Keith James Ferguson is an American voice actor best known for voicing Blooregard Q. "Bloo" Kazoo in Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends and Reaper in the Blizzard Entertainment video game Overwatch.

He provides the vocals for the song Jeremy Is Awesome and additional voices in Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

Early life

Ferguson was born in Los Angeles, California. After studying theatrical performance and creative writing at the University of the Pacific and University of Southern California, he worked behind the scenes in daytime television production while occasionally performing in local theatre productions and improvisation groups.


Towards the end of his production career, Ferguson actively began his pursuit of a career in voiceover. In 1999, he was discovered by voiceover agent Pat Brady sent out on his first professional voiceover audition for a sound-alike for Keanu Reeves in a 60-second radio spot satirizing The Matrix.

In 2000, he gained his first experience in animation voiceover alongside Rob Paulsen and David Sobolov as the role of Ray on an animated web series called Li'l Green Men. He was later cast in one of the first of his more notable roles as Bloo in Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, created by The Powerpuff Girls creator/animator Craig McCracken.

Later roles would include General "Thunderbolt" Ross in The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, Owl in Bambi II, and his recurring portrayal as Han Solo and Indiana Jones in Robot Chicken He reprised his role as Han Solo in The Lego Movie.

Ferguson has also done voice work in video games; notable roles include Basch fon Ronsenburg in Final Fantasy XII, Gabranth in Dissidia Final Fantasy, and Marluxia in Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories.

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