Episode begins with recap of Ludo's old castle being obliterated
Scene changes to Ludo sitting in an egg. Star Butterfly and Marco Diaz stand on a small plateau.
Ludo Where is my castle?
Star Butterfly It's gone
Ludo And where is your wand?
Star That's gone too.
Ludo Everything? We are no longer friends!
Star We never were friends.
Ludo You are now my mortal enemy. This day, I vow...
Star takes Ludo's dimensional scissors, opens a portal, and throws Ludo into it.
Ludo [screams]
Title Screen Ludo in the Wild
Title Screen Day 1
Ludo drifts through empty space alone.
Ludo Adrift in the universe that is infinitely expanding. Toward nothing... away from nothing. A passage of time marked by age. Marked by hunger of the spirit. And hunger of the body. Alone. Infinitely... [Ludo drifts by a bag of Gold'n Crispz] Chips! Food! [straining] Come back.
Ludo is hit by a flaming green projectile. He screams while being thrown into another portal, dumping him into a pile of leaves in a forest.
Ludo Where am I?
Water falls on him as it begins to rain.
Ludo Ow! Dirt... ow! In my eye! [he begins running] The sky is throwing water at my face.
Ludo slips on mud and stars sliding down a hill. The bag of Gold'n Cripz also slides down the hill.
Ludo My chips! Can I please...
Ludo crashes into a tree, and the tree falls into a puddle. Ludo gasps and moans while washing ashore, his stomach rumbling. A fish leaps out of the puddle.
Ludo Sushi. Sushi come back. I want my sushi.
A bird regurgitates food to its hatchlings in a tree. Ludo climbs into the nest, kicking out a hatchling.
Ludo Excuse me, brother. [opens his mouth like a bird, and groans for food] Lunch over?
The bird grabs Ludo, flies him high up into the sky, and drops him.
Ludo [screaming] You never loved me!
Ludo crashes into the same muddy slope
Ludo [screaming] Not this again, whoa!
He is thrown back onto the tree and into the puddle, again washing onto the shore. His eggshell breaks, revealing his underwear. He stammers while the hatchling from the nest sqeaks. The mother bird grabs him again.
Ludo [screaming] No, no. Whoa-oa! Please don't let me go.
The bird drops him again. Ludo lands on a spider web. He struggles against the web.
Trapped Fly Don't fight it bro. You're stuck. Just let it happen.
Ludo continues to struggle as snow begins to fall.
Ludo Snow! [crying] Snow.
A spider appears and jumps on Ludo to eat him.
Ludo No, no.
Spider [spits out the taste]
Trapped Fly [laughs] You taste bad. Never mind. I'll shut up.
The spider cuts Ludo out of the web, and he falls into the snow. The spider begins eating the fly.
Ludo Oh, that's horrible. [A piece of the fly falls into his mouth] Mmm. Tastes pretty good. [jumps up to catch the reaming bits falling from the web] More please, please, please, please.
The spider smacks him, he groans, and his stomach continues to rumble.
Title Screen Day 37
Ludo wakes up, covered in snow with a long gray beard.
Ludo How long have I been asleep?
The spider jumps on top of him, its stomach also rumbling. Ludo follows the spider as it crosses the field of snow. Both creatures struggle to stay on top of the snow. The spider crosses a log, ties a thread to it, and descends down the river below.
Ludo Where are you going?
Ludo ties himself a bungee chord from the spider's extra threads, breathes, and jumps down, only to crash head first on the ice.
Ludo Ow!
The spider cuts a hole in the ice and pulls in a net of fish using its silk. Inspired by this, Ludo also cuts a hole in the ice and catches a single fish with his beard.
Ludo He he he he. Gotcha!
The spider comes over, eats half of Ludo's fish, and spits out the second half which Ludo eats.
The scene changes to the spider dragging its net of fish back to its lair. Ludo crawls behind muttering to himself. He tries to follow the spider inside, but the spider pushes him back out. Ludo makes himself a blanket of snow.
Ludo Selfish.
Some snow from a tree falls, landing right next to the bag of Gold'n Crispz half buried in the snow. Ludo sprints after them.
Ludo No, no, yes yes.
As Ludo stumbles through the snow, the spider swings above and snatches them right as Ludo reaches the bag.
Ludo My chips! My chips!
Spider [High pitched shriek, runs inside cave]
Ludo Big mistake.
Ludo rips off a piece of spider web. The spider stars eating the bag of chips inside while Ludo dangles in from above wrapped in a cocoon of silk. When the cocoon reaches eye level, Ludo pounces.
Ludo Ahhhh! [jumps to the spider's web] Come and get me.
The spider wraps the chips in silk, and then attacks Ludo.
Spider [shrieks]
Ludo [shrieks back]
The spider pins Ludo to the ground. Ludo stars throwing smaller bugs at the spider's face. He jumps on top of the spider, shaking his beard in its face. The spider starts punching him.
While Ludo takes quite a beating from the spider, a cockroach picks up some of the fallen chips. Ludo begins to successfully dodge some attacks
Ludo Ya-ha. Uh-oh.
The fight moves onto the spider web. Ludo goes on the defense, but the spider catches him and sticks him onto a web on the ceiling. With Ludo tied up, the spider approaches for the kill.
Ludo Look out below.
The web collapses, and Ludo triumphantly lands on top of the spider.
Ludo I win, and to the victor the spoils.
Ludo uses the spider's abdomen to deploy the spider's silk, which grabs the chips for Ludo. He begins devouring them. The spider moves around to eat the falling crumbs, moving Ludo in the process.
Ludo Hmm?
Ludo throws a chip on the ground in front of the spider. The spider moves to eat it.
Ludo Hmm.
Ludo keeps throwing chips in front of the spider, riding it out of the cave.
Ludo He he he. Go get it.
Title Screen Day 65
Ludo ride the spider through the woods. He now has reigns to control the spider's movements. Together they approach the river to fish, though the spider does the actual fishing.
Ludo Keep it coming. Good. Whoa. That's enough.
Ludo bites into a fish while the spider tries to take it from him.
Ludo You'll get the scraps later.
The bird from earlier shrieks overhead.
Ludo It's time.
The scene changes. The bird continues to fly, passing Ludo and spider on top of a tree. The bird turns back around to look at them.
Ludo Hi
The spider deploys its web, and the screen goes black
Title Screen Day 90
The three creatures are gathered around a fire, cooking fish.
Ludo Nature is a cruel mother and favors the merciless. And so, in order to survive, Ludo in the wild must find the wild in Ludo.
Star Hey Ludo
Ludo [startled] Hi.
Star runs away
Ludo No, no, no. Find somebody else to... [screaming] get the wand!
Ludo beings chasing Star
Ludo It's mine. It will be mine. [whistles] Arachnid!
Star jumps very far into the air.
Ludo Bird!
Ludo grabs onto bird, and the three collectively fly to star and pounce on her, but she somehow disappears.
Ludo Oh, no. No, no no! Where'd she go? No!! Cruel vision.
He then notices a glowing light under the snow, and he digs it out to reveal a wand. He grabs it, only to look up and see a familiar castle.
Ludo I'm on Mewni.
Title Screen Day 90 [clicks, then changes to] Day 1
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