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  • Could you answer this question? Decoder with Mewman language of the canon or not?

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  • Why are all of the charcter wiki pages on the star vs the forces of evil website web-base reformatting,  just wondering

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  • First of all once again I wish you a happy new year mate. I hope your New Years eve was great. As a gift to start this new year how about we start with a brand new conversation like you wanted to do for a while.

    Ohh yes Tom really was a yerk when he first appeared. He was just a agressive quite annoying control freak that wanted everything to go his way. That was really his downfall. However he has grown and become a much better person. He still has some flaws but he is putting in some effort to fix them. Though now I don't really like the whole him and Star dating thing but I have a feeling that situation won't last very long. I give it a few episodes before that trainwreck is over xD.

    That is a great idea I really hope that happens. I would also love to see more of young River and his family. I mean we saw them in game of flags and know that they have a bloodthirsty warrior thing going on but not much else. And that they hate the Butterfly family because they are really stuck up. But you can't truely blame them for that one now can you ?

    Waiting hehe it is one of the most boring things in life. Sadly it is also one of the things you will end up doing a lot. Kind of like how your life will constantly change even if it is going just fine for you at the moment and you are like Yeah I am fine at the moment nothing has to change. However unlike change which is well ever moving and changin waiting is boring. It does have the useful result of breeding patience which is a very important virtue.

    My teacher has this brilliant same sarcastic sense of humor and a love of knowledge and language. She is also very good at explaining things which is really awesome. Finally she gives good feedback and always points out things I did well and things I did bad. Not one but both which is the way feedback will stick better for me. The last lesson she told this story about how she refused a translating job. The reason was because it would have to be done at Christmas time. She refused the assignment when she learned he didn't even need the text translated until much later. Then she kindly reminded that customer that she wanted to celebrate Christmas to. I believe she got the job later.

    You British have a lovely saying for that suggestion. Great minds think alike. Because I also thought that January 1st would be a great date to start a new conversation.

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