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Miss Margaret Skullnick is one of Star Butterfly and Marco Diaz's teachers at Echo Creek Academy. Originally a human, she is accidentally turned into a troll by Star in "Match Maker".


As a human, Miss Skullnick is a heavyset middle-aged woman with cream-colored skin, faded red hair that is styled back to resemble horns or flames, and black eyes. She wears small black-rimmed reading glasses, gold hoop earrings, a lavender shirt, leopard-print pants, and purple high-heels.

As a troll, Miss Skullnick is slightly fatter than before, with the addition of some body hair. She now has pale green skin, longer hair in a brighter shade of red, yellow eyes, turquoise lips, an underbite with protruding fangs, longer ears and nose, and a pink gemstone embedded in her navel.

In season one, Miss Skullnick retains her original wardrobe as a human, but her shirt has ripped sleeves. In season two, her torn shirt and leopard-print pants are replaced by a lavender T-shirt and dark gray pants.


She appears to have a short temper and does not take her job very seriously; in her first appearance, she paints her toenails during class, leaving her students to do nothing. After being transformed into a troll and falling out of love, she only seemed to have become even grumpier and more sarcastic. Miss Skullnick openly admits to having a dim view of fun, believing that a lack of rules and order leads to anarchy.

She dislikes being a troll at first, but ultimately becomes indifferent to the transformation. However, upon learning that trolls have various physical perks over humans, she began to cheer up a little, and seemed to show care for her students when they were in danger.

In "Girls' Day Out", she shows a fondness for the class hamster, Marisol.


Miss Skullnick briefly appears in "Star Comes to Earth" when Marco is called to Principal Skeeves' office. She quickly grows annoyed with Marco's boasting about being "in trouble", telling him to "just go already".

In "Match Maker", Star, attempting to fix Skullnick's flailing love life, accidentally turns her into a troll. With no way to turn back into a human, she remains this way from the rest of the episode onwards. She briefly falls in love with Emmitt (a member of Ludo's army) during this time, but because she couldn't understand a word he was saying, she assumes that she was dumped.

In "School Spirit", she attends the pep rally for the Awesome Opossums. She remarks that the upcoming match against the Silver Hill Prep football team will be a "bloodbath".

In "Mewnipendance Day", Miss Skullnick is among those invited by Star to take part in the reenactment. Star casts her as a monster in the reenactment, on the grounds that she is an actual monster, and states that it was the only reason she was invited.

In "Interdimensional Field Trip", Miss Skullnick leads the class on a field trip to a paper clip museum, only for the class to complain about the boring trip and Star to take over, bringing everyone into another dimension. Left to her own devices, Miss Skullnick learns to accept being turned into a troll, given the species' superior longevity and strength over humans. Miss Skullnick eventually has to rescue the class from a yarn monster they accidentally released, using her newly discovered abilities to do it.

In "Girls' Day Out", Miss Skullnick sends Star to detention when she lets out the class hamster, Marisol, and tasks Marco with finding the hamster.

In "Bon Bon the Birthday Clown", Marco spins her around as he happily exits the school gymnasium, causing her to fall over. Later, she serves as a strict chaperone at the school dance, keeping the boys and girls from being too close during dances.

in "Mathmagic", she tries to get Star to solve a math problem. Star refuses, causing a series of time paradoxes, including one where Miss Skullnick is in her human form once more. Star ultimately attempts the problem, but fails to solve it. However, Miss Skullnick commends her for trying.

Miss Skullnick briefly appears in "Britta's Tacos", as a customer at the eponymous restaurant.

Powers and abilities[]

  • Knowledge: As a high school teacher, Miss Skullnick possesses knowledge on a number of teachable subjects, especially math.
  • Superhuman strength: As a result of turning into a troll, Miss Skullnick has gained superhuman physical strength, enough to lift and throw large boulders. According to an audio tour in the Dimension of Wonders and Amazement, Miss Skullnick is capable of lifting up to one hundred times her own body weight.
  • Longevity: Also as a result of turning into a troll, Miss Skullnick has gained a long lifespan, able to live to be at least four hundred years old. Despite being age fifty in human years, she is only a teenager by troll standards.
  • Axe-wielding: Miss Skullnick can skillfully wield a battle axe, which she demonstrated in "Interdimensional Field Trip".


Season 1[]

Season 2[]

Season 4[]


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  • The gemstone embedded in her navel may be a reference to the Danish Troll Dolls toy line, which sometimes feature similar gemstones in their navels, or the Cartoon Network character Steven Universe, as he also possesses a gem on his navel.
  • In "School Spirit", Miss Skullnick states her favorite weapon is the battle axe, and she wields one in "Interdimensional Field Trip".
  • Miss Skullnick has been shown to have a substantial appetite following her transformation. In "School Spirit", she strips the meat off of entire roasted chickens, and in "Mewnipendance Day", she answers Star's invitation to take part in the reenactment solely for the promise of meat.
  • In "Girls' Day Out", Miss Skullnick reveals her first name as Margaret.
  • According to Aaron Hammersley in a Reddit AMA on August 3, 2019, Miss Skullnick turned back into a human after the destruction of magic in "Cleaved".[1]


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