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Naysaya is a secrets-revealing demon curse that appears in the episode of the same name.


Naysaya appears as a small, disembodied head that sprouts out of the neck of whoever has received the curse. He has slick brown hair, beady black eyes, large black eyebrows, and a cleft between his two front teeth.


Naysaya takes extreme delight in revealing the secrets of whoever he is cursed with. He is almost always seen smiling. However, despite being an apparently centuries-old curse, he is unfamiliar with certain aspects of human society, such as promises, and has never experienced things like food or movies before Marco was cursed with him. Naysaya speaks with a faint British accent.


In his titular episode, Naysaya sprouts out of Marco's neck and reveals his deepest secrets and insecurities for everyone around to hear, thus preventing him from asking out Jackie Lynn Thomas. According to Janna's texts about paranormal phenomena and witchcraft, Naysaya is a demon curse that blurts out the secrets of the person afflicted whenever they try to "woo their true love". It is later revealed that Tom cast the Naysaya curse on Marco after the events of "Blood Moon Ball" to prevent him from asking out Star Butterfly. According to Tom, Naysaya will only wear off after it reveals all of Marco's most shameful secrets.

Seemingly stuck with Naysaya forever, Marco initially decides not to go back to school, but he makes a deal with Naysaya to give him whatever he wants to keep him silent. Naysaya agrees to Marco's terms at first, but when Marco later tries to ask Jackie out, Naysaya goes back on his word and continues blurting out Marco's secrets. Therefore, Marco reveals every one of his darkest secrets to Jackie before Naysaya can, and he succeeds in asking Jackie out to the movies. The conditions of the demon curse are fulfilled, but Naysaya sticks around on Marco's neck to go to the movies as well.

In "Mathmagic", Naysaya briefly appears as one of an alternate Marco's several heads when Star's timeline starts to collapse.


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  • The name "Naysaya" is derived from "naysayer", a word used to describe a person who constantly expresses negative or pessimistic views.
  • Jackie recalls Naysaya in "Bon Bon the Birthday Clown"
  • Tom recalls Naysaya in "Divide"
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