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The Mewni Guide to Being Queen is a guidebook given to Star Butterfly by her mother Queen Butterfly to instruct her on how to act like a proper queen of Mewni.

Sections and pages

Each section in the guidebook is accompanied by an illustration of a woman in generic queen attire. Star notes to herself that all the women illustrated in the book look miserable.

  • "A Queen's appearance shall always exude elegance & grace." During Star's punk makeover, she tears this page out of the book.
  • "A Queen must never sit comfortably."
  • "A Queen's head must always remain upright."
  • Queen Butterfly mentions that there is a chapter in the guidebook about proper hair care.
  • According to one of the pages/chapters in the book, a princess of Mewni can never be queen if they cut off a mermaid's tail.



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