The Magic Sanctuary is a sacred ground and place of refuge located in Mewni that is owned by the Butterfly family and guarded/concealed by a large group of crocodiles.

In Star vs. the Forces of Evil: The Battle for Mewni, Star Butterfly and Queen Butterfly bring Rhombulus, Hekapoo, and Omnitraxus Prime's bodies here to revive and bring them out of stasis (which only happens after the magic is purified of Toffee's corruption).

In "Rest in Pudding", it is revealed to be capable of reviving Glossaryck as well.

In "Cleaved", the Magic Sanctuary is reduced to rubble after the Realm of Magic is destroyed.


On the outside, the Magic Sanctuary is a dome-shaped building in the middle of a body of water (usually hidden beneath the surface). It has walls of black stone, a green door with molding over it in the shape of Glossaryck, glass windows, and a colorful stone roof that resembles stained glass. A path of stepping stones connects the building to the shore.

On the inside, the Sanctuary resembles a holy temple, with multiple sculptures and carvings of Glossaryck. Several Glossaryck sculptures along the walls pump continuous water into the room. At the very center of the Sanctuary is the well of magic, which usually contains magical restorative water. There are also three flower-shaped pods for the members of the Magic High Commission to rest inside.

The Sanctuary also houses a vending machine containing a plethora of corn-themed snacks.

In "Conquer", the Magic Sanctuary is revealed to be connected to the Realm of Magic via an upward-flowing waterfall of liquid magic.

In "Cleaved", the Magic Sanctuary is reduced to ruins following the destruction of all magic.


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  • According to Moon, the Sanctuary has served as a place of refuge for many previous queens of Mewni to hide in during times of extreme danger.
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