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Meteora Butterfly, formerly known as Miss Heinous, is the Mewman/monster hybrid daughter of Eclipsa Butterfly and Globgor, and the former headmistress of St. Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses. She first appears in the episode of the same name.

Meteora becomes the main antagonist of the latter half of season 3 when she rediscovers her true parentage and background and subsequently plots to take the throne of Mewni from the Butterfly family. In "Conquer", she is reverted back to infancy following her defeat at the hands of her mother Eclipsa.


As the headmistress of St. Olga's Reform School For Wayward Princesses, Meteora, then known as Miss Heinous, had pale white skin and short, curly white hair with gray sides. She wore a purple Victorian era-style dress with black sleeves, light gray gloves, black earrings, and black high-heeled boots underneath her dress. She had a mole on her right cheek, and a long, pointed nose. Whenever she lost her poise, mountain mist grey club-like marks appeared on her cheeks. In "Heinous", she wears makeup to conceal said marks, her hair is messier, and her dress is tattered due to her currently being homeless. She also wore pale red lipstick and black mascara.

At the end of "Monster Bash", she gains several monster-like characteristics: yellow eyes, sharp teeth, pointy ears, and a scaly left arm. At the end of "Skooled!", she becomes even more monster-like: a slightly burlier physique, short black horns, slitted pupils with light yellow sclerae, reddish forearms and legs with dark red tiger stripes, and a thin red tail. Her cheek marks reappear permanently (until "Cleaved"), but are recolored gumbo blue-green. Her thick white curly hair also grows longer, now reaching to her waist and eliminating the grey sides with her dress shredded up due to her monster transformation.

As of "Tough Love", Meteora has grown to considerable size and bears a close resemblance to her father Globgor with her entire body becoming purple with darker purple stripes. Her cheek marks are also colored greyish turquoise.

At the end of "Conquer", Meteora is reverted back to an infant. She has magenta eyes with slitted pupils, a small patch of curly light purple hair, clawed fingers and toes, pale red-tipped ears, and a thin dark purple tail with a plume of light purple fur. Her cheek marks are from now on colored cyan opaque. She also no longer has a mole.

In "Gone Baby Gone", Meteora grows into a teenager along with Mariposa after spending several years in Hekapoo's dimension. Compared to her original teenage appearance in "Skooled!", this form sports an undercut hairstyle, has more monstrous features such as small black horns, a thin dark-purple tail, and more prominent pale red stripes on her reddish forearms and legs. Her attire consists of a brown leather tunic, bone earrings, and footwear with open heels and toes.

In her Ultimate Magic Form, she gains four extra arms, and her large, teardrop-shaped butterfly wings are lavender in color, trimmed in white, with undertones of purple in the shape of flowers with green seed-shaped designs in the edges.


When first introduced, Miss Heinous wants to strictly control bad behavior in wayward princesses, forcing them to act like "proper" princesses with no individuality of their own.

Toward the end of her debut episode, Miss Heinous struggles to contain her individuality once she loses control of her emotions, and club-shaped marks appear on her cheeks.

In her first appearance, she had a habit of second-guessing her choices of words, questioning whether they were appropriate for the situation.

In her third appearance, Miss Heinous has been shown to have become deeply unhinged, desiring gruesome vengeance against Marco, and even wanting the entire multiverse to fear her. She also seems to have developed a motherly attachment to Rasticore, coddling his regenerating arm.

In "Monster Bash", Miss Heinous starts to remember her original identity after seeing her old nursery and insists that Gemini refer to her as Meteora.

"Skooled!" shows that Meteora suffers from some abandonment issues, demonstrated from the way she reacts to Rasticore's attempt to quit his job as her bodyguard. This may be the result of her particular upbringing by the robotic headmistress St. Olga.

From "Tough Love" onward, Meteora becomes obsessed with reclaiming her birthright of the throne of Mewni, being willing to crush anyone who tries to stop her. She has even grown more mentally unstable, becoming cruel and sadistic without a care of destroying the very kingdom she sought to reclaim.

Following her reversion into an infant, she acts in much the same way as any baby, save for still showing extreme hostility toward Marco, such as leaving mutilated dolls of his likeness in his bed and hissing if she so much as hears his name. It is revealed in "Gone Baby Gone" that while Meteora doesn't remember her original memories, a part of her still hates Marco (though she seems to finally be warming up to him after reverting back to an infant).


As the headmistress of St. Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses, Miss Heinous makes sure her staff has the princesses attending her reform school reformed into "normal" princesses. For particularly troublesome princesses, she uses the "Solitary Conform-ment Chamber", which forcibly brainwashes them into acting the way she wants them to.

Despite her best attempts, Star Butterfly and Marco Diaz infiltrate the school and cause a revolt. After they leave, she finds out via experimenting with a bobby pin Marco dropped that they came from Earth, and swears to annihilate them.

In "Goblin Dogs", Pony Head reveals that Miss Heinous has left St. Olga's.

In "Gift of the Card", Miss Heinous is seen living with her assistant Gemini in a rundown apartment complex, with very little money. She hires Rasticore Chaosus Disastervaine to find and destroy Star and bring Marco to her as revenge for what they did to her. However, Rasticore fails, and his forearm is delivered back to Miss Heinous, to her displeasure.

In "Heinous", she, along with Gemini and Rasticore's slowly regenerating arm, comes to the Diaz Household, informing Marco's parents that he has wronged her. After a brief negotiation, she is able to convince them to allow her to punish him by filming a video for the rebel princesses Marco inspired where he renounces the words he used to incite the revolt. Despite Marco saying this in a deeply sarcastic way, Heinous is satisfied with the results and departs. That night, as she prepares to sleep inside her car, she talks to Rasticore's arm, telling it she will annihilate Marco and Star, and make the multiverse "shiver in fear" of her. As she says this, she removes the makeup used to hide her cheek symbols.

In "Princess Turdina", Miss Heinous returns to the school in an effort to get control back. She reveals to her former students that the "Princess Marco" they idolize is a boy, and she also says she needs them just as much as they need her. However, the students chase her off once again, and she starts using princesses as fuel to restore her youth.

In "Monster Bash", Miss Heinous tries to steal Marco's youth, but ends up becoming part of a conflict between Star and Mina Loveberry, during which she is revealed to be Meteora Butterfly, the half-breed daughter of Queen Eclipsa and her monster lover Globgor. In "Total Eclipsa the Moon" and "Butterfly Trap", it is further revealed that she was replaced by the peasant girl Festivia as Eclipsa's daughter and heir after her mother was imprisoned, and all evidence of her existence was erased from royal records.

In "Skooled!", Meteora once again invades the school, this time to discover what happened to her when she was a baby. After confronting and destroying her adoptive mother St. Olga, ripping off Pony Head's horn, tearing out Gemini's robotic heart and blowing up Rasticore's body, she sets out to reclaim the throne of Mewni for herself.

In "Tough Love", Meteora goes on a destructive and soul-stealing rampage across Mewni in her efforts to seize the Mewni throne. Moon and Eclipsa confront her and try to reason with her peacefully, but when that fails, she attacks Moon, leaving her in a vulnerable state, and flees.

In "Divide" and "Conquer", Meteora invades Butterfly Castle in a mad attempt to seize control from acting queen Star Butterfly, eventually succeeding in stealing the souls of everyone on Mewni except Glossaryck, Star, and Tom Lucitor, who is somewhat immune to her soul stealing gaze due to having thousands of them. After a furious battle against Star, Meteora is defeated when her own mother Eclipsa uses the magic wand to revert her back to a baby.

Meteora briefly appears in "Butterfly Follies". crawling around the room Star and Marco are staying. She gives Marco an unnerving glare, leading Marco to nervously wonder if she remembers anything from her former life.

Meteora appears to be teething in "Moon Remembers" as a tooth/fang is shown in her mouth and Glossaryck comments at the rate her teeth are growing as she chews on him.

In "Surviving the Spiderbites", Marco attempts to feed Meteora, only for her to bat away the spoon and bite his hand.

In "Cornball!", Eclipsa brings Meteora to the Mewman/monster cornball game, but Meteora keeps wandering off. At the end, she is seen watching the Mewman and monster kids playing their own game and enjoying it.

In "Meteora's Lesson", Glossaryck takes Meteora back in time in order to help her learn to dip down. When they encounter a younger Toffee (who had broken Glossaryck's arm around that time), Meteora grows angry enough to succeed in dipping down and attacks Toffee. Glossaryck, satisfied with her success, returns them to their proper time.

She is briefly seen during "The Knight Shift", being taught shapes by her mother.

In "Cornonation", Meteora is present for her mother's queen coronation ceremony. When Globgor is revealed to have been released from his prison, suspicion falls on Eclipsa, and Hekapoo imprisons Meteora in a cage. When Globgor appears before the Mewmans and gets into a confrontation with the Magic High Commission, Meteora frees herself from her cage by dipping down, and seeing her helps Globgor calm down.

In "Gone Baby Gone", Meteora accidentally stumbles into Hekapoo's dimension with Marco's baby sister Mariposa, and they grow up into teenagers with a close sisterly bond. When Star and Marco follow them to bring them home, they initially refuse and attempt to trade Star and Marco away to a demonic wish-granter in exchange for giving Mariposa magic powers. After the wish-granter is defeated, Meteora and Mariposa agree to return to Earth when Star and Marco entice them with the offer of food, and they revert back to infants.

In "Ready, Aim, Fire", Meteora shows concern for her father after he is wounded by a Solarian blade.

In "Cleaved", Meteora helps Star, Moon, and Eclipsa destroy all magic in the universe. After her family is reunited once more, Eclipsa decides to enroll Meteora in kindergarten.

Powers and abilities[]

  • Hybrid physiology: As the child of a monster and a Mewman, Meteora displays the traits of both species. Upon embracing her monster side, her appearance changes to more closely resemble a monster's. By the time Moon and Eclipsa find her in "Tough Love", she greatly resembles her father in size and appearance.
  • Size alteration: Meteora possesses the same size-altering ability as her father Globgor, though it is unclear if she has any control over this ability.
  • Superhuman strength: Meteora can lift and throw a carriage a considerable distance, leap several feet in the air, and land hard enough to smash the ground. She is also strong enough to send St. Olga flying with a punch, smash through stone walls, and rip off Pony Head's horn with little difficulty.
  • Enhanced speed and reflexes: Meteora can move faster than an average person, quickly climb through a window with Gemini on her back, and incapacitated Princess Arms with little effort.
  • Superhuman endurance: Meteora can survive a robot heart's explosion virtually unharmed, while a similar explosion destroyed Rasticore again. She can also withstand a barrage of magical energy from Moon and survived being trapped in the Underworld by Tom.
  • Prehensile tail: Similar to Tom, Meteora's tail functions as an additional limb, shown when she used it to silence Gemini.
  • Decelerated aging: At over 300 years old, Meteora has a longer-than-average lifespan, mainly from stealing the youth of other princesses.
  • Innate magic: Like all Butterflys, Meteora possesses magic within herself, using it to open her nursery in the Monster Temple. She also makes use of this magic in "Tough Love", as eye beams that break apart the ground on contact. As of "Meteora's Lesson", Meteora has begun learning how to "dip down" with Glossaryck's help. In "Gone Baby Gone", teenage Meteora has mastered her Ultimate Magic Form and become proficient enough at spell-casting to put up a fight against Star.
  • Soul absorption: Meteora's eye beams also possess the ability to steal others' souls and add their life force to her own. Similar to Toffee's magic absorption, it usually leaves its victims in a lifeless state with pitch black eyes. The more souls she consumes, the stronger she becomes, as seen when she attempts to steal all of Tom's souls. Only when Meteora is defeated, or by her own accord, will the afflicted return to normal.
  • Wall climbing: In "Butterfly Follies" and "Cornonation", baby Meteora can crawl along walls and the ceiling.
  • Body contortion: In "Butterfly Follies" and "Meteora's Lesson", baby Meteora can turn her head 180 degrees.



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  • Miss Heinous' name means, by definition, a person or wrongful act, especially a crime that is utterly odious or wicked.
  • Miss Heinous is hinted to have a connection with the Butterfly family due to the presence of clubs on her cheeks, similar to Star Butterfly's hearts, Queen Butterfly's diamonds, and Eclipsa Butterfly's spades.
    • It is confirmed in "Monster Bash" as Heinous is revealed to be Eclipsa's daughter and that her real name is Meteora Butterfly.
      • Meteora's real name follows a similar naming scheme to other members of the Butterfly family named after astral objects, such as Star, Moon, Comet, and Eclipsa.
  • She is the only known Mewman-monster hybrid born in the Butterfly family (with the possible exception of Celena Butterfly).
  • She appears to be the oldest-living member of the Butterfly family, having lived since the time of Eclipsa without being crystallized or otherwise suspended in animation. "Tough Love" confirms this to be due to her draining the youth out of the princesses at St. Olga's.
  • Unaware that Marco is not actually a princess, Miss Heinous addresses and refers to him using female pronouns throughout her appearances up until "Princess Turdina". She also addresses Marco's parents as if they were a king and queen, referring to them as "Your Highness".
    • Even after discovering he's a boy, she still refers to him as Princess Marco and uses female pronouns when addressing/referring to him.
  • According to Star and Marco's Guide to Mastering Every Dimension, Miss Heinous is an interdimensional fugitive wanted by the Magic High Commission.
  • "Total Eclipsa the Moon" reveals that Meteora's status as Eclipsa's daughter was erased from all Mewni records, which claim that Festivia Butterfly was Eclipsa's daughter instead.
  • "Skooled!" reveals that Meteora was raised as the adoptive daughter of St. Olga, the robotic founder and former headmistress of the Reform School for Wayward Princesses.
    • St. Olga was also the one who named Meteora "Heinous" after hearing King Shastacan call her "absolutely heinous".
  • Meteora's backstory shares some connections with the Greek god Hephaestus. When Hephaestus was born, Hera was mortified by his deformities and exiled him from Mount Olympus. As he grew older, he grew more and more curious about his origins until he learned the truth. Hephaestus vowed revenge on Zeus and Hera for abandoning him, which he fulfilled by creating a golden throne and trapping Hera when she sat upon it. Zeus had to bribe Hephaestus in order to release Hera, by offering him a place in the pantheon.
    • Like Hephaestus, Meteora was brought to Mewni, and King Shastacan disowned her out of shame for her genetics. Meteora was raised by robots and secluded from the knowledge of her heritage and lineage (Hephaestus was also known for robotics). When she discovered that she was the true queen of Mewni, she vowed revenge and unintentionally trapped Moon in the Realm of Magic when she attacked her, causing Star to look for Moon in the Realm of Magic and become similarly disorientated by the memory loss. When Meteora was reverted to infancy, she was brought back to Eclipsa and Globgor for a better future.
  • As of "Meteora's Lesson", Meteora is both the youngest and the oldest known member of the Butterfly family to learn how to dip down (as she is biologically an infant but chronologically is hundreds of years old).
  • Meteora has lived several separate lifetimes: once as Miss Heinous, again as Meteora, and a third time as "Grobb".


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