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"Night Life" is the twenty-second episode of the third season of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

It premiered on November 16, 2017, alongside "Deep Dive".[1]


Star learns that Marco and Hekapoo have been dealing with rogue interdimensional portals.[2]


The episode begins in Dimension X-103 – Hekapoo's dimension – with Marco (30 years old again) and Hekapoo hunting down a giant squid monster and luring it back to its own dimension. The two have spent some time tracking down and closing rogue dimensional portals, and they celebrate their latest success with beverages at a tavern. When Marco's watch beeps, he leaves to go back to Mewni and looks forward to tracking down more portals with Hekapoo the next day.

When Marco returns to Butterfly Castle, he finds Star in bed; she has a black eye and is covered in twigs and bruises after trying to take Glossaryck for a walk earlier that day. She asks where Marco was all day, and Marco lies, claiming to have gone fishing. Having to help her father clear out the castle sewers the next day, Star asks her squire to watch Glossaryck for her, and Marco agrees. The next day, Marco arrives late to help Hekapoo close a portal between the Dimension of Cats with Human Faces and the Seabunny Dimension. After closing the portal, the cats thank Marco and Hekapoo for saving them, and Hekapoo suggests drinks at the tavern. Unfortunately, Marco has to return to Mewni, but he promises to meet up with Hekapoo the following day.

When Marco returns to Mewni, he sees that Glossaryck made a mess of Star's bedroom, and Star gets mad at Marco for breaking his promise. When she sees his dimensional scissors and a bald spot on the back of his head, she realizes that he's been spending time with Hekapoo. Star expresses frustration over her recent royal duties and not having her squire around to help, and Marco apologizes. He promises not to hang out with Hekapoo anymore and even gives Star his dimensional scissors as assurance. However, later that night, Marco gets such a strong urge for adventure that he sneaks into Star's room to get his scissors back.

When Marco meets with Hekapoo again, Hekapoo says she wasn't sure if he would show up, so she hired a mercenary named Talon Raventalon for extra assistance. As the three head out, Hekapoo explains that she discovered a pattern to where the rogue dimensional portals have been opening and determined where the next one will open. She and Talon plan to capture or kill whatever comes out of it with a harpoon, which should close the portals for good. Marco, having too much fun on his adventures with Hekapoo, tries to convince her not to go through with the mission, but Hekapoo is determined to carry out her duties.

When the portal that Hekapoo predicted finally opens, something flies out, and Marco stops Talon from shooting it with the harpoon. As Talon fights Marco, Hekapoo aims the harpoon herself and discovers that Star's mewberty form is the cause of the rogue portals. Talon pushes Hekapoo aside and fires the harpoon, but thanks to Hekapoo's intervention, Star is unharmed and escapes through another portal. Hekapoo gets mad at Marco for keeping Star's sleep-portaling a secret and plans to inform the rest of the Magic High Commission. Marco apologizes for lying and begs Hekapoo not to tell the High Commission, saying Star needs to figure out her new powers on her own and that he'll look after her as her squire. After he appeals to her using his adult voice, Hekapoo agrees to keep Star's secret, but she terminates her and Marco's partnership. She gives Marco a folded-up piece of paper and leaves, saying Star is lucky to have a squire like him.

Back on Mewni, Marco tries to put his dimensional scissors back in Star's room, but Star wakes up and catches him. As Star chews him out for both lying and stealing, Marco explains that Star has been opening portals in her sleep and he and Hekapoo have been closing them. Star worries about the High Commission knowing about her sleep-portaling, but Marco says he'll gladly give up adventuring with Hekapoo in order to keep Star safe. He also shows her the paper that Hekapoo gave him: a map charting Star's various journeys through the dimensions.


Major characters

Minor characters

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Dutch Nachtleven Night Life
Hebrew חיי לילה Night Life
Japanese 夜間活動 Nighttime Activity
Korean 포털을 여는 자 The One Who Opens Portals
European Portuguese Vida Noturna Night Life
Thai ชีวิตกลางคืน Night Life


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Revelations and continuity


  • Marco's fib to Star about his "fishing trip" is similar to the 1960s Batman series, when Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson use similar excuses to Dick's Aunt Harriet when they have to leave to fight crime as Batman and Robin.


  • When Hekapoo is first seen reading the map, the yellow parts of her eyes are white. As the scene continues, they revert back to their normal yellow.


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