"Marco Grows a Beard" is the twenty-third episode of the first season of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

It premiered on September 14, 2015, alongside "Interdimensional Field Trip".[1]


When Star flubs the spell used to help Marco grow a beard, the beard grows out of control and engulf the house.[2]


The episode begins with Star going to her locker by riding Cloudy. Marco points out that Star is overusing her magic to get through mundane tasks, just as Star summons a minion to force her locker open. Just then, Marco greets Jackie as she walks by, but is shocked to see her compliment Blake for his beard, which he claims to have grown overnight. Marco is annoyed that his own beard has not grown much since he started to let it do so long ago, but politely refuses Star's offer to magically enhance his beard, choosing to do it his way.

The following day, Marco is amazed to see his beard has grown, but quickly realizes from Star's expression that she had accelerated it with her magic. As the two briefly argue about her use of magic, Marco's beard grows at an alarming rate, to the point where its voluminous hair erupts through the house and forces Star out. Star tries to rescue Marco, but quickly discovers that she lost her wand in the bathroom as the beard pushed her out of the house, forcing her to cut through the beard with hedge clippers from the garden shed. Unbeknownst to her, Ludo's army shows up, with Toffee pointing out that Star has left the wand unattended. Ludo reluctantly goes in, ordering his minions to carry him while displaying a strange apprehension towards Marco's hair.

Despite her best efforts, Star fails to cut her way out of the living room, and the now-sentient hair steals her clippers away and imprisons her. Likewise, Ludo and the monsters fail to make any headway, with Ludo ordering his exhausted minions about and growing increasingly unhinged. Star finds herself next to one of the laser puppies, only to fall asleep due to the hair's soft texture. In her dreams, she imagines the laser puppy speaking to her, reminding her that Marco needs her help, and that before she had her wand, she could fight monsters plenty well on her own.

Waking up, Star discovers the monsters' presence and begins fighting her way through them to reach the bathroom, finding Marco all wrapped up in his hair, but the monsters dogpile her and have her pinned. At Toffee's urging, Ludo tries to grab the wand covered in hair, but as he walks over the hair he relives a traumatic childhood memory, where he was tickled by a "tickle monster" on his birthday and hated the experience. Finally snapping, Ludo collapses on the hair-covered floor, laughing. As Toffee smiles in triumph, Star is revealed to have already escaped the monsters' clutches and reclaimed her wand. Toffee escapes, leaving Star to defeat the monsters in hand-to-hand combat, thrashing them and throwing them out of the house. Star cheerily apologizes to Marco, admitting that she had been overusing her magic and promises to cut him loose "like a normal person" - albeit with a tiny razor, much to Marco's muffled screams of discomfort.

Back in Ludo's castle, Ludo angrily scolds his monsters, until Toffee rises to point out that Ludo has proven himself incompetent as a leader, failing to provide care for his employees while they do all the heavy lifting, and even collapsing in laughter when the wand was within his grasp. Addressing the monsters, Toffee has them choose between him and Ludo as their leader. To Ludo's horror, Toffee and the monsters throw him out of his castle.


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Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Chinese 麥戈長出了大鬍子 Marco Grow a Beard
Dutch Marco krijgt een baard Marco Gets a Beard
French La Barbe de Marco Marco's Beard
German Der bärtige Marco The Bearded Marco
Hebrew מרקו מצמיח זקן Marco Grows a Beard
Hungarian Marco Szakállat Növeszt Marco Beard Grows
Italian Marco e La Barba Magica Marco and the Magic Beard
Japanese マルコとヒゲ Marco and the Beard
Polish Marco Rośnie Broda Marco Grows a Beard
Portuguese (Brazil) O Crescimento da Barba de Marco The Growth of Marco's Beard
Portuguese (Portugal) A Barba do Marco The Beard of Marco
Russian Марко растит бороду Marco Grows a Beard
Spanish (Latin America) A Marco le Crece la Barba Marco Grows a Beard
Spanish (Spain) Marco se Deja Barba Marco Grows a Beard


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S1E23 Ludo and Big Chicken
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Revelations and continuity

  • Toffee takes over Ludo's army in this episode.


  • When Toffee throws Ludo out of his castle, one shot shows him using both arms to shut the door, but the castle has a single door, not a double door.


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