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Lekmet is the high chancellor of the Magic High Commission who first appears in "Page Turner". He speaks only in goat sounds, and Rhombulus appears to be the only one who can understand him.

Lekmet is killed during the events of "Starcrushed" after using up his powers in the fight with Toffee, and he is declared dead in "Return to Mewni".


Lekmet mainly bears the appearance of an anthropomorphic goat. He has pale cream fur, yellow eyes with diamond-shaped pupils, four brown horns (two pointed straight upward, two curled on the sides of his head), a long gray beard, and large bat-like wings. He wears a long brownish-gray cloak.


Though Lekmet only speaks in goat sounds, his personality comes through largely in his mannerisms. In "Page Turner", he briefly drools over the image of a tomato can on Omnitraxus Prime's crystal ball, and in "Crystal Clear", he expresses extreme panic when he discovers Rhombulus trapped Star Butterfly and Marco Diaz in crystal stasis and disappointment at Rhombulus' recklessness.

In "Starcrushed", he shows a deep level of care for his companions, taxing his body by healing them after they fall in battle. Despite Rhombulus' pleas, he keeps doing this until his body turns to dust, sacrificing himself for the sake of his comrades.


Lekmet first appears in "Page Turner" as the chancellor of the Magic High Commission with Hekapoo, Rhombulus, and Omnitraxus Prime. He and the other council members call Glossaryck into their office at the Bureaucracy of Magic, and he mainly serves as an observer to Rhombulus' conflict with Glossaryck.

In "Crystal Clear", Lekmet appears before Rhombulus after he captures Star Butterfly under suspicion of sapping magical energy from the universe. However, Lekmet challenges Rhombulus because he has no hard proof of Star's guilt and because she's the daughter of Queen Butterfly. When Lekmet discovers that Rhombulus captured Star's friend Marco as well, Lekmet decides to inform the other members of the Magic High Commission, but Rhombulus freezes him in crystal before he can do so.

In "Face the Music," Lekmet attends Star Butterfly's Song Day celebration with the rest of the Magic High Commission. Like the others, he is shocked at the song's revelations and, afterwards, openly critical of Queen Butterfly's refusal to share news of Glossaryck's capture.

In "Starcrushed", Lekmet takes part in a mission to recover Glossaryck and the book of spells from Ludo. While his allies engage Toffee in battle, Lekmet heals them when they fall, but this places a taxing strain on his body. Lekmet eventually over-exerts himself so much that his body reduces itself to a pile of ash and a single horn. Before the Toffee-possessed Ludo can finish them off, Queen Butterfly collects Lekmet's ashes in his horn and escapes with the other members through a portal.

In "Moon the Undaunted", Lekmet appears in flashback as a member of Queen Moon's royal court.

A funeral is held in his memory at the start of "Rest in Pudding".

In "Butterfly Trap", Rhombulus has a photo of Lekmet beside him during Eclipsa's trial. It is also stated that Lekmet and the rest of the Commission were part of Eclipsa's daughter being replaced as heir to the throne by Festivia the Fun.

Powers and abilities[]

In "Starcrushed", Lekmet is shown to possess some form of healing/restoration powers. He revives the other Magic High Commission members and restores their strength after Toffee absorbs their powers and renders them unconscious.



Lekmet and Rhombulus have a mostly friendly yet tenuous relationship. Rhombulus serves Lekmet as both a subordinate and live-in caretaker, and he is the only one who can understand Lekmet's goat language. At one point, Rhombulus describes Lekmet as "the most pure-hearted, hard-working angel goat demon there ever was". Lekmet is usually patient with Rhombulus, but Rhombulus' impulsiveness and tendency to think with his gut instead of his brain regularly causes Lekmet headaches and grief.

In "Crystal Clear", Lekmet becomes so fed up with Rhombulus' carelessness that he considers making separate living arrangements for the two of them. According to storyboard artist Sage Cotugno, Lekmet and Rhombulus are "live-in boyfriends with some communication issues".[1]


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  • According to Star and Marco's Guide to Mastering Every Dimension, Glossaryck created Lekmet so that Mewmans would have an understanding of the impermanence of existence. In doing so, he also made it so Lekmet's lifespan would lessen every time he used his powers.
  • Lekmet's appearance may be based on that of Baphomet, a legendary goat-like figure from medieval times.
  • Lekmet is the first member of the Magic High Commission to have died.


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