(theme song)
Episode start with a buffering screen through laptop screen
Star Butterfly Guess who? [wipe off the screen as she reveal herself] It's me, Star! I have some exciting news for you. Well, first, Marco got kidnapped, and I blew up a bunch of stuff, including my wand. And I was super bummed because I thought I was never gonna get to do magic again, but then i got my new wan... (She take a hair brush as mistake as a wand then reveal her new upgrade wand afterward) My new wand! Oh, yeah and Marco's okay. Say hi, Marco
Laptop webcam face toward Marco as he finish shower
Marco Diaz Hey! [Blocking and closing his webcam]
Scene cut to StarFan13's room and leave her confuse when she press the button.
Marco I don't want the computer to watch me shower.
Star's wand just levitate itself and leave it flying and bonce around the house.
Marco What's up with your wand?
Star I don't know.
Marco Oh, no, it going downstairs.
Star [yells in shocks] I almost died.
Marco My towel!
Star Hang on. I'll get you out.
Marco Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait a second. I'm not decent.
Star Oh, okay.
Marco Don't open that.
Star Wasn't gonna.
Marco Uh, it's locked.
Star What⁈
Star pulls on door knob with both hands
Marco Try the knob.
Star What do you think I am doing?
Laser puppies enter room
Star No, no, not now, sweetie. [grunts] I usually open this door with my wand.
Marco Well, your book ate it.
Star Better not be pokin' around in there. That's my secrets closet. It's private.
Marco Just get me outta here.
Star [struggles to pull door open]
Glossaryck What are you doing?
Star [screams] Uh, hey, Glossaryck. My wand's locked in the closet.
Marco Hey, what about me?
Star Oh, yeah. Marco's in there too. And my spell book. Basically all my stuff. I want my stuff.
Glossaryck Did you try the knob?
Star I tried the knob.
Star swings at door with a large sword
Star Anything?
Glossaryck Nope. Still locked.
Marco Aha! What's going on? Is this some kind of training thing or something?
Glossaryck Are you some kind of training thing? Are you mad? Is this wolf-babob rock bandage ba ba-ba-ba ba-ba-ba...
Marco Stop, stop. Stop it! Just tell me how to get out of here.
Glossaryck Okay. I'll tell you what to do. Are you listening?
Marco [sighs] Yes, I'm listening.
Glossaryck To reach the chunks in the hobo stew, find her secret. That's the clue.
Marco So if I find her secret, the door's just gonna magically open?
Glossaryck Goodbye!
Marco Secret? [looks at a mountainous pile of secrets] Which one? Here we got
Star stabs the door with her sword
Glossaryck Why don't you try the easy way and open the door with magic?
Star I can't do magic. My wand's in the closet.
Glossaryck [gasps, pupils dilating] Do you wanna try the hard way?
Star [pupils dilating] Yeah! What's the hard way?
Glossaryck You've never heard of the hard way?
Star Nope. Sounds hard though.
Glossaryck Oh, it is. But I can teach you.
Star Teach me.
Glossaryck The lesson begins inside my eyeball.
Camera pans to inside Glossaryck's eye. He and Star sit round a bubbling cauldron.
Glossaryck Imagine the universe as this big old cauldron, and magic is the bubbly stew inside, and your wand is the spoon. And now...
Star [interrupting] My wand isn't a spoon. It's a wand.
Glossaryck It's a metaphor, Star.
Star No, it's a wand.
Glossaryck Fine. It's a wand.
Star [clapping] Now you're getting it.
Glossaryck Now the wand can only skim the surface of the hobo gravy, watery and brown. But if you want to get to the chunks, you've got to dip down.
Glossaryck extends his hands into the stew and lifts out a pile of mush from within it.
Glossaryck Get it?
Star [nods, then shakes her head] Uh-uh.
Cauldron disappears in a poof. The pair is now back in Star's room.
Glossaryck Okay, look. You can do magic without your wand. You just have to dip down, ya know? Dip down. Dip down!
Star Without my wand?
Glossaryck [shrugs] Your mom did it.
Star psh! If she can do it, I can do it. Okay, I've just gotta dip down. [picks up laser puppy and shoots door with laser]
Glossaryck Hot laser!
Glossaryck lifts up his hand. A hole has been burned in it.
Star I am so sorry.
Glossaryck Star, try dipping downer for the chunks.
Glossaryck enters the closet through the door's key hole and opens up the spell book
Marco Ow!
Glossaryck Ah, Marco my boy. How's it going over there?
Marco Oh, you know, just trying to find her "secret" in a closet full of secrets!
Glossaryck Yes, well, you know I do this because I love you.
Marco Okay, that's a little weird.
Glossaryck Ha ha. I'm sure it is. Now if you don't mind [gestures to wand], I've got work to do.
Marco Yeah. So do I [opens a treasure box]
Strange Fish Thing Help... me!
Marco [screams]
Glossaryck Hmm [looks at wand]
Star sits outside the closet, looking at the door. Her laser puppy pants.
Star You ever dip down before, Sajak?
Sajak [continues to pant]
Star Yeah, me neither.
Scene jumps back to inside the closet.
Marco What a mess. It's time to get organized.
Marco places two signs on the floor, one labeled "No secrets" the other "Secrets?" He walks over to the pile of stuff and starts sifting through it.
Marco No... No!
Scene jumps back to Star. She is in her room pacing.
Star Dip down, dip down, dip down, dip down. Dip down, dip down, dip down, dip down. DIP DOWN! DOWN!! [stares at fish]
Scene jumps to outside the closet. Star takes the pufferfish with a few rocks and throws them at the closet door
Star Aquarium blast! [picks up just the fish] Fish blast. [looks at fish] Are you okay?
Scene jumps back to Glossaryck
Glossaryck Hmm.
Scene jumps back to Star, back in her room
Star Dip down. [falls face first on bed, crawls under the covers] Dip down. [pulls out a box underneath the bed labeled 'Mewnian Termytes' and smiles]
Scene jumps back to Marco. He wheels around the closet on a unicycle
Marco Nope.
Scene jumps to Star. She releases the Mewnian Termytes into the closet through the door boards.
Marco [screams] They're biting me!
Star That didn't work.
Marco Stop eating my flesh.
Scene jumps back to Glossaryck
Glossaryck [looks at wand] Hmm. Hmm. Hmm. Hmmmmm.
Scene jumps back to Star in her room.
Star [exhales] Ahem. Call Mom.
Mirror Calling Mom
Queen Butterfly Star?
Star Hi Mommy.
Queen What did you do?
Star [stammering] oh, wha, why would you, ha, that is [sighs] Okay, Marco's locked in my closet and Glossaryck wants me to dip down to get him out.
Queen Dip down? I didn't learn that until I was 19.
Star Wow! Wow. So I'm, like, advanced [chuckles]
Queen I suppose.
Star Anyway, Glossaryck didn't really give me any instructions, so...
Queen Ha. That sounds familiar. Well, it's not easy. If you want to dip down, you have to summon everything you have.
Star Everything⁈ Oh! Everything.
Queen Star, you do know what I mean by everything...
Star Yeah, totally, totally [ends call]
Scene jumps back to Marco
Marco Okay, I think that's everything.
Scene jumps back to Star. She has loaded all the items in her room into a giant catapult aimed at the closet door.
Star [grunts, ties the catapult's rope down] You want everything? Everything you shall get [holds sword ready to swing]
Marco Marco Diaz makin' progress.
[crashing noise, all the piles fall on top of Marco]
Glossaryck peaks inside Star's wand, looking at the Millhorse on the treadmill who screams.
Glossaryck Okay, that's not good.
Scene jumps back to Star
Star Well, Marco, looks like I'm just a skimmer. Skimmin' the surface of the hobo gravy. The watery hobo gravy. How are things goin' for you?
Marco [from inside the closet] Not so good. Actually, you thwarted my progress.
Star [sigh] I guess it's not that bad. I can slide sandwiches under the door. Bring you your homework. Life could be good for you.
Marco I don't wanna live in your secrets closet. [spell book glows]. Whoa! [holds it up, yells, drops it, grabs Glossaryck] Alright. No more riddles, little man. Tell me what I'm supposed to be looking for [pokes Glossaryck, activating a flashlight] Ow. My eyes! [a book falls in front of Marco] Oh! So this is the thing.
Glossaryck Bingo.
Marco Star, I found the thing. It's a little book.
Star That's good. Reading will keep the mind sharp. Like a horn.
Marco It's in Mewnian writing. Oh, wait, here's English. "Chapter one. Mom's a poop head."
Star Mom's a poop head? [gasps] Marco, no. No, no, no,no, no!
Marco Hang on Star. Just give me a sec.
Star Marco, no. That's not the thing. That's not the thing!
Marco Skipping forward.
Star Marco, put that down!
Marco "On my tenth birthday, I put noxie forgs in all the servants's beds." [Glossaryck's light goes out] Hey.
Glossaryck I'm out of juice. Dip down [dives into spell book]
Star [banging on closet door] Marco, it's not the thing, it's not the thing!
Marco [reading by light from the door] "Chapter 11, my thoughts on... Marco."
Star [gasps] Dip down. [she turns blue, fills with magical energy, levitating off the floor, and successfully opens the lock]
Marco crashes to the floor, still reading. Star blinks twice.
Star I did it! I dipped, I dipped, I dipped, Marco! I'm not a skimmer. I dipped! [grabs the diary from his hands and smacks him with it]
Marco Ow!
Star Sorry. But don't read my journal.
Spell books rolls out of the closet, opens to reveal Glossaryck and Star's wand
Glossaryck Well, this thing's broken, but give it a whirl.
Star blasts a hole in the roof, and a small tower appears.
Star Uh...
Marco I'm gonna go put on some pants.
Star Uh...
Glossaryck [coughs] I call dibs on the new tower.
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