
Marco [strained] Skateboards, really? I thought we were taking the bus.
Star [puts helmet on Marco's head] Yeah! Skateboards! It'll be fun! Summoning Cloudy Charm! [summons Cloudy]
Cloudy [excited scream]
Star [riding skateboard on top of Cloudy] Love Sentence, here we come!
Cloudy Whee!
Star Whoo!
Marco [sighs]
Scene cuts to Star and Jackie riding to the concert.
Star Ooh-ooh! I got one. How many times did Love Sentence break up before their fourth reunion tour?
Jackie Uh... Six, if you count the time they broke up on the morning of their second reunion tour and got back together after lunch.
Star Yes! Except it was before lunch, not after.
Jackie No, it was totally after.
Star Let's ask Marco.
Jackie Yeah, where is Marco?
Marco [skating slowly, wheezing] Right... behind... you!
Jackie Wow... Maybe we should've taken the bus.
Marco [wheezing] No! Can we just get to the concert?
Marco skates ahead of Star and Jackie and crosses a family of ducks.
Mother Duck [honking]
Marco [girly screaming]
The duck and her ducklings sail through the air. Marco sails through the air.
Marco Aah! [thud]
Ducklings [chirping]
Marco's concert tee tears in half down the middle. Scene cuts to veterinarian's office.
Veterinarian The ducks will be fine.
Mother Duck [honks]
Veterinarian Marco should be fine, too, provided he take some skateboard lessons. The skateboard didn't make it. [hands Marco a medical bill] Your bill.
Marco 650 dollars?! Aw!
Scene cuts to the city riverbed; Star slides to the bottom while holding the box of ducks.
Star Come on!
Jackie [skates to bottom of riverbed]
Marco [slides to bottom of riverbed on his stomach]
Star Aw, they are so cute!
Mother Duck [honks]
Jackie Little disease-ridden angels.
Marco I want to help! Let me help! Quack-quack!
Ducklings [alarmed chirping]
Star Marco, you're scaring them!
Marco [walks away]
Star It's okay, little babies. He's gone.
Marco Aw...
Star Calm down. We're at your new home.
Duckling [chirps]
Jackie Aw, come on, little dudes, don't be nervous.
Star Yeah, this place is great! I used to live here.
Jackie Me, too. Wait, what?
Star Yeah, for, like, a day. But you guys will make friends so quick! There's the lady that steals hair who lives over there.
Jackie [laughs] Really?
Star Yeah, she smells like shampoo all the time. It's crazy.
Jackie [laughing] No way that's true.
Star Seriously, it is! And around there is where I met the dragon. I think. Oh, oh, oh. And there's a really good taco place around here.
Jackie Star, dude.
Star Oh. Time to say bye!
Mother Duck [honks]
Ducklings [chirping, jump into water]
Star Marco, come say bye!
Marco sits on a milk crate under the overpass with his head down. Jackie walks over to him.
Star Huh?
Marco holds his ripped concert tee; the rip goes through the picture of his face. He pushes the left and right sides together, placing Star and Jackie's faces next to each other.
Jackie Marco, dude. Are you okay?
Marco You and Star should just go on without me. You'll have more fun. I'll just be here ruining things, breaking skateboards, ripping shirts, and traumatizing families of ducks.
Mother Duck [honks angrily, chases Marco]
Marco Aah! [hides behind Jackie]
Jackie [pats duck on the head] Dude. [pats Marco on the head] Dude. Don't worry about the skateboard. My uncle works for the company, and I'm... I'm having fun with you, but... these guys deserve an apology.
Marco I'm s—
Jackie I'm kidding, Marco, but that was really sweet.
The mother duck and her ducklings return to the water and swim away. Star appears between Jackie and Marco and puts her arms around them.
Star Oh, we should be apologizing! Me and Jackie were having so much fun, you probably felt left out. But you shouldn't.
Jackie Yeah, we wouldn't have met those cute ducks if it weren't for you.
Star And that was magical!
Marco Heh. They were cute.
Star The idea was we go together.
Jackie Yeah, Marco, come on. Let's go have fun.
Scene cuts to the concert auditorium. The stage is designed like a prison with searchlights and emergency sirens.
Announcer Remain calm and shelter in place. This is not a drill.
Police Dogs [barking]
Something smashes through the prison wall, and Love Sentence appears.
Crowd [cheering]
Justin Towers Hello, Echo Creek!
Marco Oh, my gosh! Oh, my gosh! Oh, my gosh! Such pageantry! I love it. I love it!
Justin Towers Straight out of the Echo Creek Penitentiary, I'm Justin Towers, and this one goes out to everyone who's "just friends".
BGM [Just Friends]
Love Sentence ♪ Ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh ♪
Star and Marco [gasps] Our second-favorite song!
Jackie [grabs Marco's hand] They're playing my favorite song! Whoo! [starts dancing] Dance with me, Diaz!
Marco [chuckles nervously] Okay.
Star grabs Marco's other hand, and the three dance together. On stage, Love Sentence dances choreographically.
Marco [lip-syncing] ♪ It was no secret ♪
Star [lip-syncing] ♪ The way that we feel ♪
Marco [lip-syncing] ♪ A love that's so pure ♪
Star [lip-syncing] ♪ A love that's so real ♪
Justin Towers ♪ You showed me your world, and it felt like a sign ♪
♪ But you acted too slow, and you ran out of ti-i-ime ♪
Star and Marco [lip-syncing]
♪ And now we'll be just friends ♪
♪ We will be just friends ♪
♪ And now we'll be just friends ♪
Love Sentence ♪ Be just friends ♪
Star [lip-syncing] ♪ I didn't mean to hurt you ♪
Marco [lip-syncing] ♪ You didn't have a clue ♪
Star [lip-syncing] ♪ So you went out and got busy ♪
Marco [lip-syncing] ♪ And found somebody new ♪
Star [lip-syncing] ♪ New ♪
Star and Marco [lip-syncing] ♪ New ♪
Love Sentence ♪ And now we'll be just friends ♪
Marco and Jackie [lip-syncing] ♪ Oh, we will be just friends ♪
Star [lip-syncing]
♪ And now we'll be just friends ♪
♪ Be just friends ♪
Love Sentence ♪ And now we'll be... ♪
BGM [guitar solo]
All around Star, couples in the crowd start kissing. She sees Marco and Jackie kissing next to her, too.
Star [gasps]
Love Sentence ♪ I didn't mean to hurt you ♪
♪ You didn't have a clue ♪
♪ So you went out and got busy ♪
Marco Wow.
Love Sentence ♪ And found somebody new, new, new ♪
Marco sees that Star is gone.
Love Sentence ♪ And now we'll be ♪ [continues in background]
Marco Star? Where are you going?
Star makes her way to the front row. Marco follows her.
Marco Are you all right? I'm sorry about the... the, uh... It just kind of happened.
Star Oh, don't be silly! I just wanted to be down here by the stage so I could feel their sweat spraying on my face! [chuckles] Sweat.
Marco Are you sure?
Star Duh! What are friends for?
Marco [smiles]
Star [smiles, pushes Marco] Now, go up there and be with your girlfriend!
Marco [hugs Star] You're the best friend a guy could have!
Star [weakly] Yeah... Now, go. She's waiting.
BGM [Too Little Too Late]
Marco runs back to his seat.
Justin Towers ♪ We spiraled high on a gust of love ♪
Marco and Jackie kiss again while Star watches.
Justin Towers ♪ And I knew right from the start ♪
Star walks out of the auditorium.
Justin Towers ♪ Nothing could tear us apart ♪
♪ 'Til the day you broke my heart ♪
As Star walks off with a smile, she fires a green beam of energy from her wand into the air. It destroys a Love Sentence billboard.
Justin Towers ♪ Oooh-oooh ♪
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