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Episode begins in New Monstertown; Star, Marco, Moon, and River ride into town on warnicorns.
Star Butterfly So, yeah, those are the big changes. Eclipsa is queen, monsters live among Mewmans, and there's this new kind of chocolate called carob. It's not very good.
Moon Butterfly Hmm. The things that happen when you lose your memory.
Star Yep, things are a bit different!
Slime Monster Hey, Star! You want some hay?
Star No, thanks. Uh, I'm good.
Moon Monsters living among Mewmans. I never thought I'd see the day.
Star So, now that you've seen it, you're, uh, not mad, right?
Moon No, I'm not mad. It's just different. Different can be good.
Star Oh, good! [chuckles] Wait, you do remember what monsters are, right?
Moon Star, I know what monsters are.
River Butterfly Moonpie! Does this mean your memory is back?!
Moon It's getting there.
River Huzzah! Oh, wait. Does this mean you remember our 14th anniversary?
Moon [laughs] You got sick on the Twirly-Whirly Wheel and threw up in our caramel corn.
River What?! I was hoping that one would be lost to the ages.
River's warnicorn [whickers, stops walks]
River Aah! [falls on the ground] Oof!
Star Well, here we are! The new and improved Monster Temple! I know it's got a lot of stairs, but, y'know, sometimes it's a nice stroll.
Moon [gets off her warnicorn, kneels down next to River] You know, a walk might be nice with proper company.
River I'm proper company. [bird lands on his head]
Moon Yes, you are.
Star [gets off her warnicorn]
Marco Diaz Soooo... Didn't you, uh... [chuckles] ...leave something out?
Star Hmm? Nope, nope. Think I caught her up!
Marco What about the 50-foot monster inside that place?
Star Um, who?
Marco Globgo— [Star covers his mouth] Mmph.
Moon Come on! I'll race you up the stairs!
River [laughs] Okay!
Marco What? I can't say "Globgor" now? Glossaryck said nothing but the word "Globgor" for, like, the last year.
Star Marco, I don't know what we're gonna do about... [whispering] the "Plucker of Limbs". [speaking normally] But I'll deal with it when I figure it out, okay?
Marco Oh, I get it. So you're just gonna avoid the problem then?
Star [walks up temple stairs] You don't understand. I grew up with stories of Eclipsa's monster love. If she saw him face to face, she'd lose her mind! Again! Again, Marco!
Marco [sighs] Maybe just don't make a big deal out of it? Your mom might be cooler than you think.
Moon [panting, reaches top of the stairs] I win!
River [out of breath] Yes, you win.
Star Or, Marco, we can sweep it under the rug until I find a good time to tell her. And as my squire, I order you to be duplicitous in this plan.
Marco W-Where'd you learn that word?
Star So, Mom, what do you think of the place so far?
Moon Well, I last remember it being in ruins, so it's nice.
Star Oh! Wait until you see the inside. [opens temple doors] Eclipsa's been fixing it up real nice. You can barely even smell Ludo lived here.
Moon Ah, yes, Ludo. [mimicking Ludo] "Turns out you're dead." I remember him.
Star See? She got tapestries, chandeliers, some tasteful paintings.
Moon [looks at lizard statue] What's that?
Star Oh, that's her sculpture collection. Eclipsa looooves sculptures.
Moon Wow. What beautiful... art.
River You call that art? [flexes his muscles] These are masterpieces! [chuckles]
Moon Well, it looks like Eclipsa's really making this place her own.
Eclipsa Butterfly (o.s.) Moon?
Eclipsa steps out of the shadows with baby Meteora.
Moon Star was just showing me around. It's really impressive, everything you've do—
Eclipsa [hugs Moon tightly, tearing up] Moon. Do you remember me? Do you remember what I did?
Moon [strained] No, not really, it's just... it's just a feeling.
Meteora Butterfly [crying]
River [strained] I think you're... squishing the baby.
Eclipsa Oh, no, no, no, she's fine. She only cries like this when she's got a dirty nappy. Manfred!
Manfred enters, takes Meteora from Eclipsa, and walks away.
Meteora [giggles]
Eclipsa Moon... I'm so sorry for everything that happened. I—
Moon Eclipsa, it's okay. Maybe it's a good thing that I can't remember.
Moon and Eclipsa share a hug. Eclipsa looks over at River, who looks back at her with an angry face.
Eclipsa Oh, River. Hello. Maybe you'd like to freshen up under the waterfall?
River Oh-ho-ho. So, now that you're queen, you think you can just boss me around?
Moon River, go take a bath.
River Yes, dear. But only because you asked me. [walks away]
Moon He's still processing all of this.
Eclipsa And Moon, my dear, how are you holding up? I know it's a lot to take in. Me running the kingdom, Meteora's a baby, and, of course, there's Globgor.
Moon Globgor? I feel like I-I know that name somehow.
Eclipsa I'll show you. Right this way!
Star Marco! Distraction! Now!
Marco What? Why me?
Star Marco, just do it!
Marco takes a few steps backward and stumbles down a flight of stairs.
Marco Aah! Aaah! [screams, falls down stairs]
Moon and Eclipsa stop in front of a door and hear Marco falling off-screen.
Marco [groaning]
Star [comes down stairs] Oh, no-no-no! Oh, my gosh! [shakes Marco] Marco, speak to me!
Marco You're not supposed to shake people with spinal injuries!
Star [shakes Marco again] You have a spinal injury?!
Marco No! But if I did, shaking me wouldn't help.
Star Marco, that stunt was totally overkill.
Star Actually, I slipped.
Eclipsa [comes down stairs] Marco! Oh, I am so sorry! We just had the stairs waxed!
Glossaryck [falls down stairs] Whoa! Oof! Ow!
Eclipsa Marco, are you all right?
Star Okay, look, Eclipsa. I'm sorry I didn't have a chance to talk to you about this, but I think I should be the one to tell my mom about Globgor. Yeah, her memory just isn't all there yet, and this is a lot to take in. You know what I mean?
Moon [comes down stairs] Oh, my goodness! Marco, what happened?
Marco Uhhhh...
Star [chuckles] Oh, Mom, Marco was just so excited because he wanted to show you... Eclipsa's guitar! Eclipsa, did you know my mom plays classical guitar like a beast?
Eclipsa Ooh! Moon, you simply must play us a tune!
Moon Oh. [chuckles] I suppose one song wouldn't hurt.
Moon plays a soft acoustic guitar piece on Eclipsa's bone guitar. Eclipsa, Star, and Marco stare in amazement at her talent. Cut to River bathing under a waterfall. The bugs and leaves covering his body wash away.
River My sweet little angels. [sobs] Goodbye.
Cut back to Eclipsa and Moon.
Eclipsa That is so beyond brilliant! What if you kicked it up a little? Like... [imitating rock guitar] ♪ Eeh eeh eh eh eeh ehh! ♪
Moon Ah, yes, I suppose you could. Perhaps a little... [plays rock guitar riff, laughs]
Eclipsa [imitating rock guitar] ♪ Eeh eh eeh eh eeh! ♪
Star What the...?
Marco I need to talk to you.
Star Am I losing my mind? They're, like, having fun.
Marco That was a close one. You need to tell your mom about Globgor. She's gonna find out sooner or later. Rip that Band-Aid off!
Star You know what? You are right, Marco. Mom, I have something important to tell you!
Eclipsa [playing hard rock guitar solo]
Star [yells over guitar] Eclipsa! Eclipsa! Eclipsa!
Eclipsa [stops playing] Oh, I'm sorry. I just got lost in a solo.
Star Eclipsa, where's my mom?
Eclipsa She was just here.
Star, Marco, and Eclipsa run back up the stairs and enter Globgor's chamber.
Star No, no, no! Mom!
Moon watches monsters use pickaxes on Globgor's crystal prison.
Moon The Monster King...
Star Uh, um, Mom, look. I wanted to tell you, but I was just afraid your brain couldn't take it.
Moon You know, Eclipsa, torches and chisels won't do anything to Rhombulus' magic.
Eclipsa I know. But I just couldn't stand the sight of my love just sitting there, trapped, without doing something.
Moon I understand. Being separated from the ones you love is a terrible thing.
Star Marco, what's happening? She's being... so reasonable.
Marco [whispering] I know! I told you she would be.
Eclipsa Thank you for being so understanding. That means a lot to me.
Archibald Eclipsa? Can... can I blow the horn now?
Eclipsa I suppose it is time. Yes, please.
Archibald [plays trumpet out of tune] Dinner is served!
Star, Marco, Moon, River, Eclipsa, and several monsters have dinner together near Globgor's crystal.
Eclipsa You'll never guess what Meteora tried to eat today.
Wolf monster Ah, here you are. Open up, darling. [feeds bird monster]
Bird monster [squawking]
River What kind of barbarian eats roots and leaves for dinner?
Glossaryck [dives into bowl of pudding] The things you miss when you're dead.
River [pounds dinner table] Confound it! That was the only vegetable worth eating!
Moon [chuckles]
Eclipsa 300 years later, and he's still the same little scamp.
Moon and Eclipsa [laughing]
Meteora crawls across the table.
Glossaryck Hello, infant!
Meteora [babbles, picks up Glossaryck and sucks on his forehead crystal]
Glossaryck Wow! Somebody's teeth grew in fast!
Moon Star did the same thing when she was a baby.
Eclipsa [laughs] Babies do the darnedest things!
Moon Star also used to wear her diapers as a crown. [laughs] Can you imagine?
Marco [laughs] Really?
Star At least I didn't wear a meat blanket for a month.
Bird monster [choking, retches up food, looks at Marco]
Marco Uh, hey, Star, can we maybe move seat—?
Star [staring straight ahead]
Marco Hey, are you okay?
Soft music plays over Moon and Eclipsa's friendly dinner conversation.
Star [teary-eyed] I'm perfect.
Moon [stands up] Eclipsa, thank you so much for a wonderful evening. Unfortunately, I must be going now.
Star and Eclipsa [surprised look]
Moon [leaving the room] River.
River Yes, dear! [to dinner plate] I never liked you. [follows Moon]
Star [to Eclipsa] Uh, he was talking about the broccoli.
Cut to Monster Temple exterior; Moon and River leave together.
Star [comes out of the temple] Whoa-whoa-whoa, Mom! Wait! Where are you going?
Moon Your father and I are going to take off.
Star Oh, it was the Globgor thing, wasn't it? Ugh! I know I should've told you earlier.
Moon No, it's... it's not Globgor. It's Eclipsa.
Star W-What? You guys looked like buds. You were jamming back there.
Moon I don't trust her.
Star I guess you don't think I made the right decision then.
Moon Look, you were queen, and you made a decision. I may not think it was the right decision, but that doesn't matter.
Star Well, so what are you gonna do?
Moon Your dad and I need some time alone together, and he wants to build something called a... yurt?
Star A what?
River A yurt, my dear. It's like a tent, but round! I got the plans right here. [unrolls scroll of yurt diagram] I'm going to use my saliva to bind the logs together.
Star That... doesn't sound safe.
Moon Yes, it sounds pretty dangerous. Sure you don't want to come with us?
Star I feel like I gotta stay here and help Eclipsa figure this out.
Moon [hugs Star] I love you, sweetie.
Star [tearing up] I-I love you, too.
Moon and River walk away. Marco appears next to Star and puts his hand on her shoulder.
Marco You okay?
Star Just kinda feel so grown up.
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