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  • I know I should just wait and find out what happens, but I just feel honest that shevling away/ writing all the Earth charcters like Janna, Angie, Rafael, and Jackie out of the show is just unnecssary and devious. Because I feel like that these characters can have a good story. Example, I have a lot of high hopes for a story about Marco's parents as teenagers and how they tied the knot.

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    • Sure, but that'd be filler. Not everyone has to play an important role in the storyline at all times. The 6 featured at the end of the Season 3 intro will be the most focused on for this season and that's the end of that and they're likely not gonna have too much focus since most o the action seems to be on Mewni for now.

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  • Have you been watching the new Loud House's this week! They are funny!

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