"Lava Lake Beach" is the nineteenth episode of the third season of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

It premiered on November 14, 2017, alongside "Sweet Dreams".[1]


Kelly breaks up with her boyfriend and Marco questions his friendship with Star Butterfly.[2]


The episode begins on the Underworld's Lava Lake Beach, where Star, Marco, Tom, and Kelly are roasting marshmallows. After Star and Tom reconnected in "Club Snubbed", the two have gotten back together. The four friends are waiting to watch the Soulrise, an annual midnight event where hundreds of souls shoot out of the Lake of Fire and into the sky. When a couple of Underworld demons confront them over their beach spot, they decide to settle it over a game of beach volleyball. However, Kelly walks off sulking in the middle of the game.

As Star and Tom keep playing, Marco catches up with Kelly, who reveals that she and Tad broke up. Considering how often they break up and get back together, Marco thinks they'll patch things up eventually, but Kelly says it's for good this time. Having recently broken up with Jackie, Marco sympathizes with Kelly, but his sympathies are interrupted by Kelly's giant wolf friend Jorby, jealous that Kelly appears to have a new sparring partner. Marco and Jorby start fighting, but Kelly tells them to stop and storms off in frustration.

When Marco catches up with Kelly again, she starts crying and hugs him, saying she doesn't want to be with Tad anymore but is unable to move on. She also says that Tad is still living inside her hair and refuses to move out. At Kelly's request, Marco goes inside her hair to talk to him. He finds Tad in a similar funk and says he is just making himself miserable waiting to get back together with Kelly. However, Tad says that Marco is also making himself miserable by hanging around Star.

Marco argues he's miserable because of his breakup with Jackie, but Tad knows the truth: Marco has feelings for Star, as evidenced by his decision to move into her castle even though he could use his dimensional scissors to go anywhere he wants. This realization sends Marco into a spiral of denial, and he leaves Kelly's hair to run across the beach, where he sees numerous couples hanging out. When he returns to Star and Tom, he sees them kissing and walks away in shock and heartbreak.

Later on, Kelly finds Marco sitting alone and says Tad finally moved out. Seeing Marco looking depressed, she takes him to another spot on the beach. She says that she and Tad used to watch every Soulrise, but she doesn't want her enjoyment of the Soulrise to be associated with the sadness of her breakup. So she faced it head-on and took control of her memories to make them hers again.

Kelly leads Marco to a small watchtower from which they can see the Soulrise. Marco suggests bringing Star and Tom to this spot, but Kelly says, "They haven't earned it." As the Soulrise starts, Marco takes his hoodie off and puts it around Kelly, saying she looked a little cold. She thanks Marco for the gesture and moves closer to wrap the hoodie around both of them. As they watch the Soulrise together, Marco asks Kelly if it's after midnight. When Kelly says yes, Marco reveals that it's officially his birthday, and Kelly wishes him a happy birthday.


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Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Dutch Het Lavameerstrand The Lava Lake Beach
French La plage du Monde Souterrain The Underworld Beach
Hebrew חוף נהר הלבה The Lava Lake Beach
Japanese 魂昇り The Soulrise
European Portuguese Praia da Lava Lava Beach


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S3E19 Marco Diaz watching Star and Tom kiss
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  • According to Aaron Hammersley in a Reddit AMA on August 3, 2019, this episode was inspired by the time when he was first dating his wife, he went up to the mountains with her family and they ended up getting snowed in.[3]

Revelations and continuity

  • Tom officially refers to Star as his girlfriend, and they share their first on-screen kiss.
  • After breaking up and getting back together multiple times, Kelly and Tad break up for good, although he has still not moved out of Kelly's hair by Conquer.
  • Marco realizes he might be developing feelings for Star.
  • Marco celebrates his 15th birthday at the end of this episode.


  • The song that plays during Marco's emotional crisis sounds very similar to the 1967 Turtles song "Happy Together".


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