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Star Butterfly has worn several different outfits throughout the series.

Main recurring outfits

Sea green dress outfit

S1e1 star forns a rainbow.png

  • First seen: "Star Comes to Earth"
  • Last seen: "The Tavern at the End of the Multiverse"
  • Notable features: A sea green short dress with a light pink octopus on the front, a white collar, and white lace on the sleeves and the bottom of the skirt, magenta and orange striped leggings, purple boots with a rhino design, and a small star bag with a face.
  • Times: 31

Edgar dress outfit

S3E14 Star Butterfly entering the castle gardens.png

  • First seen: "Party With a Pony"
  • Last seen: "Divide"
  • Notable features: A teal sleeveless short dress with four colorful stripes on the chest, a white bear face on the left side towards the bottom, light sea green and pale green striped leggings, white puffy trim on the skirt, pink boots with white bunny faces and dark pink bottoms, and a silver bracelet with spikes. She calls it her "Edgar dress" because Edgar is the name of the little bear on the front.[1]
  • Times: 20

Sky blue dress outfit

S2E36 Star Butterfly jumps out with her wand.png

  • First seen: "Monster Arm"
  • Last seen: "Just Friends"
  • Notable features: A sky blue sleeveless short dress with a tied string at the neckline, a peach-colored belt and a red belt around the waist and hips, a little gray cloud-shaped bag with a face, striped blue leggings, light blue sneakers with white tips, and fuzzy light blue leg warmers.
  • Times: 15


S1E14 Star Butterfly 'I win!'.png

  • First seen: "The Other Exchange Student"
  • Last seen: "Sad Teen Hotline"
  • Notable Features: A simple lavender dress with a light blue crescent moon on the chest, lavender and light blue striped socks, and sometimes a purple sleep mask. In "Rest in Pudding", she wears her magenta devil horns headband instead of her sleep mask.
  • Times: 11

Green dress outfit

S4E5 Marco 'sleep in the dungeon alone'.png

  • First seen: "My New Wand!"
  • Last seen: "Gone Baby Gone"
  • Notable features: A green dress with a mint collar, sleeve cuffs, and trim on the skirt, pink and purple striped leggings, white boots with magenta soles, pale pink tips, and a star on both sides of each heel, a magenta headband, and a black spider necklace. In "Fetch" she wears a purple butterfly necklace in place of her spider necklace, along with her star purse from her sea green dress outfit.
  • Times: 25

Blue narwhal dress outfit

S3E37 Star casts Sparkle Kitten Firework Shower.png

  • First seen: "Scent of a Hoodie"
  • Last seen: "Cleaved"
  • Notable features: A turquoise sleeveless dress with frilly light-blue shoulders, a purple belt, puffy white trim, and a picture of a pale green narwhal on the bottom left side, blue and purple striped leggings, grayish plum boots with pink tips with faces on them and dark blue soles, a magenta headband, and a silver spiked bracelet on her left wrist. Shares similarities with Star's other recurring dresses.
  • Times: 16

Full Mewberty form

S4E24 Star Butterfly appears through her portal.png

  • First seen: "Toffee"
  • Last seen: "Cleaved"
  • Notable features: An alternate version of Star's green dress. A light orange dress with yellow trim, a red belt, red heart shaped buttons, and a yellow heart with ribbons that flow around Star's arms, white boots with wings on the backs of them, and an orange hairband with long orange and yellow horns. Star's skin appears to be a bright yellow, her hair is twisted up into two pigtails with red hair-ties similar to her first Mewberty form, she gains four extra arms and large orange and yellow butterfly-like wings, and her eyes have big yellow stars inside them. After she gains full control over the form, she doesn't glow anymore, her horns become smaller, and her eyes are the regular blue.
  • Times: 11

Light blue heart outfit

S4E3 Star ordering Marco as her squire.png

  • First seen: "Moon Remembers"
  • Last seen: "Sad Teen Hotline"
  • Notable features: A pale blue top with a tied string at the neckline similar to her sky blue dress and round sleeves with light sky blue lace, a sky blue skirt with a darker sky blue belt and suspenders with pink hearts for buttons, and a light sky blue trim on the bottom, lilac and white striped leggings, a gold bracelet on her left wrist, and light purple boots with magenta soles and white tips with what appear to be white eyes on the sides similar to her rhino boots from her sea green dress outfit. Star wears her magenta hairband.
  • Times: 6

Other outfits

Royal outfit

Screen shot 2014-12-12 at 1.31.48 PM.png

  • First seen: "Star Comes to Earth"
  • Last seen: "Face the Music"
  • Notable features: An elegant blue dress with puffy light blue sleeves with dark blue strings around them, a medium blue vest with a darker blue trim and gold buttons, a blue puffy skirt with light blue ornaments and two strings with several hearts, dark blue shoes with light blue puffs on the toes and white socks, and a gold tiara.

Little girl

S1E4 Young Star Butterfly happy.png

  • First seen: "School Spirit"
  • Notable features: A small light blue dress shirt with a tied string at the neckline and puffy sleeves that have wave like designs on them, a big skirt with a wave like light blue design at the top and a darker blue trim beneath it, a magenta waist and suspenders, magenta hearts at the bottom, and dark blue Mary-Jane shoes with white socks. Star's hair is shorter and is in pigtails with magenta hair ties, and she also has a little gold crown. In "Freeze Day" her suspenders have gold buckles. This outfit is similar to her royal outfit.

Battle armor

S4E18 Star Butterfly in battle armor.png

  • First seen: "School Spirit"
  • Last seen: "The Knight Shift"
  • Notable features: The armor is mostly iron, with a grey plaited skirt, grey boots with knee spikes (mounted with pink gemstones), a pink star on the chest, grey striped leggings, spiky grey shoulder pads and a navy blue helmet with wings and spikes. In addition, Star's cheek marks are skulls instead of hearts.

Party dress

S1E10 Star facing Ludo.png

  • First seen: "Brittney's Party"
  • Notable features: A plaited magenta skirt with suspenders and light purple hearts around the purple bottom edge, white lace on the bottom of the skirt, and a light pink dress shirt with poofy sleeves and green striped leggings. She has the same shoes as her first outfit, but colored differently and with wings.

Mewberty state

S1E11 Star emerges as a purple six arm fairy.png

  • First seen: "Mewberty"
  • Notable features: An alternate version of Star's sky blue dress. A light purple dress with a white tied string at the neckline and two red belts around the waistline, striped purple leggings, periwinkle legwarmers and sneakers, and heart-tipped antennae on her headband instead of horns. Star's skin turns purple, her hair turns pale lavender and twists up into twin buns, she gains four extra arms and periwinkle butterfly-like wings, and her eyes turn into glowing hearts with heart-tipped eyelashes.

Marco's clothes

S1E14 Star 'my skinny jeans are awesome'.png

  • First seen: "Sleep Spells"
  • Notable features: Star wears Marco's usual outfit for the role-playing portion of her psychology session with him: a red hoodie over a gray T-shirt with black jeans and olive and white sneakers. Her bangs are also styled forward to imitate Marco's hair.

Ball gown

S1E15 Star 'thanks, Marco!'.png

  • First seen: "Blood Moon Ball"
  • Last seen: "Curse of the Blood Moon"
  • Notable features: A sleeveless red and pink cocktail dress off the right shoulder with hearts around the skirt, a white bow with a heart in the middle tied around the waist and a heart on the left shoulder, a pink trim on the bottom of the skirt, long white gloves, and high heel boots with hearts on the bottoms and sides. Star wears her hair up in a big top knot with curls hanging over her ears, with her normal headband.
  • Times: 2

Flower hairband

S1E17 Star's flower headband.png

  • First seen: "Freeze Day"
  • Notable features: A green hairband with blue flowers instead of horns.

Pirate hat

S1E17 Star wearing a pirate hat.png

  • First seen: "Freeze Day"
  • Notable features: A black pirate hat with a skull and crossbones and a long red feather sticking out.


S1E17 Star wearing a red fez.png

  • First seen: "Freeze Day"
  • Notable features: A red fez with a yellow tassel hanging down.

Unicorn hairband

S1E17 Star wearing a unicorn's blue mane and horn.png

  • First seen: "Freeze Day"
  • Notable features: A lilac hairband with lilac pony ears, a long light blue horn, and a Persian blue mane with periwinkle blue stars in it.

Cacti hairband

S1E17 Star 'Cacti for the win'.png

  • First seen:"Freeze Day"
  • Notable features: A green hairband with a small green cactus on each side. Star wears this with her sea green dress outfit in place of her normal red devil horn hairband. It was revealed in Star and Marco's Guide to Mastering Every Dimension that the cactuses are real and have to be watered.


S1E17 Star and Marco aged down.png

  • First seen:"Freeze Day"
  • Notable features: A small sky blue dress with frilly light blue material around the sleeves and waist, with a dark blue line around the middle, a pink gemstone on the chest, and a diaper underneath. Star has shorter hair, due to being a baby, that is up in two little pigtails, and she wears a tiny crown on her head.

Old woman

S1E17 Star Butterfly aged up.png

  • First seen:"Freeze Day"
  • Notable features: A mauve pink dress with a light pink zigzag on the skirt, a purple shawl tied around her shoulders,light blue leggings, and purple boots with light pink souls. Star's hair is white and she wears her normal hairband with it (in Freeze Day, she wears her cacti hairband), her body is more heavyset and hunched over, her skin and face are saggy, she has a black mole on her right cheek, and she has tiny reading glasses.

Punk rock outfit

S1E17 Bad girls Star and Pony Head.png

  • First seen: "Freeze Day"
  • Notable features: A purple shirt with a light purple star, a dark leather jacket with a spiked collar, a dark skirt, purple socks, dark spiked boots and a pair of black sunglasses. Star's hair is wavier and shorter, with her normal headband. She also has a small bandage on her knee.


S1E18 Marco 'I hope my parents don't flip'.png

  • First seen: "Royal Pain"
  • Notable features: A green wetsuit shirt (with a star on the left shoulder) and shorts, and a pink swimming cap with a floral pattern.

St. Olga's disguise

S1E19 Star and Pony Head hearing Marco screaming.png

  • First seen: "St. Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses"
  • Notable features: A black top that exposes both shoulders with gray suspenders, white skirt with green puffy trim and spiked belt, gray leggings, black spiked boots, black choker necklace, green headband with gray curved horns, and black eyepatch over left eye. Star's hair is also a little messier at the bottom.


S1e20 Star dressed up as a queen.jpg

  • First seen: "Mewnipendance Day"
  • Notable features: A blue dress with puffy sleeves, a big skirt with two wave-like blue features on the left and right and white in the middle. It also has a pair of hearts at the chest and lace at the bottom of the skirt, along with small blue heeled shoes underneath it, long white gloves and white pearl earrings. Star wears her hair in a large heart shape that resembles her mother's hairstyle, with a golden tiara.


S2E3 Goth Star holding axe and guidebook.png

  • First seen: "Mr. Candle Cares"
  • Last seen: "Mathmagic"
  • Notable features: A purple T-shirt with a lighter purple skull with a sword through it on the front, blue dyed leggings with a ripped left leg, dark blue boots with blue soles and laces and a rhino horn on the tops, a purple striped finger-less glove on the right arm, a purple spiked wristband on the left arm, a large purple spiked belt, and a simple black choker necklace. Star shaves half of her hair off, shortens it to medium-length, dyes it purple, and styles it so there is a long bang in the front that partially covers the right side of her face. She also wears black mascara and purple lipstick, there is a single black line under her eye, and the heart on her left cheek has been covered with a skull sticker. Her eyes are slightly darker.

Marco's hoodie

S2E23 Star Butterfly wearing Marco Diaz's hoodie.png

  • First seen: "Into the Wand"
  • Last seen: "Return to Mewni"
  • Notable features: Star wears Marco's hoodie around her head as if wearing a hooded cloak.

Community service outfit

S2E7 Star Butterfly cleaning police cars.png

  • First seen: "Star vs. Echo Creek"
  • Notable features: An orange jumpsuit with four buttons on the chest, a white undershirt, and black shoes.

Life Vest

S2E10 Star Butterfly 'nature's really nice here'.png

  • First seen: "Camping Trip"
  • Notable features: A pink life vest with light pink bows on the buckles and light pink frills. Star wears this over her green dress.

Goblin Dogs merchandise

S2E13 Star and friends wearing Goblin Dog merchandise.png

  • First seen: "Goblin Dogs"
  • Notable features: A white t-shirt with the Goblin Dogs mascot on it, a hot dog shaped hat, and hot dog shaped slippers. Star wears this over her green dress outfit.

Halloween costume

S2E21 Star and Janna disturbed by Hungry Larry's behavior.png

  • First seen: "Hungry Larry"
  • Notable features: A mossy green dress, lizard-like tail and an unidentified creature's skull on her head. Resembles Ludo's season one appearance.


S2E24 Marco Diaz 'we got you something special'.png

  • First seen: "Pizza Thing"
  • Notable features: Star's hair is more voluminous and curly, and she is wearing an abundant amount of black mascara and purple lipstick. She wears her Edgar dress outfit with the makeup.


S2E32 Star Butterfly pointing at Kitty Star Butterfly.png

  • First seen: "Mathmagic"
  • Notable features: Star has yellow fur and a tuft of fur on her head styled to look like her bangs. She is wearing her green dress outfit, excluding her hairband and leggings.


S2E32 Star Butterfly turns into Ugly Star.png

  • First seen: "Mathmagic"
  • Notable features: Star's hair is a yellow green color and is messier, her hairband is purple and has bigger horns. She has a big nose, tinier eyes, and bigger hearts on her cheeks. Her sea green dress is now light green.


S2E32 Star Butterfly turns into Demon Star.png

  • First seen: "Mathmagic"
  • Notable features: A torn light red dress with a bat on the front, with a maroon headband with horns that are black on the top. Star has pale white skin, black wings, 3 red eyes, fangs, pointy ears, and light grey hair that is styled in a spiked up fashion. Her overall appearance bears a strong resemblance to Tom Lucitor's.


S2E32 Star Butterfly turns into Bear Suit Star.png

  • First seen: "Mathmagic"
  • Notable features: A furry brown dress, with a dark brown belt around the waist, a necklace with a bone, a braided brown bracelet (furry brown gloves in the crystals), and a brown hairband with bear ears on top. Star's hair is worn messy.

Mina Loveberry

S2E32 Star Butterfly turns into Star Loveberry.png

  • First seen: "Mathmagic"
  • Notable features: A light green dress with a cat on the front, a purple bow tie, purple boots with spikes and orange gemstones on the front, and a battle helmet. Star's hair is up in two buns with pigtails coming out of their top (her hair is purple in the crystals). Her hearts are now light purple and she's wearing a pair of yellow bunny earrings. Based on Mina Loveberry.


S2E32 Star Butterfly turns into Kelly Star.png

  • First seen: "Mathmagic"
  • Notable features: An oversized pink and sea green striped sweater, and purple shorts. Star has large pink hair worn with her normal hairband. Her appearance is based off of Kelly's.


S2E32 Star Butterfly turns into Boy Star.png

  • First seen: "Mathmagic"
  • Notable features: A light blue t-shirt, a green sweater around "his" waist, a red baseball cap with a yellow star on the front and purple devil horns on the sides, dark teal jeans, and purple boots with a rhino design. As a boy, Star has short hair and has pink lighting bolts on "his" cheeks instead of pink hearts.


S2E32 Star Butterfly turns into Elf Star.png

  • First seen: "Mathmagic"
  • Notable features: A green hat with red devil horns, a sea green dress with a red belt and white lace on the collar and sleeves, red gloves, and a black book with a yellow star that she carries on her back. Star also has pointy ears. This appearance is similar to Link from the Legend of Zelda video game series.


S2E32 Star Butterfly turns into Pizza Star.png

  • First seen: "Mathmagic"
  • Notable features: Star has red heart shaped pepperoni, green peppers, and black olives. Her crust has points on it that represent her bangs and the devil horns on her hairband.


S2E32 Star Butterfly turns into Monster Star.png

  • First seen: "Mathmagic"
  • Notable features: Star has yellow fur with black bat-like wings, red horns, and a tail.


S2E32 Star Butterfly turns into Mermaid Star.png

  • First seen: "Mathmagic"
  • Notable features: Star has a teal top and a green teal mermaid tail. Her hair is wavy as if she's in underwater.


S2E32 Star Butterfly turns into Sheep Star.png

  • First seen: "Mathmagic"
  • Notable features: Star has wool on her body while wearing her boots and devil horns headband.

Bounce Lounge outfit

S2E33 Photo of young Star Butterfly and Pony Head.png

  • First seen: "The Bounce Lounge"
  • Notable features: A puffy lime green dress with pale blue straps, and a grayish blue deely bobber headband with yellow stars at the end of the "antennae". Star's bangs are worn down instead of being parted.

Junior prom dress

S2E33 Photo of Star and Pony Head on junior prom night.png

  • First seen: "The Bounce Lounge"
  • Notable features: A light pink dress with deep pink waist sash, a pink neck choker, and a blue corsage. At the time of Star's junior prom, her hair is shortened to a spiky bob, and she has acne and braces.

Bounce Crew dress

S2E33 Bounce Lounge photo of the Bounce Crew.png

  • First seen: "The Bounce Lounge"
  • Notable features: A pale blue-green sleeveless dress with pink and purple stripes across the chest and rabbit and octopus designs on the skirt, pink and purple-striped wristbands, and a pink headband with short bunny ears. Star's hair is worn messier.

Community service jacket

S2E38 Star Butterfly collecting more garbage.png

  • First seen: "Collateral Damage
  • Notable features: A orange safety jacket with a orange cap and yellow gloves. Star wears this over her green dress.

Concert shirt

S2E39 Star and Marco swaying to the music.png

  • First seen: "Just Friends"
  • Notable features: A white, home-made t-shirt with a crudely-designed image of Star, Marco and Jackie's faces, the letters "LS" above it, and the word "Tour" below. There is a small pink broken heart above the LS. The neckline is misshapen, with a large gap over Star's right shoulder. Star wears this with her sky blue dress outfit.

Sun hat

S2E40 Star Butterfly in a sun hat and sunglasses.png

  • First seen: "Face the Music"
  • Notable features: A large, pale pink sunhat with a lace band. Star is also wearing a pair of dark, shield sunglasses and is carrying a small shopping bag.

Formal dress

S4E10 Star nervous and alone in the temple foyer.png

  • First seen: "Face the Music"
  • Last seen: "Surviving the Spiderbites"
  • Notable features: A light blue/white dress with puffy sleeves and a large skirt with wave patterns on the left and right. It has two light blue ribbons hanging from a bow on her waist, and there are two buttons on the top. Star also wears white gloves, along with pale yellow and brown heeled lace-up boots under her dress. Her hair is up in a similar manner to that of her Queen outfit, with a golden tiara. When she throws the Monster Bash, she wears her boots from the narwhal dress outfit in a blue shade.
  • Times: 3


S2E40 Star Butterfly marionette returns to the stage.png

  • First seen: "Face the Music"
  • Notable features: A puppet of Star wearing her royal outfit from "Star Comes to Earth". This puppet also has blue heart-shaped pupils.

Beach swimsuit

S4E27 Marco and Star dancing with joy.png

  • First seen: "Starcrushed"
  • Last seen: "Beach Day"
  • Notable features: A blue swimsuit with a purple star on the front. Star also has her hair tied in a ponytail with a red hair-tie. In "Beach Day", Star wears her swimsuit with white shorts.

Rat disguise

S3E7 Giant rat steps out of the elevator.png

  • First seen: "Toffee"
  • Notable features: A giant gray rat suit with a misshapen head, red hands and feet, and a long red tail.

Funeral outfit

S3E9 Star and her family at Lekmet's funeral.png

  • First seen: "Rest in Pudding"
  • Notable features: An off-shoulder, short sleeved, long black dress with a darker belt around it and a tied string at the neckline, and black flat shoes. Star’s hair is in a large low bun, with a braid going around her head like her headband, small curls over her ears, and magenta and lavender flowers around her braid and bun.

Silver Bell Ball outfit

S3E10 Star compliments Tom on his dancing.png

  • First seen: "Club Snubbed"
  • Notable features: A short dress with a puffy periwinkle blue top and round blue sleeves with lace on the bottoms, a dark blue skirt with a pink covering and white lace on the bottom, and a white ribbon around the waist, and small pink heeled shoes with white knee socks. Star’s hair is up in two side buns with dark blue lace around them, tiny curls over her ears, and a tiny gold tiara with a pink heart in the center.

Palm tree costume

S3E15 Star and Marco have a duel of silliness.png

  • First seen: "Trial by Squire"
  • Notable features: A palm tree costume that has a brown trunk, long green leaves with coconuts, and holes for Star’s head and arms. The trunk of the costume goes just past her knees. The sleeves and boots from her narwhal dress outfit stick out as she wears this under her costume.

Monster camouflage

S3E17 Star and Dr. Goodwell disguised as monsters.png

  • First seen: "Starfari"
  • Notable features: A costume of a monster that is light green with a round squishy body, one yellow eye, a purple mouth that opens to reveal two sharp teeth and Star’s face, a brown horn, purple hair, small arms, and dark blue shirt pants with a brown belt. Star’s boots from her sea green dress outfit stick out, and she wears this outfit under the costume.

Soulrise outfit

S3E19 Star and Tom eating their marshmallows.png

  • First seen: "Lava Lake Beach"
  • Notable features: A sailor's suit-like outfit with a small sleeveless white top and dark red skirt with a light pink outside with yellow buttons, a pink and red sailor's scarf, brown sandals, and her normal red devil horns headband.

Mushroom outfit

S3E21 Star flying away from the Cloud Kingdom.png

  • First seen: "Ponymonium"
  • Notable features: This outfit was designed by cartoonist Jay Lazenby, for Disney XD’s “satARTday" fan art challenge.[2] A short peach pink dress with a white lace collar, a tied string around the waist, and two layers of pale pink lace at the bottom, a baby blue jacket with a white collar and lapel, hem, and sleeve cuffs, and a red and white spotted mushroom on the back, peach pink and baby pink striped leggings, mauve and white sneakers with white laces and soles, and green wings on the backs of them, and a lime green headband with two small red and white spotted mushrooms on each side. Star has also worn this outfit with matching oven mitts, or with her hair up in large braids.

Winter attire

S3E25 Marco Diaz 'you're really into this, huh?'.png

  • First seen: "Stump Day"
  • Notable features: A dark red coat with fluffy white trim, and a dark red hat with a large fluffy white pom, and a white brim with white devil horns. Worn with her sea green dress outfit.

Winter bunny pajamas

S3E25 Star Butterfly kicking over a stack of presents.png

  • First seen: "Stump Day"
  • Notable features: A salmon pink bunny onesie with short legs, a lighter pink spot on the front with 3 black buttons, a round white tail on the back, a hood with bunny ears, a white shirt underneath, and red and salmon pink striped socks. Star does not wear her headband.

Huntress outfit

S3E27 Star getting more stuck in the mud.png

  • First seen: "The Bogbeast of Boggabah"
  • Notable features: A wine-colored dress with a fluffy white collar and fox necklace, a long black glove on her right arm and a gauntlet with a three-eyed skull on her left, deep-purple braids in her hair, twilight-purple leggings, and brown boots. Her devil horns headband is now deep-purple and has longer horns.

Green dinosaur dress

S3E34 Marco and Star keeping steady.png

  • First seen: "Booth Buddies"
  • Notable features: A sea green ankle length dress with a teal dinosaur with pink spots and a smiley face around the bottom, a pale green bone tied at the neckline, and a teal belt around the middle, a bracket on her left wrist with pink beads and a teal bone, sea green pearl earrings, and light pink flats with a zigzag on the soles. Star also wears her magenta devil horns headband.

Pie dress

S4E2 River 'a classic Pie Folk scam'.png

  • First seen: "Escape from the Pie Folk"
  • Notable features: A crimson-red dress with round sleeves, a white lace trim on the collar, sleeves, and hem of the skirt, along with light blue speckles that resemble those on a pie, and a tan pie piece on the center, a large darker crimson hat with a stemmed blueberry on the top and a dark red strap, sky blue and light blue striped leggings, red-violet boots with blueberries on the tips, and a blue handbag with a yellow button.

S4E2 Star Butterfly dressed as a Pie Folk baker.png

Pie Folk Baker

Blue sun hat

S4E4 Star rolling up her beach towel.png

  • First seen: "Swim Suit"
  • Notable features: A large, blue sunhat with a dark blue lace band.

Magenta coat and hat

S4E5 Star protects Marco from the fire demon.png

  • First seen: "Ransomgram"
  • Notable features: A magenta coat with pale pink trim, and two white pom poms on strings tied to the front zipper, and a magenta and light pink hat with a pale pink trim and white pom on top. Star wears this with her green dress outfit.

Lava-protection suit

S4E6 Tom and Star surfing together.png

  • First seen: "Lake House Fever"
  • Notable features: A magenta body suit with dark violet gloves and boots with a zipper and a glass helmet over her head, Star wears this with her light blue heart outfit.

Coronation outfit

S4E24 Star looking panicked at Pony Heads.png

  • First seen: "Cornonation"
  • Notable features: A violet dress with a large skirt with lacy ruffles on the hem and two light blue Spades on the skirt.

Concept outfits


  • Daron Nefcy had also created several conceptual outfits for Star.
  • In "Mathmagic", Star encounters tons of varied outfits/appearances of herself, including new ones never before worn and some of her previous outfits as well.
  • Her sailor outfit was likely inspired by school uniforms and summer outfits that are usually worn in Japanese culture and as well as anime, manga and video games.


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