Episode begins at the Lucitor family lake house in the Underworld. Tom surfs on a surfboard in the lava ocean. As he surfs, his mother Wrathmelior takes photos of him with a camera. The camera dispenses a photo, and Wrathmelior waves it in her hand.
Wrathmelior Lucitor [trills tongue, shows photo to Dave]
Dave Lucitor That's my boy!
Exasperella That's my nephew!
Gloominus I'm not related to him!
Star appears in the surf next to Tom, wearing a lava-protection suit and surfing on top of Cloudy on top of a surfboard.
Tom Lucitor Excuse me, miss. Couldn't help but notice that that lava suit really "suits" you.
Star Butterfly Well, you don't look so bad yourself, stranger. Well, maybe a little bit bad.
Tom Roar!
Star Last one ashore is a rotten gargoyle egg!
Tom Oh, no, ya don't!
Star [removes helmet] Oh, thanks, Tom. That was so much fun! But I gotta boogie.
Tom Aw, you leaving already? The party's just getting started! [Star tosses her lava suit on his head]
Star Thank you so much for the wonderful day, everyone. Lord and Lady Lucitor, it was a pleasure to see you again.
Dave Yeah, well, some of us are pretty hard to miss.
Wrathmelior [chuckles]
Star And Gloominus, Exasperella, wonderful meeting you both.
Exasperella Well, it was a pleasure, dearie.
Gloominus You know, I was a mean tap dancer 20 years ago.
There is an awkward pause, and Exasperella stares at Gloominus.
Tom Wait, Star. So, where are you going?
Star I gotta help Marco make dinner for his family.
Tom Ooooor... you could stay.
Star I'm sorry, Tom, but I promised Marco I'd be there. You understand.
The sky suddenly gets dark, and thunder crashes as storm clouds roll in over the beach.
Dave Uh-oh, one of our nasty storms is rolling in. It looks like it might not be safe to travel, Star.
Tom Guess you'll just have to stay here with us 'til it blows over.
Star What? No. I'm not gonna let a little drizzle get in my way. See ya later, handsome!
Star starts to float away on Cloudy, but he gets struck by lightning and goes flying uncontrollably, and Star falls.
Cloudy [shrieks]
Star [screaming]
Tom [catches Star] Oof! You okay?
Star I'm okay, I'm okay. Maybe I should—
Cloudy [flies past background screaming]
Star Maybe I should—
Cloudy [flies past background again screaming]
Star Maybe I should—
Cloudy [flies past background yet again screaming]
Tom Maybe you should come inside!
Cut to lake house interior; Star and the Lucitors sit around the den as fireballs rain from the sky outside.
Tom You okay, Star? That was a close call.
Star Yeah, I'm fine, but my dinner with Marco... How long is this gonna last?
Thunder crashes outside. Star startled and holds onto Tom's arm.
Star [blushes, chuckles nervously] Hi.
Dave Yeah, this one looks pretty bad. We might be stuck here for a while.
Everyone [groans]
Tom No way! I'm gonna miss out on all those gnarly pounders! Why did I even bring my surfboard?
Exasperella Well, how do you think I feel? Cooped up with my weird boyfriend and my gigantic little sister?
Wrathmelior [growling lowly]
Gloominus I like pickles okay, but I can't stand cucumbers.
Exasperella [sarcastic] Well, thank you, Mr. Personality.
Star Well, it has been forever since I got to hang with the Lucitor family. [laughs] Family bonding!
Cut to Star and Lucitors playing Drabble, which is very similar to Scrabble. Two crossed words on the game board spell out "DEPTHS" and "SULPHUR".
Exasperella ...H-U-R, "Sulphur". That's 30 points.
Star Oh, nice one, Exasperella!
The painting behind Star and Tom screeches.
Star What the heck was that?!
Tom Oh, that's just a painting of my great grandfather Relicor. He was quite the lady killer. [chuckles] Uh...
Star So, what's with all the shrieky business?
Tom Oh, he just wants to join us for Drabble. It's his favorite game.
The painting opens up on hinges, and the real Relicor Lucitor is seen behind it.
Relicor Lucitor [shrieks]
Tom Watch out. He cheats.
Wrathmelior [trills, leaves the room]
Dave Oh, good idea, Honeybunch.
Star What did she say?
Dave Oh, she said that she wanted to mix up some refreshing demonade.
Exasperella Oh, none for me, thanks. I never touch the stuff. [scoops up some of Gloominus' slime and sips it]
Gloominus You know, the thing about demonade is that—
Star Well, I'll go give Wrathmelior a hand. It's been a while since we had any one-on-one time. [leaves the room]
Relicor [flutters to couch, shrieks]
In the kitchen, Wrathmelior cuts up demonfruit with a knife.
Star Hey, Wrath! I thought you could use some help. I figured it's been a while since we got to hang. You know, get in some female bonding. So, put me to work. What can I do?
Wrathmelior [ignores Star, continues cutting]
Star [to demon blender] She always like this when she's cooking?
Wrathmelior removes the demon blender's head.
Star [shrieks]
Wrathmelior [trills, points at demonfruit, then points at blender]
Star Ohhhh-ho-ho-ho-ho! Demonfruit goes in the demon blender. A-doy! Got it. [scoops demonfruit into blender] So, this is some crazy weather we're having, isn't it? On Earth, Marco says it rains cats and dogs, but I've never actually seen any, so... [laughs]
Wrathmelior [huffs]
Star [puts top on overstuffed blender] What's new with you? Bet you've been pretty busy.
Demon Blender Uh, y-you... you kind of overfilled!
Star I know I have.
The overstuffed demon blender explodes...
Star [shrieks] Oh!
and burning demonfruit flies all over the kitchen and comes to life.
Demonfruit [laughing]
They run around the kitchen, knocking stuff over and causing general mayhem. One of them singes Star's backside.
Star Aah! All right, Wrathmelior! You get the blender – I'll take care of these little creeps!
Demonfruit [yelling]
Star Get back here, you little...!
One demonfruit shakes his butt; Star steps on him. Another demonfruit climbs up the walls; Star smashes it with a frying pan. Three demonfruit dance on the table; Star squishes them with a rolling pin. Three more demonfruit lurk by the kitchen window; Star gets rid of them with karate kicks and punches.
Star Now come on out!
Four demonfruit pounce on Star and tackle her to the floor.
Star [screams] Wrathmelior, I need you!
Wrathmelior [sighs]
Wrathmelior flicks the rest of the demonfruit away with one finger. They burst into flames on the wall.
Star Wow, we make a pretty good team, don't we? [extends high-five] High five, girlfriend!
Wrathmelior [ignores Star, smashes demon blender, walks away]
Star Uh... she left me hangin'.
Star and Wrathmelior return to the den.
Relicor [shrieks off-screen]
Star What happened here?
Tom sits angrily on the couch. The table at the center of the room is destroyed and on fire.
Dave Oh, there was a disagreement.
Relicor [shrieks from behind painting]
Tom "Milkshake" is totally a word, Relicor!
Star Hey! What's this? [picks up photo album] Is this a family photo album? Oh, this will be so much fun!
Wrathmelior [growls happily, gestures everyone to another room]
Star Hey, Tom, can we talk just a second?
Tom I know, I know, I know. Sorry. Our Drabble games can get pretty heated.
Star No, no, no, no, no. It isn't that. Although, that was really scary. We'll have a conversation later. Earlier, in the kitchen, your mom seemed upset, and when I went to high five her, she totally left me hangin'.
Tom Star, the woman's name is Wrathmelior. She's always upset about something. Come on, let's go look at some embarrassing family photos.
Cut to Tom's baby picture in the album.
Tom (o.s.) Oh, come on, Mom! You just had to start with that one!
Wrathmelior [chuckles, trills]
Star Oh, Tom! Well, you were just the sweetest little baldy bear!
Wrathmelior [trilling]
Wrathmelior turns the album page to Tom as a young child, holding a one-eyed pet.
Tom (o.s.) Little Lord Fool-leroy!
Wrathmelior [trilling lullaby]
Dave [gasps] And who is this young couple?
Photo shows Tom giving Star a flower at the Silver Bell Ball.
Star (o.s.) Aah! The Silver Bell Ball!
Exasperella Oh, here we go. The "Star and Tom" section.
Photo shows Tom giving Star her horned headband.
Star (o.s.) Awww, when I got my horns.
Tom (o.s.) You mean our second date?
Wrathmelior [huffs, quickly turns album page]
Photo shows Star and Pony Head at Star's going-away party before she leaves for Earth for the first time. Tom is in the background.
Star Wait a minute. Tom, you were at my going-away party? Why don't I remember that?
Wrathmelior [turns the page]
Star Oh, my gosh. Is that when you and me had our—?
Wrathmelior [turns the page again]
Star Ohhhh! Your carriage! You took me to the Blood Moon Ball in that.
Photo shows Tom in his white suit, leaning on his carriage.
Tom (o.s.) Yeah, that thing took forever to put together.
Star Wait, you built that crazy thing?
Tom Well, I... I made it so... so I could drive you to the Blood Moon Ball. But it didn't really go as planned, I guess.
Wrathmelior stands up with a grumble. More thunder crashes outside the house. She starts crying and leaves the room.
Dave [sighs] She's— You know, memories just... get her all misty-eyed. Honey? Honey! [follows Wrathmelior]
Tom Maybe that's enough of this. [puts photo album on bookshelf]
Star Okay, whatever your mom's mad about, it's definitely something I did.
Tom Well, she likes you, but I think she's concerned you might hurt me again.
Star Wait, why? Just because we broke up? Everybody breaks up! That's what teenagers do! Teenagers are dumb!
Tom Oh, I know, I know. I had issues I had to deal with.
Star Okay, well, then what is going on?
Tom Well, it might be... because you kissed Marco.
Star You knew about that? ...And you didn't say anything?!
Tom Oh, no! I know it wasn't on purpose! I-It was an unusual situation. You know, with that weird photo booth guy and all.
Star But you told your mom and you didn't tell me?
Tom You're not supposed to be angry. I am. If I had kissed Marco, wouldn't you want me to tell you?
Star Well, I don't know. Yeah, yeah, I guess.
Tom But... you didn't tell me.
Star ...I gotta go.
Star leaves the lake house and walks into the stormy weather.
Tom Star! I know it didn't mean anything! But that doesn't mean I didn't wanna talk about it. So, I talked with my mom.
Wrathmelior looks out the window and sees Star and Tom outside.
Tom Let's... Let's just go inside, okay?
A tidal wave of lava rises up near Tom.
Star Tom!
Wrathmelior [gasps]
Wrathmelior watches in horror as the tidal wave drags Tom into the ocean.
Tom Whoa! Whoa! Aah!
Star Oh, no! I'm coming!
Star grabs her surfboard and uses her magic to jet across the lava.
Tom [gasps] Aah!
As Star rockets toward Tom, she dodges fireballs falling from the sky.
Tom Star, it's too dangerous!
Another giant tidal wave rises behind Tom.
Tom [gasps]
Wrathmelior bursts through the door outside and sees Star's surfboard floating on the lava, broken in half.
Wrathmelior [gasping and sobbing]
A magic bubble washes up on shore, and Star and Tom are inside.
Star Tom?
Tom [groans] Are you an angel?
Star Nah, I got a demon for a boyfriend. You okay?
Tom Yeah, I feel pretty good.
Wrathmelior grabs Tom, holds him close, and cries tears of joy.
Tom Mom, stop! I'm okay! I'm okay! Oh, jeez, you don't have to cry.
Tom is engulfed in his mother's tears, and the sky clears up.
Star Wha... What's happening?
Tom [sees a rainbow] Wait. Was that one of your storms?
Wrathmelior [low grunting]
Tom Oh, no...
Star [shouting] What'd she say?
Dave Sorry, Star. My wife has her own emotional weather system. Haven't seen a storm like that since her sister started going out with her ex-boyfriend.
Exasperella [slurps drink] She can have him.
Wrathmelior [low grunting]
Tom My mom says she's sorry about the storm.
Wrathmelior [low grunting]
Tom She says that sometimes her temper gets the best of her.
Wrathmelior [low grunting]
Tom And she wants to take one more picture of the two of us.
Wrathmelior pushes Star and Tom together.
Star and Tom Oof!
Tom For the family album.
Wrathmelior [takes Star and Tom's photo, trills]
Relicor [shrieks]
Dave Relicor says he's got two burgers with you kids' names on 'em.
Tom Oh, I would hate for Star to break her plans with the Diazes.
Star You know what? [shrieks]
Tom What? W-What was that?
Star It was demon for, "A burger sounds great."
Tom Ohhhh. But for the record, that's not what you said.
Star What?
(end song)
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