Mackie Hand is a deceased martial arts film star and stuntman who appears in the episode "Friendenemies". He is Marco Diaz's favorite movie star.


In life, Mackie Hand was an adult male with peach-colored skin, brown hair and mustache, and amber eyes. He wore a white karate uniform with black trim, black belt, light blue sweatpants, white shoes, and blue wristbands. After being resurrected by Tom, Mackie has rotting green skin, an exposed rib cage, hollow eye sockets, tattered clothes, and his right forearm and left leg are nothing but bone.


Thirty years prior to the present day, Mackie Hand was a famous martial arts movie star who, according to Marco Diaz, died accidentally while performing one of his own stunts on himself.

In "Friendenemies", Marco tries getting tickets to a Mackie Hand movie marathon, but finds that the tickets are already sold out. When Tom arrives with two tickets to the movie marathon, Marco agrees to hang out with him, and they bond a little over their apparent mutual fondness for Mackie Hand's movies. However, it is later revealed that Tom was only pretending to share some of Marco's interests. In an effort to make it up to him, Tom raises Mackie Hand from the dead.

From Mackie's point of view, it feels like he was only unconscious for a short time rather than being dead for thirty years. Despite this, he pulls out one of his own rib bones to autograph Marco's forehead. When Marco, Tom, and Mackie go to see the movie marathon, the ticket vendor refuses them entry into the theater, believing the Mackie Hand with them is just a cosplayer. The ticket vendor tries to push Mackie off the theater premises, but Mackie fends him off with a display of kung fu. He also gets into a brawl with theater security.

In "Into the Wand", there is a picture of Mackie Hand in Marco's school locker. There is also a picture of Mackie hanging on a wall in Emilio's Pizza in "Pizza Thing".


  • Hand to Hand to Hand
  • Hand to Hand to Hand 2


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S2E19 Online ad for Mackie Hand movie marathon
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  • Mackie Hand is a parody of martial artist/stuntman Jackie Chan.
    • He also bears a slight physical resemblance to Chuck Norris.
    • His tragic death due to an accident while filming a movie is similar to that of Bruce Lee's son Brandon Lee.
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