Mr. Candle is an undercover agent of Tom's who poses as a guidance counselor at Echo Creek Academy to spy on the relationship between Star Butterfly and Marco Diaz.


Mr. Candle is an adult male humanoid with grayish brown hair tied back in a ponytail, large, pierced ears, and blue eyes. He wears a light blue dress shirt, green vest, red tie, khaki slacks, and black shoes.


In "Mr. Candle Cares", Mr. Candle advises the students of Echo Creek Academy about their potential future careers. In his one-on-one session with Star Butterfly, he asks her personal questions about her relationship with Marco Diaz, and makes it clear that her future as queen of Mewni is set in stone. He also tells Marco that his future revolves around being prime janitor of "Garbage Island."

When Marco follows Mr. Candle into the school bathroom, he discovers that Mr. Candle is actually working for Star's ex-boyfriend Tom to make sure that Star and Marco's relationship is purely platonic. Marco later gets Mr. Candle to blow his cover by pretending to be "smooch buddies" with Star. At the end of the episode, he is seen giving advice to Brittney Wong before Tom contacts him, telling him to abort his mission. He proceeds to leave through his office window on a flying file cabinet.

In "Red Belt", Mr. Candle briefly appears in Marco's dream, asking him about his future.

In "Collateral Damage", he is still serving as the Echo Creek Academy guidance counselor, despite being from another dimension. He tries to help the students deal with the loss of "Otis the Opossum", but succumbs to those feelings himself.

In "The Knight Shift", Sir Crandle of Mewni looks and talks exactly like Mr. Candle and even rides around on a flying file cabinet; it is unknown if it's his twin/doppelganger or himself in disguise.

In "Britta's Tacos", Mr. Candle appears with Principal Skeeves and Miss Skullnick getting tacos at Britta's Tacos. He makes mention of assigning "lifelong posts" to his students, suggesting even more that he and Sir Crandle are the same person.

In "Cleaved", Mr. Candle makes a brief cameo outside Echo Creek Academy just before the Earth and Mewni dimensions are merged into one.


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S2E3 Mr. Candle does a coffee spit-take
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