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"Mama Star" is the thirty-first episode of the fourth season of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

It premiered on May 5, 2019 alongside "Ready, Aim, Fire".


Star, Marco, Janna and Tom lose their memories as they traverse amnesia-inducing waters to get back to Mewni.


Following the events of "Jannanigans", Star, Tom, and Janna toss a bunch of garbage into the magic well underneath Britta's Tacos in order to get the attention of Star's "unicorn daughter", the Firstborn. Meanwhile, Marco examines the wall of hieroglyphics depicting Glossaryck and the Well of Magic, theorizing that the first Mewmans to settle on Mewni were actually humans that came from Earth.

After they toss enough garbage into the well, they finally get the Firstborn's attention, and she angrily tells them to stop dumping garbage into her realm. Star, concerned about the Realm of Magic's memory-wiping effects, asks the Firstborn to guide them through the Realm of Magic in order to reach Mewni, but the Firstborn refuses because Star sullies the Realm of Magic whenever she visits. Star borrows Oskar Greason's car and goes into the well with Marco, Tom, and Janna, leaving the Firstborn with no choice than to lead them to Mewni so she doesn't have to put up with four amnesiac teenagers.

As the Firstborn pulls the car toward the Mewni well, she appears very anxious, constantly on the lookout for something. Inside the car, Star locks the doors just as she, Marco, Tom, and Janna start to feel the Realm of Magic's effects on their memories. In their hallucinatory states, Marco confesses that he is in love with Star (unaware that she overheard him), Tom freaks out over the fact that he has three eyes, and everyone forgets their own and each other's names. When they see the Firstborn pulling the car they're riding in, they think she's a monster holding them prisoner, and Star tries running her over with the car.

Irritated, the Firstborn stops the car and tells the four to behave until they reach the Mewni well. Just then, black-stained water (from when Star's mother washed the black marks from her arms in "Divide") flows under the Firstborn's hooves, and something drags her down into the water. She briefly resurfaces to urge Star and her friends to escape through the Mewni well nearby before "he" gets them, but they—in their state of complete amnesia—ignore her warning in order to get out of the car and have fun. Tom is left in the car due to forgetting how to unbuckle his seat belt.

As Star and Marco play together, they offhandedly mention that they like each other. When a little unicorn filly appears before them looking for her family, Star and Marco offer to be her family and "adopt" her as their daughter. Meanwhile, Janna discovers a bunch of other unicorns that have been corrupted by the black water. A much larger, corrupted unicorn rises out of the water to attack Star and her friends, but the Firstborn—injured from continuous battle—appears to protect them. She explains to Star and the others that this creature's sole purpose is destruction.

As the evil unicorn charges at them, the Firstborn tells Star and her friends that they must leave, and she uses her magic to teleport them straight to Mewni.


Major characters

Minor characters

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Korean 뮤니로 가는 길 The Way to Mewni
Portuguese (Portugal) Mamã Star Mama Star


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Production notes



Revelations and continuity

  • This episode takes place immediately after "Jannanigans".
  • Marco theorizes that the first Mewmans to land on Mewni were actually humans that came from Earth.
  • Marco questioning his desires in life while hallucinating may be a callback to his dream sequence in "Red Belt".
  • Just before he loses his memories, Marco has a hallucination in which he tells Star that he loves her, unaware that the real Star hears him confess this.
  • Tom reveals that he has a more demonic form.
  • Several millhorses in the Realm of Magic is revealed to have been infected by dark magic, left behind by Moon when she was stranded in "Divide".