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"Match Maker" is the third episode of the first season of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

It premiered on March 30, 2015, alongside "School Spirit".[3]


After failing a math test, Star tries to convince her teacher Miss Skullnick to change her grade by helping her with her love life but accidentally turns her into a troll.[3]


At Echo Creek Academy, Star is thrilled to have made so many new friends. As Alfonzo and Ferguson try to pick up girls, Star considers setting Ferguson up with someone (as well as setting Marco up with Jackie) since she considers herself a decent matchmaker.

In class, an embittered Miss Skullnick hands out graded tests to her students; Star receives a failing grade while Marco passes with flying colors with an A+. Star tries to convince Miss Skullnick to change her grade, and she learns that Miss Skullnick was recently jilted by a guy. She makes Miss Skullnick a deal: if Star helps her get a date, she changes Star's grade to an A. However, in her attempt to make Miss Skullnick a "man magnet", Star accidentally turns her into a hideous troll. She tries to change Miss Skullnick back to normal, but she ends up teleporting herself, Miss Skullnick, and Marco to Star's bedroom. Miss Skullnick wails over her misfortune.

Having been spying on them from outside the bedroom window, Buff Frog reports to Ludo that Star is distracted and open to attack. Ludo, excited about finally obtaining Star's magic wand, imagines himself destroying Mewni and being a lifeguard.

Back at the Diaz Household, Marco and Star try to console the despondent and increasingly hysterical Miss Skullnick. Since Star is unable to change her back to normal, Marco suggests asking Star's mom for help. Star is afraid that her mother will send her to St. Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses if she finds out, so Marco advises her to "dance around the truth." Using her magic mirror to call Mewni (after an accidental call to Tom), Star speaks with Queen Butterfly about the matter. However, before Star can get the information she needs, Miss Skullnick makes a break for it.

Marco and Star stop Miss Skullnick before she escapes, and Ludo arrives with his minions. Though Star isn't as distracted as Ludo was led to believe, he nevertheless commands his minions to attack. A battle for the wand ensues, and Star and Marco are forced to fend off the monsters with magic and karate. During the fight, one of Ludo's minions named Emmitt falls in love with Miss Skullnick. Star notices this and tries to set the two up, taking out Ludo and the rest of his minions with a butterfly explosion. As Ludo and his minions retreat, Miss Skullnick prepares to leave and start a new life with Emmitt. Now that she's no longer a teacher, she can't change Star's test grade.

The next day in class, Star tells the story of the previous day's events to her classmates while also making Marco look good in front of Jackie. Suddenly, Miss Skullnick appears through a dimensional portal, having apparently been dumped by Emmitt. Grumpy all over again, Miss Skullnick gives her students "the worst pop quiz of [their] lives." Star apologizes to Marco for embarrassing him in front of Jackie, but Marco isn't discouraged, stating that's the most she's ever spoken to him. The episode ends with Star accidentally giving Marco a butterfly-shaped head.


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Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Chinese 媒人 Matchmaker
Dutch Koppelaarster Match Maker
French L'Entremetteuse The Procuress
German Das Lehrer-Monster The Teacher Monster
Hebrew השדכנית The Matchmaker
Hungarian A kerítő The Matchmaker
Italian Star Agente Matrimoniale Star: Matrimonial Agent
Japanese 恋のキューピッド Cupid of Love
Korean 커플매니저 Matchmaker
Polish Swatka Matchmaker
Portuguese (Brazil) Casamenteira Matchmaker
Portuguese (Portugal) Menina Arranjinhos Miss Matches
Russian Сваха Matchmaker
Spanish (Latin America) Cupido Cupid
Spanish (Spain) La celestina The Celestine


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  • Multiple characters are formally introduced: Alfonzo, Ferguson, Jackie, Boo Fly, and Tom.
  • Brittney Wong, Chantal, and Oskar make cameo appearances at the beginning.
  • This is likely the first episode produced because, according to Aaron Hammersley, the episode has a lot of scenes from the original pilot, including the fight in the backyard coming directly from it.[4] It also has the production code of '101'.


  • The way Star attempts to call her mom is similar to the Evil Queen's line from Snow White: "Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?"


  • Emmitt's sword appears and disappears several times through the fight scene.
  • When Jackie rides past Star and Marco and says "Hey Star Butterfly!", the aqua streak in her hair is missing.


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