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"King Ludo" is the sixth episode of the third season of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

It premiered on July 15, 2017, as part of the television movie Star vs. the Forces of Evil: The Battle for Mewni.[1]


Marco must decide his next best move with Ludo now in control of the kingdom.


At the Butterfly Castle, Ludo and his minions are removing every trace of the Butterfly family from the castle to make room for Ludo's own reign. Outside, one of the Mewmans tries to sell "King Ludo" merchandise but has little success because no one in the kingdom likes Ludo, much to his dismay. Ludo goes to the castle dungeons, where Marco and River are chained up, and demands that River help him make the people like him. River refuses, so Ludo gives him 24 hours to change his mind or else he'll use Levitato to send him into the sky forever. After securing the dungeon key around his neck (having to use butter to fit it around his large head), Ludo leaves.

When Ludo accidentally leaves the butter behind, Marco grabs it with his foot and uses it to slip out of his chains. Before River can do the same thing, he eats the butter, so Marco is forced to steal Ludo's key to free him. As Marco escapes through the air conditioning vents to the royal bedroom, he encounters Ruberiot, the royal jester Foolduke, and Mime Girl; they have gone into hiding since Ludo's takeover and help themselves to his stuff whenever he isn't around. When Ludo returns to the bedroom to sleep, the four hide in the vents. Marco tries to convince Ruberiot and the others to help him steal Ludo's key, but they refuse out of an unwillingness to "do stuff". When Marco's words of inspiration fail to motivate them, he expresses his contempt for them before setting out on his own.

Marco sneaks into the royal bedroom and tries to steal the key around Ludo's neck. Just before he is caught, Ruberiot, Foolduke, and Mime Girl appear and pretend to entertain Ludo with a song dedicated to him. Marco tries to seize the key while Ludo is distracted, but the performers start to argue over artistic differences, and they and Marco eventually have to retreat. Luckily, Foolduke had seized the key during the confusion.

Marco returns to the dungeons to free River, but River refuses to abandon his subjects. When Marco hears Ludo approaching, he chains himself back up and drops the key. With River's 24 hours up, Ludo recovers the key (thinking he'd dropped it the day before) and demands River's assistance again. Once again, River refuses, and Ludo and his minions drag him away. As punishment for his defiance, River is publicly banished from Mewni when Ludo casts Levitato to hurl him into the sky. Having witnessed this from the sewers, Ruberiot and the others wonder what to do now, and Marco says it's time to fight back.


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Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Dutch Koning Ludo King Ludo
French Le Roi Ludo King Ludo
Hebrew המלך לוד ו King Ludo
Japanese ルード王 King Ludo
Korean 루도 왕 King Ludo
Brazilian Portuguese Rei Ludo King Ludo
European Portuguese O Rei Ludo The King Ludo
Thai ราชาลูโด้ King Ludo


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  • There is a toilet in King and Queen Butterfly's royal bathroom, even though River is unfamiliar with flush toilets in "Royal Pain". However, it's possible that toilets were installed in the castle between that episode and this one.

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