Lady Whosits is a knight of the Mewni royal guard who first appears in "Stranger Danger".


Lady Whosits is an adult woman with a very hefty upper-body build. She has brown skin, long and poofy maroon hair, hazelnut eyes, and dark reddish-orange lipstick. She wears a light blue royal guard uniform with a yellow star on the chest plate, light blue wristbands, and a light blue helmet with a yellow star on the front, small blue wings on the sides, and a large pink feather on top.


Lady Whosits first appears in "Stranger Danger" as part of the castle capture effort to apprehend Eclipsa Butterfly. She, along with fellow royal guard Kyle, also serves as guard detail outside Eclipsa's tower.

In "Lint Catcher", Whosits and the castle guards mistake Marco Diaz for an intruder and capture him in Star Butterfly's bedroom. When Marco says he wants to become a knight of Mewni, Whosits and the other guards laugh and make fun of him.

In "Trial by Squire", Whosits takes part in Quest Buy's 10,000th Annual Squire Blowout Sale with her squire Baby-Man.

In "Monster Bash", Whosits storms the Monster Temple with Rhombulus and the other guards when Star is discovered throwing a forbidden party for Mewmans and monsters.

In "Divide", Whosits imprisons Eclipsa in her tower at Star Butterfly's command, but she accidentally locks Kyle inside the tower. She also attended the royal council.

In "Conquer", she was one of the souls taken by Meteora.


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S3E14 Lady Whosits making fun of Marco
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