"Ludo, Where Art Thou?" is the thirtieth episode of the third season of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

It premiered on March 10, 2018 alongside "Butterfly Trap".[1]


Dennis goes on a dangerous journey to find Ludo living in another dimension.[2]


Deep in the Forest of Certain Death, a Mewman mail carrier delivers a box to Ludo's parents' home. Upon seeing Ludo's name on the box, Ludo's father Brudo throws it in the trash. Ludo's younger brother Dennis discovers it to be filled with unsold Ludo merchandise from his brief reign as the king of Mewni. Underneath all the merchandise, Dennis finds Ludo's dimensional scissors. He tries using metallurgy to trace them back to Ludo's last location, but it fails.

When Dennis' parents see what he's doing, they call him a deadbeat and berate him for associating with the son who betrayed them. Before Dennis can speak out against his parents, Brudo harshly puts him down, and they leave the room. Ludo's bald eagle and giant spider minions come out of Dennis's closet, but Dennis tells them to hide before his parents discover them. At Spider's request, Dennis uses Ludo's scissors to open a dimensional portal, but without knowledge of Ludo's location, the portal leads nowhere. Nevertheless, Spider uses multiple portals to try and find Ludo.

Some time later, Spider finally locates Ludo, and Dennis accompanies her to an asteroid somewhere in the dimensional void where a replica of Ludo's parents' house has been built out of junk. They find Ludo, and he happily welcomes them inside. Although Ludo appears fine, his extended time in solitude has caused his mind to deteriorate; he has built life-sized dummies of his parents out of garbage, and he believes he has made a home for himself. When Dennis tells him about the situation back on Mewni, he agrees to return with him after dinner and a game of charades.

Later that evening, Ludo tucks his "parents" into bed and tells Dennis he can't simply leave. As Dennis bumps into more and more dummies of his parents, it becomes clear to him that Ludo has gone insane, and Ludo keeps insisting that their parents want them to stay. When Ludo starts imitating his parents' voices, Dennis' built-up frustration toward them boils over. He beats the dummies up, calling them out for their constant verbal abuse and criticism of Ludo. Once he reduces the dummies to shreds, Ludo hugs him, saying no one has ever stood up for him like that before, and the two brothers admit how much they care about each other.

When Dennis suggests confronting their real parents now, Ludo says he still has more personal issues to deal with on his own before he can return home. Dennis is afraid to stand up to his parents by himself, but Ludo points out that he just did by destroying the dummies. With Ludo's encouragement and support, Dennis leaves and promises to look after Bird and Spider for him. After Dennis leaves, Ludo opens a closet to reveal additional dummies of Star and Marco, and he has a sinister look on his face.


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Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Dutch Ludo, Waar Zijt Gij? Ludo, Where Art Thou?
French Recherche Ludo desepérément Desperate Search for Ludo
Japanese ルードはいずこへ To Wherever Ludo Is


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S3E30 Dennis looking up at Ludo's house
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  • Dominic Bisignano's name is misspelled in the episode's opening credits.
  • On the box containing Ludo's merchandise, Mewni is misspelled as "Newni".


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