"Lake House Fever" is the sixth episode of the fourth season of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

It premiered on March 17, 2019 alongside "Ransomgram".


When a storm traps Star at Tom's family lake house, she turns it into a fun excursion.


At the Lucitor family lake house in the Underworld, Tom and Star surf the lava waves while Tom's family—including his mother Wrathmelior, his father Dave, his aunt Exasperella, and Exasperella's boyfriend Gloominus—hangs out on the beach. After some surfing, Star says she needs to leave and help Marco make dinner for his family on Earth. Tom asks Star to stay and hang out more, but she wants to keep her engagement with Marco. All of a sudden, storm clouds roll in over the beach, and Dave warns that it isn't safe to travel. With Star unable to leave without risking being struck by lightning, she is forced to stay inside the lake house with the Lucitors until the storm passes.

Inside the lake house, the Lucitors are bitter over their situation, but Star eagerly takes advantage of the situation to hang out with her boyfriend's family and bond with them. The group partakes in a game of Drabble (similar to the Earth game Scrabble), and they are shortly joined by Tom's still-living great grandfather Relicor. When Wrathmelior goes to the kitchen to make some refreshments, Star joins her so that they can spend some one-on-one time together.

In the kitchen, Star tries to chat with Wrathmelior, but she appears cold and distant, brushing off Star's attempts to have a conversation. When Star accidentally unleashes tiny demons around the kitchen while using the blender, she and Wrathmelior work together to get rid of them, but Wrathmelior is still aloof toward Star, ignoring her extended high-five. Back in the den, a heated disagreement between Tom and Relicor had ended the Drabble game early, so Star suggests they look at Lucitor family photos. When Star asks Tom why his mother seems so upset, Tom thinks little of it.

Star and the Lucitors look at various photos from Tom's childhood in the photo album. When they reach the "Star and Tom" section—covering the last time Star and Tom were in a relationship—Wrathmelior gets upset again and flips past that section of photos in a hurry. She eventually leaves the room in tears, and Star is certain that Wrathmelior is upset with her because of something she did. Tom believes his mother is worried that Star will hurt him again, and he reveals he told his mother that Star and Marco kissed in "Booth Buddies". Star is upset that Tom told his mother about this, but Tom is even more upset that she never told him about the kiss in the first place.

Unable to handle this situation, Star leaves and walks out into the storm, and Tom follows. When Wrathmelior sees them outside, the storm gets worse, and Tom gets washed away by a tidal wave. Star grabs her surfboard and rockets across the lava to save him, but another tidal wave engulfs them both, leaving only Star's broken surfboard. Wrathmelior fears her son is lost, but Star and Tom soon wash ashore in a protective bubble that Star created. As Wrathmelior hugs Tom and cries tears of joy, the storm subsides, revealing that Wrathmelior was the one who created the storm.

Wrathmelior apologizes for the storm and offers to take another photo of Star and Tom together for the family album, and Relicor starts a barbecue. With the storm gone, Tom says Star can leave to join Marco and his family, but Star decides to stay and barbecue with the Lucitors.


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Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Dutch Meerhuiskoorts Lake House Fever
Spanish (Latin America) Fiebre en la casa del lago Fever in the lake house
European Portuguese Festa na Casa do Lago Lake House Party
Japanese 嵐の別荘 Stormy villa


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S4E6 Star and Tom in awkward silence
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Production notes



Revelations and continuity

  • Marco is revealed to pay regular visits to his family on Earth after relocating to Mewni.
  • Photos in the Lucitor family album show when Star and Tom first became a couple and when Tom first gave Star her horn headband.
  • Tom is revealed to have built his skeleton horse carriage by hand so that he could take Star to the Blood Moon Ball.
  • Tom reveals to Star that he learned in "Conquer" that she kissed Marco in "Booth Buddies" and told his mother about it.
  • Wrathmelior doesn't approve of Star and Tom's new relationship, originally because of their first break up and now because of the kiss between Marco and Star.



  • In Tom's baby photo, his tail matches his skin tone instead of red as in "Is Another Mystery".

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