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"Moon the Undaunted" is the second episode of the third season of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

It premiered on July 15, 2017, as part of the television movie Star vs. the Forces of Evil: The Battle for Mewni.[1]


In her eagerness to defeat Toffee, Star discovers the truth about Queen Moon's past.


In a flashback, an army of monsters prepares to launch an attack on Butterfly Castle while a young Moon Butterfly mourns the death of her mother Comet, the previous queen of Mewni. After Count Mildrew offers his condolences, the newly crowned Queen Moon is alerted to a situation in the castle meeting room: Mina Loveberry and the Magic High Commission are trying to coerce a confession out of Archduke Batwin of the monsters for orchestrating the murder of Queen Comet. However, the Archduke insists that he and Comet were about to sign a peace treaty when one of his generals—a monster known simply as "the Lizard"—went rogue and took half of the army for his own purposes.

One side of the royal court suggests declaring war on the monsters while the other side suggests signing the peace treaty, and a young River Johansen suggests letting Moon decide. Mildrew, however, says that Moon still needs to deal with the grief over the death of her mother and court continues to argue. Moon then states that she is the queen now and she will make the decision, but unable to come to a decision says she will make a decision at dawn and leaves the meeting room. River catches up with her and apologizes for putting so much pressure on her shoulders, giving her a piece of "apology meat" before leaving. Moon returns to her chambers and finds Glossaryck in the book of spells crying over Comet's death. When Moon asks for Glossaryck's counsel, he doesn't offer much advice. He turns the book's pages to cry in Comet's chapter, and the book turns to Eclipsa's forbidden chapter.

Moon goes to Rhombulus' crystal dimension and tells him to partially unfreeze the imprisoned Eclipsa. After he does so, the weak and tired Eclipsa begs Moon for a candy bar from the nearby vending machine. Moon gives a candy bar to Eclipsa, and she pulls her right hand—stained completely black—out of her glove to scarf it down. Seeing Moon's magic wand and very young age, Eclipsa deduces that the previous queen is dead. Moon asks Eclipsa to teach her a spell that can kill something immortal, and Eclipsa explains that such a spell requires a magical contract and comes with a price: Eclipsa's freedom. Moon accepts and takes Eclipsa by the hand, thus forging the contract between them. As soon as Eclipsa teaches Moon the spell, Rhombulus freezes her again.

Some time later, Moon goes to meet with the rogue monsters' general on the back of Lil Chauncey, and "the Lizard"—Toffee—appears before her. Moon tells Toffee and his monsters to leave Mewni or else. However, the monsters laugh at Moon's threat, telling her that they can regenerate from any wounds and even demonstrating it despite her already being aware of it. Thus, Moon casts her "darkest spell"—the spell that Eclipsa taught her—causing black veins to appear on her arms. The spell severs the middle finger on Toffee's right hand, and he is unable to regenerate it. Realizing that Moon can mortally wound them, the monsters flee in terror, and Toffee walks off in defeat.

River congratulates Moon for driving the monsters away, but the High Commission condemn her for using forbidden magic. Nevertheless, Moon is determined to dissolve the remaining monster armies and protect Mewni as its queen. She returns to Butterfly Castle, and the members of her royal court bow to her in reverence.


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Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Dutch Maan de Onversaagde Moon the Undaunted
French Moon la Téméraire Moon the Undaunted
German Königin Moons dunkles Geheimnis Queen Moon's Dark Secret
Hebrew מון חסרת הפחד Moon the Undaunted
Japanese 大胆不敵のムーン Moon the Daredevil
Korean 어둠의 계약 Contract of Darkness
Brazilian Portuguese Lua, a Destemida Moon, the Undaunted
European Portuguese Moon, a Impávida Moon, the Undaunted


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  • Because this is a flashback episode, this is the first episode in the series where Star is both physically absent and unmentioned.

Revelations and continuity

  • Young Moon wears the same black cape with the butterfly-shaped clasp that her adult self wears to the Forest of Certain Death in "Face the Music".
  • Mildrew, a lord who was first mentioned in "Game of Flags" by Etheria Butterfly, appears for the first time (albeit here, he is referred to as "count").
  • A young Mina Loveberry and the Magic High Commission all appear in flashback as members of Moon Butterfly's royal court. Unlike her last appearance in the present, Mina is sane, but no less unnecessarily aggressive.
  • Eclipsa Butterfly speaks for the first time.
  • Moon and Eclipsa make a magical contract, the terms of which state that if Toffee is killed, Eclipsa will be freed from her imprisonment.
  • Eclipsa ends up in the same position she had in "Crystal Clear".
  • The circumstances of Moon's confrontation with Toffee, first mentioned in "Into the Wand", are revealed.
  • When Moon casts her "darkest spell" for the first time, black veins appear on her arms. These veins never appear on her arms in the present day however, unlike Eclipsa who has them permanently visible under sleeves.


  • Snookers, the candy bar that Eclipsa eats after being unfrozen, is a parody of Snickers.


  • When Moon looks at the vending machine, it shows multiple chocolate bars labeled B4, but when Moon buys one, there is only one left.
  • After the scene where Eclipsa said "300 years?", the chocolate bar disappears.
  • When Moon says that she can't free Eclipsa from her crystal prison, her dark right arm was purple instead of its original color.
  • When Moon and Eclipsa make the deal, Moon takes Eclipsa's hand with her right hand, but the black ribbon wraps around her left arm.
  • When Eclipsa whispered the spell in Moon's ear, Moon turned her head. In the next shot, she is facing Eclipsa, and in the shot after that, her head is turned again.
  • The arm that was bitten off of Rasticore was his left arm, yet when he gave the arm a high five, it was a right arm.
  • After the scene where Moon blasts Toffee's finger off, Lil Chauncey and her picnic have disappeared.
  • In Moon's tapestry of her fighting Toffee, Lil' Chauncey has arrows in him, Moon is wearing gold and pink diamond shaped earrings, and she is standing on Lil' Chauncey as she blasts Toffee. However, when Moon fights Toffee in this episode she is not wearing earrings, she is not standing on Lil' Chauncey when she blasts Toffee, and Lil' Chauncey is never shot at with arrows, he is not even present when Moon casts her spell (although this is most likely a case of artistic license from the person who weaved the tapestry).


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