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"Lint Catcher" is the fourteenth episode of the third season of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

It premiered on November 9, 2017, alongside "Trial by Squire".[1]


Knight of the wash, Sir Lavabo, gets a familiar squire.[2]


The episode begins at Butterfly Castle, where Star is singing to a burrito. Marco climbs in through her bedroom window to surprise her; after leaving Earth in "Sophomore Slump", he has decided to stay on Mewni permanently. He finds Star spending time with Tom, and the castle guards mistake him for an intruder. When Marco mentions that King River said he could be a knight, he is brought before the king and queen, and they tell him it isn't that simple. In fact, the cape that River gave Marco in "Scent of a Hoodie" was made from River's old meat blanket.

When the castle guards mention that Marco isn't even a squire, Marco volunteers to be one, and Star knows the perfect person for him to squire for. As Star leads Marco down to the castle sub-basement, Marco reveals to her that Jackie broke up with him, and Star reveals to him that she and Tom have apparently gotten back together. At the castle's lowest level, Star introduces Marco to Sir Lavabo, the Knight of the Wash. While Lavabo is thrilled to have his own squire, Marco is unsatisfied with squiring for the castle launderer and asks Star for a position closer to her. Frustrated by Marco's ingratitude, Star storms out of the laundry room. For Marco's first assignment as a squire, Lavabo tasks him with emptying the laundry room's lint catcher.

As Star grumbles about Marco suddenly popping back into her life and showing no appreciation for his new squire position, she wanders into the castle gardens where Eclipsa is feeding the birds with her legs in chains. Star confides in Eclipsa about her frustration toward Marco. Eclipsa asks Star if she wants Marco to stay, but Star is unsure. When she tells Eclipsa about Marco's position as Lavabo's squire, Eclipsa reveals that no squire has ever survived more than a day in the laundry room.

Star returns to the laundry room in a panic, and Lavabo tells her that Marco is inside the lint catcher. When she goes inside and wades through a large accumulation of lint, she finds Marco in the far corner standing perfectly still. He warns her not to make any noise or else she'll "wake it up", but by then it's too late. The lint suddenly comes alive and turns into a monster with tentacles and teeth. Using their usual battle teamwork, Star and Marco fight past the monster and turn on the giant fan at the back of the lint catcher, and the monster gets sucked into the fan blades.

With the danger now passed, Star tells Marco that a lot has changed in her life since he left, and right now she just wants to focus on being a better princess. Realizing the effect his presence is having on her, Marco apologizes for dropping in on her so unexpectedly and offers to go back to Earth, but Star has another idea. She takes Marco to one of the castle towers and uses her wand to create a duplicate version of his bedroom on Earth. With Marco now moving into Butterfly Castle, Star appoints him as her royal squire, advisor, and best friend, which Marco happily accepts.


Major characters

Minor characters

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Dutch Pluizenvanger Lint Catcher
French L'écuyer du Chevalier de la Laverie The Knight of the Wash's Squire
Hebrew תופס המוך Lint Catcher
Indonesian Penangkap Serat Fiber Catchers
Japanese 洗濯機の怪物 Monster of the Washing Machine
Korean 스타의 예비기사 Star's Squire
European Portuguese Filtro de Cotão Lint Filter
Thai เครื่องดักฝุ่น Lint Catcher


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Revelations and continuity

  • According to Star, she and Tom have gotten back together.
  • Star appoints Marco as her royal squire.


  • When Star finds Eclipsa in the garden, her feeding the birds could be a reference to the old bird woman from Mary Poppins.[dubious]
  • The board game Star and Tom were playing bears a resemblance to the board game Battleship.


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