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"Mewberty" is the eleventh episode of the first season of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

The episode premiered on June 15, 2015, alongside "Pixtopia".[1]


When Star starts sprouting hearts all over her body, the telltale sign of Mewberty, Marco searches for a way to keep her from losing control.[2]


Marco and Star's art class lets out, and they are about to leave for their next class when Marco notices a paint stain on Star's forehead. However, Star explains that it's not a paint stain but a heart spot—one of the first symptoms of mewberty. She also explains that it's far different than Earth puberty and could potentially destroy the school.

Marco decides to take Star home, but Star already begins showing a powerful attraction to all the boys she passes and sprouts more hearts all over her body. She also develops the ability to create purple sticky webs from her hands. Worried that she might harm Marco, she locks herself inside a school locker. Marco suggests checking Star's magic book for a way to stop her mewberty, and Star says that she lost her book in a bet with Ferguson.

Marco finds Ferguson in Spanish class. He asks for Star's book, but Ferguson says he gave the book to Janna. Marco soon finds Janna with the magic book and begins to search for a page on mewberty but finds a little guy named Glossaryck instead. At first, Glossaryck refuses to help Marco as he only serves princesses, but he reluctantly agrees to help if Marco can provide him with some pudding.

Meanwhile, the still-hiding Star manages to peel all the hearts off her body, but more soon appear when members of the school swim team appear to exercise in front of her locker. Her skin turns purple, her eyes begin to glow, and she now has an uncontrollable passion for boys. The locker she's in begins to overfill with hearts and forms a heart-shaped cocoon. Eventually, Star emerges from the cocoon with six arms and wings.

While feeding Glossaryck pudding, Marco asks him how he can stop Star's mewberty. Glossaryck tells him it's a natural process that can't be stopped, but he assures that she may (or may not) return to normal at 3:57 PM. Suddenly, Marco hears a scream and goes to check it out. He discovers that much of the school has become covered in purple hearts and vines and that a number of boys are trapped in purple webbing. When Star appears before him, about to trap another boy in her web, Marco tries to reason with her, but she ignores him. When he tries to interfere, Star reacts by wrapping him in her web until she hears Oskar Greason's music.

Star attempts to wrap Oskar in her web as well until Marco catches her in a tennis net. Marco holds tight to the net as Star tries to break free and drags Marco all around the school. Glossaryck tells Marco that he's only making the situation worse by interfering. Finally realizing there's nothing he can do, Marco reluctantly lets Star go, and she grabs Oskar and his car and carries them up into the clouds. As Marco believes his friend is gone forever, Glossaryck's watch beeps at 3:57 PM. Hearts rain from the sky, and Oskar returns to the ground unharmed. Then, much to Marco's joy, Star returns, back to normal and with small butterfly wings—though she cannot fly with them.


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Production notes


Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Chinese 妙育期 Mewberty
Dutch Mewberteit Mewberty
French Puberté Puberty
German Jungs in der Falle Guys In The Trap
Hebrew גיל המיוני Mewberty Period
Hungarian Mewbertás Mewberty
Italian Mewbertà Mewberty
Japanese スターは思春期 Star is in Puberty
Korean 스타는 뮤춘기 Star is in Mewberty
Polish Mewrzewanie Mewberty
Portuguese Mewberdade Mewberty
Russian Мьюбертатный период The Mewberty Period
Spanish (Latin America) Mewbertad Mewberty
Spanish (Spain) La miaubertad The Mewberty



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  • The title is a pun on the word "puberty".
    • Moreover, the title is also a portmanteau between Mewni (Star's home dimension) and "puberty".
  • Jeffrey Tambor stars for the first time as Glossaryck.
  • This is the first episode in the series to be animated by Toon City.
  • This is the first episode to premiere using the new Disney XD on-air logo after the network's rebranding with the logo that's been used since June 2015.
    • However, the episode premiered in some countries using the old logo (such as the UK and Ireland).
  • There is no background music throughout the first 5-6 minutes of the episode except for Oskar's song at the beginning and two short musical cues during the start of Star's transformation and Glossaryck's debut.
  • In the Spanish dub of this episode, Ferguson's Spanish class is a language class, due to Ferguson telling Marco that he is practicing verbs. Also, the English subtitles are removed.
  • In the Filipino dub of this episode, the Spanish dialogue is dubbed, but the usage of Spanish language with subtitles are retained. This is primarily because Spanish is still spoken in the Philippines.
  • In Taiwanese broadcast airings, the swimmer's "poop"-related lines are cut out.
  • According to episode director Aaron Hammersley, this episode originally was titled "Running with Scissors" and had nothing to do with Star going through a metamorphosis.[3]

Revelations and continuity

  • A book was shown near the end of "Quest Buy" titled "Mewberty and You", likely referencing this episode.
  • As of this episode, Star has tiny butterfly-like wings.


  • When the episode's story credits fade in at the beginning, only the black text background fades in. The white text is already on-screen.
  • Normally the top of Star's eyes can be seen through her bangs, but they aren't when her hair is pulled down over her face.
  • When Marco is looking for pudding we briefly see Chantal's back and her stripe is missing.
  • When Marco is talking to and feeding Glossaryck, he sometimes has pants and sometimes his legs are bare.
  • During the second sequence of Marco feeding Glossaryck, the pudding cup has plenty left in one shot, but is suddenly empty a few seconds later.
  • When Star takes the car up in the sky, Oskar is missing.
  • When Oskar is on his car in the parking lot before Star carries him away and after he crashes back to the ground, his usually upside-down left-handed keytar is right-side-up and right-handed.
  • Timmy's eyes are dark green instead of brown.


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