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"Mewnipendance Day" is the twentieth episode of the first season of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

It premiered on August 17, 2015, alongside "The Banagic Incident".[1]


Star leads a battle reenactment as part of a Mewni Independence Day celebration with her friends on Earth.[2]


Star summons all the kids for Mewnipendence Day. When all the guests are unsure of what Mewnipendence Day is, Star gives them a little history lesson about her home world.

According to Star's pop-up book, the Mewmans were the first settlers of Mewni, who immigrated to the new world for "Life, Liberty, and Corn". Unfortunately for the settlers, the monsters went to war with the Mewmans for control of the world. The Queen of the Mewmans (Star's great ancestor) used her magic to transform the weak peasants into a fearsome army to combat with the monsters. It was a long war, but the Mewmans ultimately won total control of Mewni. Marco is suspicious of the story, as Star skipped past all the fighting and wars in the book.

After the history lesson, Star then explains that the real reason why she invited everyone was to re-enact the "Great Monster Massacre". The guests are divided into two groups: the monsters, led by Miss Skullnick, and Mewmans, led by Star and Marco.

Meanwhile, Buff Frog is spying on them. However, Toffee and Ludo use the "All-seeing Eye" to spy on the kids, making Buff Frog's espionage efforts fruitless. Ludo dismisses Buff Frog from his espionage duties over getting snacks to watch the camera.

Later, the re-enactment costumes are completely fitted and the re-enactment is under way until Marco points out a few flaws in Star's lecture. While looking through the book, Star upgrades the Mewmans and downgrades the Monsters. However, Marco expresses his opinion on how much of an unfair advantage the Mewmans have over the Monsters, which catches Star in thought.

Afterwards, Buff Frog voices his contempt for Toffee and his fear of losing his job as Ludo's right-hand man to the other monsters, but it falls on deaf ears. That is until Toffee appears and stops Buff Frog's rant to announce the new surveillance system. Toffee also shows off a portal device disguised as a mace. He then offers the monsters the opportunity to steal the wand (since Star is unable to tell a fake monster from a real one). Buff Frog, wanting to prove himself, agrees (much to Toffee's disdain).

The re-enactment of the "Great Monster Massacre" is about to commence. Star, unsure about it, agrees to start the re-enactment anyway. As expected, the monsters are outmatched. Ferguson hides within a pine tree out of fear, while Buff Frog enters the battlefield. (It should be noted that Ferguson's costume is very similar to Buff Frog's design.) Buff Frog advances towards Star, who is distraught over the one-sided destruction and is completely oblivious of Buff Frog trying to steal the wand. Fortunately, the device fails to activate, meaning Buff Frog has to resort to grabbing it himself but is caught by Star (who is under the impression that he is Ferguson). Two seconds later, a warnicorn launches Buff Frog into the air, and he hits the ground hard. Star, under the impression that Ferguson is seriously hurt, checks up on him and apologizes for the monsters' disadvantages. Ferguson then reveals himself in the pine tree, blowing Buff Frog's cover. Buff Frog runs away, while Star charges her wand for an attack, but stops and lets him go. The re-enactment is complete, with Star completely quiet over what she has done.

When Buff Frog returns, Ludo is rightfully disappointed in his right-hand man's failure. Buff Frog points out the device's malfunction until Toffee operates it flawlessly and points out that it "works fine for [him]". Buff Frog blames Toffee for his failure, referencing his rant of Toffee's eventual takeover. However, Ludo takes Toffee's side and expresses his disappointment, pointing out that he brought in Buff Frog from the swamp. After Buff Frog is dismissed to his room, Toffee suggests that Ludo should dismiss him permanently (which he does). Ludo is shown to be reluctant and regretful, to which Toffee assures him that he did the right thing.

During the dinner, Marco points out the inaccuracy of the feast, to which Star decides to go against the book. Right before Star bites into her cob of corn, she spots a recently fired Buff Frog moping outside. Star then leaves the corn on the windowsill for Buff Frog as a sign of apology.


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Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Chinese 妙尼獨立日 Mewni Independence Day
Dutch Mewnafhankelijkheidsdag Mewn-independance Day
French Reconstitution historique Historical Reconstitution
German Stars liebster Feiertag Star's Favorite Holiday
Hebrew יום העצמאות של מיוני Independence Day of Mewni
Hungarian Függet-Mewniség napja Mewni Independence Day
Italian La grande battaglia The Great Battle
Japanese ミューニ記念日 Mewni Memorial Day
Korean 뮤니 독립기념일 Mewni Independence Day
Polish Dzień Mewni Mewni Day
Portuguese Dia da Mewnipendência Mewnipendence Day
Russian День Мьюнизависимости Mewnipendence Day
Spanish (Latin America) Día de la Mewnipendencia Day of Mewnipendence
Spanish (Spain) El Día de la Miaunipendencia The Day of Mewnipendence


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  • Along with "The Banagic Incident", it was mistaken with having the production number of "114" on Disney ABC Press, but it is supposed to be "111".
  • This episode's title is a mashup of Mewni and independence day. This is also the second episode to have a similar naming pattern ("Mewberty").
  • This episode aired the same day as Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia, which is celebrated every August 17th.
  • Although it was not the first time, Star doesn't wear her devil horn headband throughout the whole episode. Instead, she wears a tiara.
  • The main "running gag" of the episode is a knight almost or actually smashing Ferguson, who is dressed as Buff Frog, and later the real Buff Frog, with a mace and then shouting "I'm so sorry Ferguson!"
    • The knight is probably StarFan13, who is in the "Knights" team and is seen with a mace before in the episode.
    • She does this three times: the first time she smashes Ferguson, the second time Ferguson escapes and then kicks the Mace shouting "Oh, Come On!", and the third time the victim is Buff Frog, who also escapes, kicks and shouts.
  • Toffee is seen reading a book called "Mewni: History of Royalty", specifically, a page that depicts different images of the Butterfly royal wand.

Revelations and continuity

  • Mewni has a different calendar than Earth (Mewnipendance Day is on the 37th of Gravnogk).
  • Buff Frog was taken in by Ludo, rescued from a life in the swamp.
  • From this episode on, Buff Frog is expelled from Ludo's castle and Toffee, who joined Ludo's forces three episodes ago, slowly begins to take over Ludo's army.
  • Some important details about Mewni's history are told by Star in this episode:
    • At first, Mewni wasn't habited by any known culture or kingdom, it was just a dense forest.
    • Then, at some point, Mewman settlers arrived from an unknown location, seeking better life opportunities—mainly "Life, Liberty, and Corn"—but they were attacked by monsters who tried to regain the land.
    • To fight the monsters, the conquerors chose a Queen, who used magic to turn the Dirty Settler Peasants into the Glorious Knight Master Race.
    • A war for domination ensued, where Mewni's bravest sons fought against the evil monsters, though details of the event may vary between historical sources.
    • It is highly possible that the monsters were weak and had no chance in winning, allowing the Mewmans to massacre half the monster population to establish their civilization, meaning that the monsters were the real victims of the war and not the Mewmans.
    • The Mewmans finally won, and Star's ancestors became rulers of the recently founded community, a position they hold until the present day.


  • While Ludo replays Buff Frog's fail, Star's bangs are inverted.
    • Additionally, when he replays it in slow motion, the warnicorn's teeth are showing, but not when he plays it the first time.


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