"My New Wand!" is the first episode and season premiere of the second season of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

It premiered on July 11, 2016, alongside "Ludo in the Wild".[1]


Star must learn how to free Marco from a magically locked closet without using her new wand.[2]


During a video blog in which Star recounts the events of "Storm the Castle" and shows off her new magic wand, the wand begins acting strangely, moving on its own and bouncing off the walls. The wand eventually finds its way inside the Magic Instruction Book, and they launch Marco into Star's closet. Marco ends up locked inside, since the closet can only be opened with magic.

As Star struggles to free Marco from the closet, Glossaryck appears. Marco asks him how to break free from the closet, and Glossaryck gives him a vague clue about "finding Star's secret". While Marco searches for Star's "secret" in her belongings, Glossaryck tells Star to open the closet with magic. Star says she can't do magic without her wand, but Glossaryck says she can and teaches her to "dip down" and find the magic deep within.

While Marco continues searching for Star's secret and Star tries to dip down, Glossaryck inspects the magic wand. Inside the wand's face plate, he discovers the Millhorse looking crazed as it runs on its treadmill. Unable to dip down, Star calls her mother Queen Butterfly for advice. The queen, having also learned to dip down, tells her daughter to summon everything she has. However, she still has difficulty, and Marco makes no progress in finding Star's "secret".

After trying everything she can, thwarting Marco's progress, Star proceeds to give up. Frustrated, Marco summons Glossaryck and asks straight out what he's supposed to look for. With Glossaryck's help, Marco discovers a book that Glossaryck says is the thing, unaware that it is Star's diary. When Star realizes what Marco found, she desperately tells him not to read it, to no avail. Marco eventually comes to Chapter 11, titled "My Thoughts on Marco", and saying the title out loud causes Star to finally dip down, using the magic in her own body to free Marco from the closet. Star is elated at this, though she also scolds Marco for reading her diary.

When Glossaryck gives Star her wand back, its magic discharge coats the walls in green goo and creates a new tower in Star's loft, which Glossaryck calls dibs on.


Major characters

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Production notes


Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Dutch Mijn Nieuwe staf! My New Staff!
French Ma Nouvelle Baguette My New Wand
German Star's Geheimnis Star's Secret
Hebrew השרביט החדש שלי My New Wand
Hungarian Az Új Pálcám My New Wand
Italian La Mia Nuova Bacchetta My New Wand
Indonesian Tongkat Sihir Baruku My New Wand
Japanese 新しいステッキ New Stick
Polish Moja Nowa Różdżka! My New Wand!
Portuguese (Brazil) Minha Nova Varinha My New Wand
Portuguese (Portugal) A Minha Nova Varinha My New Wand
Russian Моя новая палочка My New Wand
Spanish (Latin America) ¡Mi Nueva Varita! My New Wand!
Spanish (Spain) Mi Varita Nueva My New Wand


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Revelations and continuity

  • In this episode, Star learns to use magic without the use of her magic wand. It is also revealed that her mother learned to do the same thing when she was 19 years old.
  • Star had previously (and unknowingly) dipped down in "Storm the Castle".
  • Multiple objects from previous episodes are seen in the closet.


  • Glossaryck's "Are YOU some kinda training thing? Are you mad? Is this wolf kabob rock bandage bah bah bah..." is a reference to an interview with Charles Manson, where Manson said "Do you feel blame? Are you mad? Uh, do you feel like wolf kabob rock bandage?"


  • The eyes and pupils on Star's spider brooch change shape, size, and spacing from scene to scene, also onscreen while Star is talking to her mom with the mirror.


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