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Nachos is Marco's dragon-cycle companion whom he met during his time in Hekapoo's dimension. She used to be left in the care of Hekapoo while Marco was away on Earth and Mewni.


Nachos is a dragon/living motorcycle hybrid. She has dark green scaly skin, long black wings, two long horns that Marco uses like handlebars, yellow eyes with occasionally pink pupils, sharp fangs, and spikes on her muzzle and tail. Both her front and hind legs are attached to a spiked wheel. She also wears a neck collar with a tag bearing the number "667".


In "Running with Scissors", Nachos appears as Marco's mounted steed as he travels through Hekapoo's dimension, having met and befriended her sometime during the 16 years he spent there. They ride together to Hekapoo's forge during Marco's quest to blow out her flame. When Marco decides to return to Earth with Star Butterfly after finishing his quest, he and Nachos have a tearful goodbye, and Marco leaves Nachos in Hekapoo's care.

In "Night Life", Nachos appears again, serving as Marco's mount as he and Hekapoo hunt down and close rogue interdimensional portals. In "Booth Buddies", Marco brings her to Foolduke and Ruberiot's wedding. Kelly takes her for a joyride while Star and Marco are trapped in a photo booth, and Marco later uses her to take Kelly home.

In "Divide", Nachos is part of the team Marco assembles to try and fend off Meteora, and is the first among them to fall to Meteora's powers.

In "Ransomgram", Nachos is abducted by the Wraiths of the Neverzone and ransomed to Marco in exchange for his sword, El Choppo (revealed to be a Neverzonian artifact called the Neverblade).

In "A Boy and His DC-700XE", Nachos and Marco fly with Marco's dragon-cycle club.


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  • The "667" on Nachos' collar may be a reference to the Blood Moon Ball (which is held every 667 years).
  • According to Adam McArthur in a Reddit AMA on August 3, 2019, Nachos lives with Marco following the events of "Cleaved", "but she's an outside dragon".[1]


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