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|Marco and the King
|Marco and the King
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|''Marco e o Rei''
|''Marco e o Rei''
|Marco and the King
|Marco and the King

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"Marco and the King" is the fourth episode of the third season of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

It premiered on July 15, 2017, as part of the television movie Star vs. the Forces of Evil: The Battle for Mewni.[1]


King River struggles to keep the kingdom running without Queen Moon's help.


Some time after Star and Moon have gone into hiding, King Butterfly awakens in a messy castle and alone in bed. He turns on some dance music and kicks off a pumping dance party in the castle for himself and his subjects. The king and the citizens of Mewni party from sunrise to nightfall. The next morning, River wakes up, sees that Moon is still gone, and does the same thing all over again. However, his subjects are becoming tired of partying endlessly. By the following morning, River is the only one in the castle with any energy to spare.

Using his dimensional scissors, Marco appears on Mewni to see Star and give her some of her favorite Earth cereal. River happily greets Marco, and Marco asks if Star is in trouble after leaving Earth so suddenly. River assures him that Star is just fine and that she and her mother left on a little trip, leaving him to look after the castle and keep up the people's morale. However, Marco shows River that the people of Mewni are in a state of panic.

On the castle balcony, River addresses the people and asks if they are satisfied with his leadership after Star and Moon have left. The people complain about the large amounts of garbage piling up, the buildings that are on fire, and the giant monster in the Mewman cornfields. River shouts at the monster to leave, but the monster—unable to hear River from so far away—approaches the village and starts stomping on everything. The people's faith in River drops even lower, and River loses confidence in himself as a king.

River goes back inside the castle and sinks into despair, admitting that he has no idea where Star and Moon went or when they'll return. Marco tells him that they cannot return home if they have no home to return to and that River must lead his people. Inspired by Marco's words, River addresses his subjects again and tries to rally them together to face the stampeding monster. The people still doubt River's ability to rule, but River accepts this and says he's all they have and they're all he has. He says further that they don't need magic to do extraordinary things and that everyone can do something unique and helpful. The people are inspired by River's words and join him in challenging the monster.

Marco, River, and the people of Mewni confront the monster stomping through the village and tell him to leave. However, the reason for the monster's attack turns out to just be the result of a failure to communicate; he thought River was calling him to approach, not leave. With that cleared up, the monster leaves as he's told, and the people celebrate over their victory. River decides to hold one last party at the castle in his subjects' honor, and they cheer his name. Unfortunately, Ludo suddenly appears to join in the cheering, and he launches his own monster invasion on the kingdom.


Major characters

Minor characters

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Dutch Marco en de Koning Marco and the King
French Marco et le roi Marco and the King
Hebrew מרקו והמלך Marco and the King
Portuguese Marco e o Rei Marco and the King


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S3E4 Ludo commands his rat army to attack Mewni
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Revelations and continuity


  • When Marco is comforting River, the string for the party lights momentarily disappears.


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