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Our second-favorite song!
―Star and Marco[src]

"Just Friends" is a song featured in the the episode of the same name.[2] It is performed by the boy band Love Sentence during their Breakout Tour concert in Echo Creek.



It was no secret
The way that we feel
A love that's so pure
A love that's so real

You showed me your world
And it felt like a sign
But you acted too slow
And you ran out of ti-i-ime

And now we'll be just friends
We will be just friends
And now we'll be just friends
Be just friends

I didn't mean to hurt you
You didn't have a clue
So you went out and got busy
And found somebody new, new, new

And now we'll be just friends
Oh, we will be just friends
And now we'll be just friends
Be just friends

And now we'll be...

[guitar solo]

Be just friends...


  • Star and Marco state in "Just Friends" that this is their second favorite Love Sentence song. However, Marco previously established in "Friendenemies" that his second favorite Love Sentence song is Too Little Too Late. It is unclear whether this is an error or if Marco has a second favorite that he shares with Star as well as a personal second favorite. Alternatively, he may have simply changed his mind since the events of "Friendenemies".
    • Additionally, Jackie states in the episode that it is her favorite song.
  • On the BMI Music Repertoire website, this song is listed as work #24522990.


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