The Magic High Commission, also called the MHC,[1] is a council of beings and magic users from various dimensions that oversees all of the magic activity in the universe. They were established by Glossaryck, and their headquarters is located at the Bureaucracy of Magic in an unknown dimension.


  • Glossaryck: One of the three original founders of the Magic High Commission. He was created by the universe itself to give Mewmans a better understanding of the magic that permeates the universe.
  • Lekmet: One of the three original founders of the Commission and its High Chancellor; declared deceased in "Return to Mewni". Glossaryck created him to give Mewmans an understanding of the impermanence of existence. The full extent of his role in the Commission is unknown; in Star and Marco's Guide to Mastering Every Dimension, Glossaryck states, "His contribution to the commission must not be spoken."
  • Omnitraxus Prime: One of the three original founders of the Commission. Glossaryck created him to maintain the multiverse for Mewmans and explain to them the delicate strands of space-time.
  • Hekapoo: The forger and enforcer of all dimensional scissors. Glossaryck created her to provide Mewmans with the means of interdimensional travel.
  • Rhombulus: The least mature member of the Commission. He serves as the council's "muscle" and judges certain individuals of the multiverse by determining whether or not they pose a threat to its safety. This sometimes results in him wrongfully imprisoning people in crystal due to his reliance on instinct rather than logic.
  • Reynaldo the Bald Pate: The enforcer of orderliness in the universe. He retired from the Commission after Queen Rhina Butterfly cast a spell on him that made him speak only in riddles. He does not appear in the Star vs. series, but he is featured in Star vs. the Forces of Evil: The Magic Book of Spells.
  • Queen Butterfly: The current queen of Mewni and the newest member of the Magic High Commission. She was inducted into the Commission after exhibiting a mastery of magic and proving her leadership as a queen. Her role in the Commission is to oversee the relationship between Mewmans and magic. She is now the new head, succeeding Lekmet after his death.


The Magic High Commission and its members are first introduced in the season 2 episode "Page Turner". They summon Glossaryck to their headquarters at the Bureaucracy of Magic (where he gets into a brief conflict with Rhombulus) and inform him of a sharp magical imbalance in the universe.

In "Face the Music", the Magic High Commission members attend Star Butterfly's Song Day ceremony and learn over the course of the song that Queen Butterfly kept the Magic Instruction Book's theft and Glossaryck's abduction by Ludo a secret from them. Hekapoo is the most vocal in admonishing Queen Moon for withholding such information.

In "Starcrushed", the Commission stages an assault on Ludo's monster temple to recover Glossaryck and the book of spells. There, they discover that Glossaryck is gone and that Toffee has taken possession of Ludo's body. The Commission faces Toffee in battle, but Toffee easily overpowers them and absorbs their powers. During the battle, Lekmet exhausts all of his power reviving his comrades, and his body crumbles to dust. When Queen Moon is unable to defeat Toffee herself, she recovers the bodies and remains of the fallen Commission members and escapes through a portal.

In Star vs. the Forces of Evil: The Battle for Mewni, Rhombulus, Hekapoo, and Omnitraxus Prime's bodies are in stasis due to Toffee absorbing their powers, but Lekmet is declared dead by Queen Moon. Star and Moon bring them to the Magic Sanctuary to be revived, but the interdimensional fritz has caused the well of magic to turn into black ooze. Near the end of the movie, Star restores the magic of the universe, and Rhombulus, Hekapoo, and Omnitraxus appear to be rejuvenated.

In "Rest in Pudding", the remaining members of the Commission attend a memorial service for Lekmet.

In "Stranger Danger", the Commission apprehends Eclipsa Butterfly and attempts to decontaminate Star, believing she may have been "corrupted" by her. They then attempt to reimprison Eclipsa, but Star is ultimately able to convince them to give her a fair trial.

In "Total Eclipsa the Moon", the Commission is seen rushing to the archives after Moon sets off the alarm.

In "Butterfly Trap", the Commission are set to re-crystallize Eclipsa at her trial, but are found guilty themselves when they are forced to reveal that they tampered with Meteora's records in the archives to replace her with Festivia, a peasant girl.

In "Divide", the Commission sits in on Star's royal council meeting to decide what to do about Meteora. However, Star expels them from the meeting because of their generations of deceiving the Butterfly family.


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