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Mariposa Diaz is the baby sister of Marco Diaz and the second-born child of Rafael and Angie Diaz. She is first alluded to in "Marco Jr.", and she makes her first physical appearance in "Doop-Doop".


Mariposa is a female Latina-American infant with tan skin, short brown hair, and large hazel eyes. Like Marco, she has a mole on her right cheek. As a grown teenager in "Gone Baby Gone", Mariposa is of medium height and slightly stocky build, and she has thick eyebrows and very long hair. She is also seen wearing the finger puppet Marco had as a necklace.


Mariposa is first alluded to in "Marco Jr." when Angie becomes pregnant with her. Believing she is going to be born a male, Rafael and Angie preemptively name her "Marco Jr." after their firstborn son Marco.

Later, in "Doop-Doop", Star meets Mariposa for the first time when she goes back to Earth, and she is surprised that Marco's baby sibling was born a girl instead of a boy.

In "Britta's Tacos", Marco babysits Mariposa while trying to eat 50 tacos to win a mystery prize at Britta's Tacos. She is repeatedly mistaken as Marco's daughter instead of his sister by several customers, Sensei Brantley, and Oskar Greason.

In "Beach Day", she appears at the beginning of the episode in the Diaz Household eating her first breakfast quiche while her father Rafael takes pictures of her with an instant camera.

In "Gone Baby Gone", Marco babysits both Mariposa and baby Meteora. When Hekapoo appears to give Marco a warning to stay away from Mewni, she accidentally leaves a portal open to her dimension, and Mariposa and Meteora wander through it. By the time Star and Marco realize this and catch up with them, they have grown into teenagers because of the time difference between Earth and Hekapoo's dimension.

Mariposa and Meteora drug Star and Marco to sleep and attempt to sacrifice them to a wish-granting demon in exchange for giving Mariposa magic powers. But Mariposa changes her mind when she realizes the demon plans to devour Star in order for him to give her Star's magic. Star, Marco, Mariposa, and Meteora team up to defeat the wish-granter, and Mariposa and Meteora agree to return to Earth when Star and Marco entice them with the offer of food, reverting them back to infants.


Marco Diaz[]

S4E28 Teen Mariposa 'not bad, dude!'

Teen Mariposa and Adult Marco.

As Mariposa's older brother, Marco loves her dearly. When Mariposa is a teenager in Hekapoo's dimension, she initially refuses to believe that Marco is her brother, having only known Meteora as a surrogate family. When he reminds her of a bedtime story he told her as a baby, she comes to realize Marco is her brother.

Meteora Butterfly[]

S4E28 Teen Meteora and Mariposa holding hands

Teenage Meteora and Mariposa, surrogate sisters.

When Mariposa and Meteora stumble into Hekapoo's dimension, they grow up developing a sister-like bond, which they demonstrate through their teamwork in battle. When Star and Marco ask the two to come back to Earth with, Mariposa and Meteora agree on the condition that they will be able to grow up together again.

Powers and abilities[]

  • Staff-wielding: From her time growing up in Hekapoo's dimension, Mariposa becomes proficient at wielding a staff.


Season 3[]

Season 4[]


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  • Mariposa's name is the Spanish word for "butterfly", so she is possibly named after Star.


  1. Mariposa is less than one year old on Earth, but in Hekapoo's dimension, she is in her teens.


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