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"Naysaya" is the twenty-sixth episode of the second season of Star vs. the Forces of Evil

It premiered on November 14, 2016, alongside "Page Turner".[1]


Marco grows a second head that blurts out his secrets and insecurities whenever he tries to ask out Jackie.[2]


At Echo Creek Academy, Marco tries to work up the courage to ask Jackie Lynn Thomas out on a date while sweating profusely. However, when he speaks to her, he only succeeds in making her uncomfortable by suddenly admitting he has sweaty armpits. Marco laments his poor choice of words during lunch, and Star and Janna offer him consolation. In a second attempt to ask Jackie out, Marco writes his thoughts down on a piece of paper and gives it to her. Unfortunately, what he ended up writing was just an admission that he has a hairy back. As Marco backs away in embarrassment, he bumps into Chet and spills his lunch on his varsity jacket. Though Chet tries to calmly play it off, Marco continues to talk uncontrollably, insisting that Chet should punch him. He takes Chet's hand and punches himself in the eye.

As Marco applies cold water to his black eye, he explains to Star and Janna that he inadvertently blurts out secrets about himself whenever he tries to talk to Jackie. All of a sudden, Marco doubles over in pain and screams in agony. As he pulls at his jacket collar, a small head suddenly sprouts from his neck. This second head blurts out more of Marco's deepest secrets. Star distracts Jackie before the head on Marco's neck reveals more of his secrets to her, and Janna remembers having seen this phenomenon before.

From a small space in the back of Marco's locker, Janna takes out a book on paranormal phenomena and witchcraft. The book reveals that the head on Marco's neck is called the "Naysaya", a demon curse that blurts out the secrets of the person afflicted whenever they try to "woo their true love". Upon learning that the curse is demonic in origin, Marco goes to confront Tom, who admits that he cast the Naysaya curse on Marco to prevent him from asking out Star after the events of Blood Moon Ball, but before they started hanging out. When Marco asks how to get rid of it, Tom tells him to let it run its course and that it'll wear off after it reveals all of Marco's most shameful secrets.

Realizing that having so many insecurities could mean he will be stuck with the Naysaya curse forever, Marco shuts himself inside his bedroom and resolves to never go back to school. Standing outside his bedroom door, Star tries to cheer Marco up and tells him he shouldn't let a demon curse stop him from being happy. Marco takes Star's advice to heart and asks Naysaya what it would take to keep him silent. Having never been asked before what he wants, Naysaya asks for cereal, and Marco eagerly obliges. After feeding Naysaya his cereal, he makes him promise not to tell any more secrets.

The next day, Marco returns to school, covers Naysaya up with a scarf, and tries once more to ask Jackie out. Unfortunately, Naysaya goes back on his word and continues blurting out Marco's secrets for everyone to hear. Thoroughly confused by Marco's behavior, Jackie prepares to leave, but Marco stops her and reveals the source of his recent troubles. Realizing that there's no way out of his predicament, Marco reveals every one of his deepest secrets and insecurities to Jackie before Naysaya can. After Marco spends hours talking, Naysaya has no more secrets to reveal. With everything now out in the open, Marco finally asks Jackie if they can hang out on Friday night. Jackie invites him to her and her friends' movie night, and Marco accepts. Despite the conditions of the demon curse being fulfilled, Naysaya sticks around on Marco's neck, wanting to go to the movies as well.

That Friday evening, Marco attends a scary movie viewing with Jackie and her friends, and Jackie holds onto Marco during a particularly scary scene. Before Naysaya can ruin the moment, Marco stuffs his mouth with popcorn and tells him to leave after the movie ends.


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Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Dutch Dwarsliggah Naysayah
French Naysaya, la Malédiction Naysaya, the Curse
German Der Schwarzseher The Pessimist
Hebrew Naysaya Naysaya
Hungarian Naysaya Naysaya
Italian Il signor No Mr. No
Japanese アマノジャク Amanojaku
Polish Złośliwiec Naysayer
Portuguese (Brazil) Naysaya Naysaya
Portuguese (Portugal) Negato Negate
Russian Обличитель Exposer
Spanish (Latin America) Nolódiga Naysayer
Spanish (Spain) El Negativo The Negative


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S2E26 Naysaya entry in Paranormal Folklore book
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Revelations and continuity

  • Tom and Marco are shown to still be hanging out after the events of "Friendenemies".
  • Marco reveals to Jackie that he wears ballet shoes around the house, referencing "Gift of the Card".


  • When Marco is startled by Jackie after saying, "How am I ever gonna ask out Jackie like this?", his eyebrows are not colored for four frames.
  • Marco states that he never held hands with a girl, but he has held at least Star Butterfly's hand in "Mewberty".


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