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"Moon Remembers" is the third episode of the fourth season of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

It premiered on March 17, 2019 alongside "Swim Suit".


Moon is back, and Star wants to find the perfect time to tell her about Globgor.


After the events of "Escape from the Pie Folk", Star, Marco, Moon, and River make their way back to Eclipsa's Monster Temple. Star brings her mother up to speed on everything that's happened since Meteora was defeated in "Conquer": Eclipsa is now queen of Mewni, and monsters and Mewmans live together. Moon tries to adjust to these changes as she slowly gets her memories back. Marco points out that Star has yet to tell her mother about Globgor, but Star is afraid of how she (or her currently fragile mind) will react.

Inside the temple, Star shows Moon how much it has been improved since Eclipsa took over, and when Eclipsa enters, she is overjoyed to see Moon again. She apologizes for everything that happened to Moon, and Moon forgives her, especially since she can't remember much of what happened. When Eclipsa mentions Globgor, Moon starts to remember him, and Star quickly tells Marco to cause a distraction. After Marco slips down a flight of stairs, Star tells Eclipsa that she wants to be the one to tell her mother about Globgor, and Moon and Eclipsa briefly bond over a shared love of guitar.

As Eclipsa gets carried away with her guitar-playing, Moon wanders off by herself, and Star, Marco, and Eclipsa catch up with her just as she discovers the crystallized Globgor. Star fears what seeing Globgor will do to Moon's still amnesia-addled mind, but Moon is surprisingly calm and understanding about Eclipsa wanting to be with the one she loves. At the dinner table, Moon and Eclipsa continue to talk and appear to become friends, which Star is extremely happy about.

However, Moon suddenly excuses herself and River from the table, and they leave the temple. When Star catches up with them, Moon explains that despite her and Eclipsa seemingly becoming close friends, Moon still doesn't fully trust her. Star is afraid that her mother disapproves of her decision to give Eclipsa the throne, but Moon says it was Star's decision to make as queen. Moon and River have decided to leave the kingdom and spend some time alone together, and they invite Star to come with them, but Star decides to stay and help Eclipsa. After a tearful goodbye, Moon and River depart, and Star tells Marco that she feels like she has matured a little.


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Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Dutch Maan Weet Het Weer Moon Knows It Again
Japanese ムーンの思い出 Memories of the moon
Korean 기억의 저편 The Other Side of Memory
European Portuguese Moon Recupera a Memória Moon Recovers Memory
Spanish (Latin America) Recuerdos de Moon Moon Remembers


Revelations and continuity

  • Moon is revealed to know how to play classical and electric guitar.
  • Star references Marco's cape-wearing habit from "Sophomore Slump" and "Lint Catcher".
  • As of this episode, Moon and River leave the kingdom.


  • After Moon imitates Ludo, Star's neck is briefly the same color as her hair.