Episode begins in the Forest of Certain Death. A mail carrier and his warnicorn travel quickly through the forest.
Mail carrier [panting] Okay, Trot-Fudge Sundae! You got this! [wails]
The mail carrier's cart jumps over a snapping Venus flytrap-like monster. The cart slows down near Ludo's parents' house.
Mail carrier and warnicorn [panting]
Mail carrier [leaves mail on house's front porch] Here you go. [leaves]
Ludo's father Brudo pushes a plank of wood aside and looks through the mail slot. He opens the door to pick up the mail.
Lord Brudo [grumbles, grunts, closes door] [tossing envelopes] Junk... Junk... Junk... [holding a box] Mm, what's in here?
The box reads "LUDO" on the bottom.
Brudo Ugh! The worst junk. [tosses box in trash can] When will they stop sending us that garbage?
Dennis is seen hanging out at the bottom of the stairs. He brings the box to his room and closes the door. He dumps the box's contents onto the floor.
Dennis Ludo shirt, Ludo mask, Ludo mask, Ludo mask, Ludo mask. [groans]
A shiny object glimmers under the pile of Ludo merchandise.
Dennis [gasps] Dimensional scissors?
Dennis closes the curtains and takes out a book called "Black Metallurgy and Ores of the Multiverse". He heats up a beaker of liquid and drops the scissors in it.
Dennis All right, Ludo. Where are you?
The liqud in the beaker turns blue.
Dennis Oh! Blue! Let's see. What's blue? [flips through book pages] Oh, please don't be the Cat-Face Dimension.
The liquid turns green.
Dennis Wait, green? Okay, green.
The liquid turns pink.
Dennis No, pink. Okay, that's—
The liqud turns blue again.
Dennis Blue again? What's going on?
The liquid then turns a rainbow of colors and swirls around in the beaker.
Dennis Uh-oh. Oh, no-no-no-no-no!
The beaker explodes, and purple smoke bursts out the window.
Dennis [coughing]
Brudo (o.s.) Dennis!
Brudo enters the room.
Brudo What's going on up here?
Dennis [wheezes] Nothing.
Brudo Well, that nothing interrupted me and my stickers! [sniffs sticker] Mmm. Good old scratch-n'-sniff. What's this? [steps on Ludo bobblehead, groaning] Honey! He's doing it again! Dennis, do you know what a deadbeat is? It's you! That's what you're gonna be if you keep acting like your brother – collecting all this garbage, destroying property, acting like you're too good for us!
Lady Avarius [appears in doorway] Oh! Are we berating Dennis? It's not even dinnertime!
Brudo He's hoarding Ludo stuff again.
Avarius Dennis, how could you? Ludo betrayed us. He and his goons took over the castle. He was the worst!
Dennis [under his breath] You're the worst.
Brudo [menacingly] You got something to say?
Dennis No.
Brudo "No" what?
Dennis No... sir.
Brudo That's what I thought. Now clean up this mess and come help me and your mother with our stickers.
Avarius And mind your nails. We need those fresh young fingers.
Brudo and Avarius leave the room and close the door. With a sad expression, Dennis starts cleaning up the mess. Bird and Spider emerge from his closet.
Dennis [sighs] No, you guys. You need to get back in the closet. My dad catches you out here, he's gonna freak.
Spider picks up Ludo's dimensional scissors and drops them in front of Dennis.
Dennis Spider, these things are useless unless I know where he is.
Spider [clicks mandibles]
Dennis What? Y-You just want me to... [snips scissors]
Spider [nods head]
Dennis [sighs] Okay. [opens portal] Be my guest.
Spider jumps into the portal. Dennis looks over at Bird, who just stares back at him.
Bird [squawks softly]
Spider emerges back through the portal.
Spider [clicks mandibles]
Dennis I-I told you, they don't work if you don't know where he is.
Spider [clicks mandibles]
Dennis [sighs] Okay.
Over the course of some time, Dennis opens portal after portal for Spider to go into.
Dennis [groans] Come on! [smacks himself] Stay awake!
Spider returns through a black and green portal.
Dennis What is it?
Spider [clicking mandibles]
Dennis [gasps] You found him!
Dennis pulls Ludo's old skull helmet out from under his bed and puts it on his head.
Dennis Let's get my brother.
Scene cuts to a house on an asteroid somewhere in the dimensional void. Dennis and Spider emerge from a portal and stumble onto the front lawn.
Dennis [yelps] Our... house? Made of garbage.
Dennis enters the front gate. Ludo, wearing a robe and with his beard hair tied behind his head, is seen watering the plants and whistling a tune.
Dennis Ludo?
Ludo [turns around] Wha-a-a-t?! Spider!
Dennis has his arms stretched out to hug Ludo, but Ludo runs right past him and hugs Spider.
Ludo [laughs] It's you! Oh, my friend!
Dennis Brother, it's me, Dennis.
Ludo Dennis? How long has it been? Last time I saw you, you were this tall. And now you're exactly

as tall as I am! What are you doing here?

Dennis I came to bring you home.
Ludo Dennis, this is my home. Come inside.
Dennis [goes inside]
Ludo [to Spider] I just cleaned up. I can't have you come into the house. You'll make a mess. Look, Papa hasn't forgotten about you. [shakes bugs out of his beard and into a bowl] Ooh, been saving up a stash for my best girl!
Spider [eats bugs]
Ludo [laughs] Bon appétit! [to Dennis] Come sit.
Ludo leads Dennis over to a chair and takes the skull helmet away.
Ludo Let me take care of this for you. [throws skull helmet in the trash]
Dennis [stammers] But that's your helmet from when you ruled the Monster Army.
Ludo And now it's ruling the garbage.
Dennis That was a piece of your legacy.
Ludo [pushes Dennis's chair into another room] I'm done with that part of my life. Now how about a drink, you? Nothing too fizzy, of course. Make yourself comfortable. Could you ask Mother and Father if they'd like a beverage?
Dennis Uh... Mother and Father?
Sack dummies shaped like Brudo and Avarius are seen on the couch next to Dennis.
Ludo Dennis, do you want crushed ice or regular? [humming happily]
Ludo returns with a tray of cups and gives one to Dennis.
Ludo Oh, thank you, Mother. I do make the best sodas, don't I?
Dennis dumps screws and brown sludge out of his cup.
Dennis Thanks, yeah. Look, Ludo? You gotta come home. Mom and Dad are driving me nuts.
Ludo [looking crazy] But you can't say that in front of them, Dennis.
Dennis Okay, fine, Ludo. Let's just go talk in the kitchen, then. [leads Ludo away from parent dummies] Look, I really, really need you to come home.
Ludo I am home.
Dennis No, Ludo. I'm at my wits' end. The yelling, the berating, the stupid scratch-n'-sniff stickers. All they do is push me around and talk trash about you!
Ludo What are you talking about, Dennis? Mother and Father love us!
A mug falls off of the dummy shaped like Brudo.
Ludo They're so happy you're here! cha-rahds after dinner! [whispering] They always let me win! [giggles]
Dennis What are you talking about—?
Ludo Just kidding! I'm just really good at cha-rahds. Now stop worrying. That's not the Dennis I barely remember. Make that frowny turn upside-downy!
Dennis Okay. But after dinner—
Ludo And cha-rahds.
Dennis And after... cha-rahds... we're leaving, okay?
Ludo Yes, Dennis, whatever you say.
Scene cuts to several hours later. Ludo tucks the dummies into bed.
Ludo There we go, all tucked in! What's that? Oh, yes. How could I forget? [pats dummy] Good night, my darling.
Ludo leaves the room and joins Dennis in the hallway.
Ludo [whispering] They're finally asleep. What angels!
Dennis Awesome. Cool. Now let's go.
Ludo Go? Dennis, I can't just go.
Dennis Ludo—
Ludo Shhh!
Dennis [yelling] We don't need to whisper! There's no one who can hear us! Now come on! [walks away] This is ridiculous. I'm gonna lose my mind. Oof!
Dennis bumps into the Brudo and Avarius dummies.
Dennis What the?
Ludo Mother! [laughs] Father! What are you doing up?
Dennis What are you doing?
Ludo Cha-rahds? At this hour? Mmm... Well, you twisted my arm! I'll do it! [giggles]
Dennis This whole thing is a cha-rahd! [grunts] Charade!
Ludo Just one more round, Dennis! Let's humor them. Come on, what do you say?
Dennis picks up the dummies and sets them down on the other side of the room.
Dennis Okay, let's get out of—
The dummies appear in front of Dennis again.
Dennis Where did—?
Ludo I don't know.
Dennis [groans, pushes dummies to the side] You know what? Never mind. The sooner we leave, the better.
The dummies appear beside Ludo again.
Ludo But mother and father want us to stay.
Dennis [groans] No, forget it!
Dennis grabs Ludo by the hand and leads him out of the room. Ludo ends up in front of Dennis with the dummies yet again.
Ludo Wow, they really wanna play cha-rahds. Once they get going... [laughs]
Dennis Stop! This isn't funny! These aren't our parents. This is actual garbage.
Dennis takes a wire hanger off of the Lady Avarius dummy, which crumbles in his hand.
Ludo Oh, no! Mother! We can fix this. We can fix this. We can fix this. It's fine, we can fix this. We can fix this. We can fix this.
Dennis You're losing it.
Ludo (imitating Brudo) Calling his own mother and father garbage?! How about I teach you to apologize?!
Ludo (imitating Avarius) Watch his fingers, dear.
Dennis [under his breath] ...You watch your fingers.
Ludo (imitating Brudo) What did you say?!
Dennis I said you watch your fingers, sir!
Dennis tackles the Brudo dummy to the floor and beats it up, but the other dummies dogpile on him.
Ludo Dennis!
Dennis [growls, bursts out of the dogpile]
Ludo (imitating Brudo) This is what we get!
Ludo (imitating Avarius) For raising brats like your and your brother!
Dennis tackles more dummies to the floor. A giant Brudo dummy towers over Dennis.
Ludo (imitating Brudo) Oh, but you're a big man now who thinks he and his brother are too good for this family!
Dennis Yes, I do!
Dennis punches the dummy over and over before obliterating it with a single punch. Another Avarius dummy appears made out of a basketball hoop.
Dennis [panting]
Ludo (imitating Avarius) Look at you! You're just like your awful brother!
Dennis Good. Because he's... my... hero!
Dennis picks up a basketball with Brudo's face, dribbles it toward the hoop, and does a slam dunk, shattering the backboard.
Ludo [teary-eyed] Dennis! [hugs Dennis's leg] You stood up for me! No one has ever stood up for me.
Dennis Of course. [hugs Ludo] I love you, big brother.
Ludo Oh, I lo... lub... oh, how to... l-o-o... ove? Lo-o-ve... yo... u-u? Tu... I love you, too!
Dennis Let's get out of here. We can face the real mom and dad now.
Ludo I can't. Something very important happened today, but I have lots more I need to work through before I can leave.
Dennis Well, I'm here to help. You're not alone anymore, big brother.
Ludo I know that now. But I have to do this part on my own.
Dennis But... you're my hero. No one else in the family was brave enough to leave. I can't stand up to them on my own.
Ludo Dennis, you just did! Did you see that dunk? You can jump higher than they could ever reach. You need to go find your own adventures.
Dennis and Ludo share another hug.
Ludo You're going to be just fine, kiddo. Take good care of Spider. She's quiet, but she's a smart lady.
Dennis And I'll take care of Bird, too.
Ludo I don't know who that is. Goodbye.
Dennis and Spider leave through the dimensional portal. Ludo opens a closet, revealing dummies shaped like Star Butterfly and Marco Diaz.
Ludo Hello, Star and Marco. How about a game of cha-rahds?
(end song)
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