"Mama Star Score Selections" is a collection of musical cues heard in the episode "Mama Star".[1] It consists of the following individual tracks:

  • "Marco Figures It Out" plays when Marco analyzes the hieroglyphics on the underground cave wall.
  • "Unicorn Daughter" plays when Star explains the situation to Oskar Greason.
  • "Firstborn" plays when the Firstborn tells Star and her friends to stop dumping trash into her realm.
  • "Marco Is Losing It" plays when Marco succumbs to the hallucinogenic, memory-wiping effects of the Realm of Magic.
  • "No Names in This Car" plays when Star, Marco, Tom, and Janna lose their memories while riding Oskar's car through the Realm of Magic.
  • "Firstborn Gone" plays when the Firstborn gets dragged under the water by the evil, black unicorn.
  • "Big Bad Unicorn" plays when the Firstborn tries to warn Star and her friends about the threat that hunts for them from under the water.
  • "Starco Frolicking" plays when Star and Marco frolic through the Realm of Magic together and adopt a little unicorn as their baby.
  • "Janna Handprints" plays when Janna discovers a grotto with Moon Butterfly's handprints all over the walls.
  • "Escaping the Magic Realm" plays when the black unicorn appears before Star and her friends and the Firstborn protects them from him.


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