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"Lobster Claws" is the thirteenth episode of the first season of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

It premiered on June 22, 2015, alongside "Sleep Spells".[1]


When Ludo fires one of his monster minions, Lobster Claws, Marco and Star attempt to help him adjust to life on Earth.[2]


The episode opens with a fight between Ludo's army and Star and Marco. While Star has her back turned, firing spells against other monsters, Beard Deer grabs her. Right afterwards, the unnamed frill-neck monster and Bearicorn jump on Marco, trapping him. Ludo then instructs another monster, Lobster Claws, to grab the wand from Star. After "flexing his thorax", he scuttles over to Beard Deer and Star and grabs what at first appears to be the wand but actually turns out to be one of Beard Deer's antlers. Beard Deer lets go of Star after realizing he is missing an antler which allows Star to fend off Ludo's minions.

Marco and Star leave for school while Ludo opens a dimensional portal and tells his minions to enter. Lobster Claws is the last to enter but before he can, Ludo stops him and explains that he is fired due to his incompetency. After Star and Marco come back from school, they notice Lobster Claws still in the backyard and they run out to attack him. Lobster Claws does not fight back, leading to Marco asking if he is okay. He explains his predicament to Star and Marco, indicating that he wants to be good.

Marco tries to explain to Lobster Claws that he should do to others what he would like done to him. Soon after this, he punches a passerby off of his bicycle. Lobster Claws then tries to heed Marco's advice to an apparent success. The trio continue down the road and encounter a small girl whose cat Mr. Mittens is stuck in a tree. Marco uses this as an opportunity for Lobster Claws to try and be good. Lobster Claws successfully rescues Mr. Mittens but then tries to eat him, and after Star and Marco rescue Mr. Mittens, he tries to eat the girl. The trio continue on as Marco tells Lobster Claws that he cannot eat children. They walk past a house that is on fire with the owner worried about her "baby" that is still inside. Lobster Claws heads into the burning house as Star extinguishes the fire with a spell. The "baby", which turns out to be a baby grand piano, is unharmed by the fire. Star and Marco find Lobster Claws outside having kidnapped an ice cream man and pouring the ice cream out of the cart into his mouth.

Lobster Claws then tries to help an elderly lady cross the street. As Star takes her eyes off of him momentarily, he somehow sets the surrounding area on fire whilst holding up a car and screaming. Back at home, the trio watches the news story about the damage Lobster Claws caused. As Marco goes to find rubber bands for Lobster Claws' claws, Star and Lobster Claws cut a deal that will help them both get what they want.

Whilst Star is feigning sleep in a hammock in the backyard, Ludo opens a portal and attempts to grab the wand with his minions. Star wakes up and starts fighting as Marco runs outside to her. She explains that she lured them here so Lobster Claws could get his job back by pretending to beat her up. On the cue of Star saying "I got more than cupcakes this time", Lobster Claws jumps over the wall and starts pretending to beat up Star. Ludo and his minions seem to fall for the ruse and observe an improvement, and after Ludo exclaims that Lobster Claws should just grab the wand, he does so as Star lays defeated on the ground.

After Lobster Claws grabs the wand, it transforms into a demonic-looking scepter with a black orb/eyeball on top. Lobster Claws also becomes much more aggressive looking and sounding. However, once he turns to Star, who explains she was trying to help him, both he and the wand transform into much more benign forms. Conflicted between Ludo, who desires for Lobster Claws to be a monster and give him the wand, and Star, who claims to have seen the good in him, Lobster Claws cannot decide who to give the wand to, giving Marco an opportunity to kick the wand out of his claws and back into Star's hands. Star then wipes out the entirety of Ludo's army in one spell, forcing a retreat. Before Lobster Claws enters the portal, Ludo remarks how he had the wand, asking what it felt like and lets him through the portal. Marco asks about Lobster Claws being good, to which Lobster Claws punches him from the other side of the portal. Star remarks how there was some good in Lobster Claws after all. However, Marco replies that there was not much.


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Minor characters

Production notes


Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Chinese 龍蝦箝 Lobster Claws
Dutch Kreeft Klauwen Lobster Claws
French Omar les Pinces Lobster Pincers
German Hummer-Kummer Lobster Sorrow
Hebrew צבתות סרטן Crab Claws
Hungarian Rákolló Crab Scissors
Italian Chele d'aragosta: il mostro pasticcione Lobster Claws: The Monster Muddler
Japanese ロブスター・クロー Lobster Claw
Korean 랍스터맨 Lobsterman
Polish Homarowicz Lobster Claws
Portuguese (Brazil) Garras de Lagosta Lobster Claws
Portuguese (Portugal) Lagostão Lobster
Russian Ракорука Lobster Claws
Spanish (Latin America) Pinzas de Langosta Lobster Claws
Spanish (Spain) Langosta Lobster


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Revelations and continuity

  • This episode reveals that Lobster Claws, along with Ludo and his fellow minions, all live in Mewni.
  • For the first time, one of Ludo's minions successfully grabs the wand, the successful monster being Lobster Claws.


  • When Marco turns off the TV, it seems to have no plug powering it.
  • When Ludo and his minions sneak up on Star when they think she's sleeping, the bandage on Beard Deer's head disappears for some scenes.
  • Because of the production numbers, Lobster Claws (#104) takes place before Quest Buy (#105) when he gets sucked in a black hole.
  • In the scene where Star talks to Lobster Claws and says "Maybe there's a way we can both get what we want," Star appears to have longer hair due to the fact she was in an earlier fighting pose where her hair bends down a little.


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