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(title card) YEAR 2040x
A dragon cycle roars by in the distance. On it rides grown-up Marco Diaz and Hekapoo.
Marco Hold on to my abs. They'll keep you safe.
Hekapoo Hey, Mr. Muscles. Just keep driving.
Marco Just lookin' out for your safety.
Hekapoo Well, then look out for that cliff!
Marco Huh?
They scream as Marco drives off a cliff. The dragon cycle's wings flap right before they hit the bottom.
Marco Ha-ha! Oh, man, I was not payin' attention. Nice save, Nachos.
The cycle rolls an entire 360 degrees.
Hekapoo Marco!
Marco Sorry. So, uh, what are we lookin' for again?
Hekapoo Oh, uh, [points] that thing.
A giant one-eyed squid is floating immediately to their right.
Marco Follow me. [punches squid's eye]
The squid starts chasing them aggressively. Both scream.
Hekapoo Why did you punch it in the eye?
Marco Where else was I supposed to punch it?
Hekapoo Just don't punch it!
The two fly right towards a portal, but then swerve straight downwards. The squid, not reacting quickly enough, flies through the portal. Hekapoo leaps up to the portal and closes it with her dimensional scissors.
Marco Whoa!
Hekapoo Just drive, muscles.
Marco Yes, ma'am.
The scene changes to a tavern with the name "Dragon Spit". Hekapoo and no-longer-grown-up Marco are inside getting drinks.
Hekapoo Another portal closed.
They toast.
Marco Man, I miss this. Punchin' monsters, crazy adventures, seeing weird things.
Quirky Guy Hey! Who you callin' weird? I'm quirky.
Marco I just wish more portals would open in your dimension, Hekapoo. [flexes] I look so awesome there.
Hekapoo [dryly] Yeah, it's a real shame.
Marco [watch beeps] Oh, I gotta go.
Hekapoo Already? We just sat down.
Quirky Guy I'll sit with ya.
Hekapoo [gets up] No, thanks, weirdo.
Outside the bar.
Marco [to dragon cycle] Nachos! Oh, buddy, it's getting harder and harder to leave ya.
Hekapoo Hey, muscles, you comin' back tomorrow?
Marco Yeah, if you need me.
Hekapoo I could use a hand.
Marco Cool. Can't wait.
Marco opens a portal and steps through. He arrives in Star Butterfly's room during night, and tries not to wake up Star. Star, however, was awake in bed as he arrived. She has a black eye and looks quite beat up.
Star Marco?
Marco Hey... oh... wha–what happened to your face?
Star I tried to take Glossaryck for a walk today. It did not go well.
Glossaryck scratches his ear with his foot.
Star I really could've used some help from my squire, who was mysteriously not around.
Marco Yeah, sorry. I was, uh... fishing.
Star You went fishing in the middle of the night?
Marco Yep.
Star Well, did you catch anything?
Marco [sweating] I caught a mackerel. A big old mackerel.
Star You caught a mackerel? Well, where is it?
Marco [silence] I ate it.
Star Okay... Well, I gotta help my dad clear out the castle sewers tomorrow. Fuuuuun! So can you just keep an eye on Glossaryck?
Marco Yeah. I can do that.
Star Oh, great. Things have been pretty busy around here.
Marco Well, your squire is here to help.
Star Thanks, squire.
Scene jumps to the Dimension of Cats with Human Faces. Water is flooding in from a portal.
Cat 1 [screeches]
Cat 2 Ew, ew, ew, ew, ew!
Cat 3 This is a meow-trage, I say. [to Hekapoo] Can you hurry up?
Hekapoo [struggling to close the portal] I'm trying!
The flooding water knocks her away from the portal, and Hekapoo screams. A pirate ship comes sailing through.
Seabunny Captain Shiver me timbers, we're all gonna die...!
The seabunnies scream as their boat starts falling. Hekapoo makes a new portal, appears above the original one, and uses a grappling hook to try to hoist the ship back in. Marco arrives riding his dragon cycle.
Marco Hekapoo! Hey! I'm here!
Hekapoo Oh. It's nice of you to show up.
Marco Star needed me to watch Glossaryck. But-but it's cool, I handled it.
Hekapoo [struggling] Great story. Now can you give me a hand with this?
Marco Oh, right.
Marco flies up on his cycle towards the ship.
Seabunnies Huh?
The other pirates scream as Nachos smacks his tale, knocking the ship through the portal. The portal then closes.
Seabunny Captain, what were those strange creatures?
Seabunny Captain Angels, me boy. They be but angels.
Scene jumps back to the cat dimension.
Cat 4 Fur-tastic.
Cat 5 You two make a purr-fect team.
Cat 3 Meow-velous.
Hekapoo Well, I hate it here. So... tavern?
Marco's watch beeps.
Marco Oh, no. I gotta go. Star needs me. She says it's urgent. But the same time tomorrow?
Hekapoo Ah, you bet. [smacks Marco's head with flaming hand]
Marco Ugh. Please stop doing that.
Hekapoo Not until you're bald.
Scene jumps to Star's room as Marco portals in.
Marco Hey, Star, what's the emer... gen... cy?
Star's entire bedroom is in shambles. Star looks very angry.
Star You had one job.
Marco Sorry, I was uh.. [puts scissors behind back] fishing again.
Star Wait a minute. Greasy pants. Dimensional scissors. [gasps] Scorched bald spot! You haven't been fishing at all! You've been hanging out with Hekapoo again!
Marco Uh, uh, just, just for, like, a second.
Star [groans] Marco, I need you here. Glossaryck needs constant surveillance.
Glossaryck [blows raspberry]
Star I know it's not as glamourous as dragon cycling. I've been really overwhelmed lately, and I need your help.
Marco [sighs] You're right. No more moonlighting. Here. [hands Star his scissors] You can watch these for me.
Star [sighs] Thanks, Marco.
Marco I'm at your service, milady.
Star Ha-ha-ha. Don't ever call me that. Now get some sleep, you. Tomorrow, we're gonna be waist-deep in sewer sludge.
Marco Can't wait.
Scene changes to night. Marco is in bed, but not sleeping.
Marco Let's ride.
He sneaks into Star's room and grabs his scissors.
Marco Okay, this is just for tonight. [opens portal]
Glossaryck [blows raspberry]
Marco Don't look at me like that.
Marco steps though the portal. Scene changes to Hekapoo, who is in a tavern with a map.
Marco Hey, sorry. I'm late again, uh. Where are we riding today?
Hekapoo Well, this next job's pretty big, so I hired Talon Raventalon for some extra muscle.
Marco Who's Talon Raventalon?
Talon Raventalon (o.s.) I'm Talon Raventalon!
Electric guitar riff plays as the camera shows a bald eagle humanoid with huge muscles. He takes off his sunglasses.
Talon [to bartender] One glass of worms! Extra wiggly!
Marco Hekapoo, we don't need this bro.
Hekapoo Actually, we kinda do. You've been so busy, I wasn't sure you were gonna show, and I can't do this job alone.
Marco I guess that's fair... But him?
Talon Raventalon's beak is stuffed full of worms.
Marco So what's the job, anyway?
Talon Dragon cyclers don't ask questions. Dragon cyclers ride! [puts on sunglasses]
Marco Ugh.
Hekapoo [opens portal] Follow us, okay?
Talon Yaaar!
They all head off to a new dimension on their dragon cycles: Hekapoo and Talon are on one, Marco on the other.
Marco So what are we doing today?
Hekapoo Something fun.
Marco Ooh, like what?
Hekapoo Like closing up these portals for good.
They land their cycles.
Marco Wait, so... what?
Hekapoo [looking at map] There's a pattern to where these portals have been opening. And the next one should open right over there. Whatever comes out of it, we're takin' it down!
Talon Oh, yeah! With this!
He takes a cloth off of a harpoon gun.
Marco Doesn't this seem like overkill?
Talon Talon likes overkill!
Marco H-Poo, can we chat?
The two walk away from Talon.
Marco So it's just that closing these portals with you has been the highlight of my time on Mewni. Do we really have to stop?
Hekapoo Marco, this has been fun, but I've got a job to do.
Marco Yeah, just don't do it.
Hekapoo My job is to stop whatever comes out of that portal.
She points off in the distance. A portal stars opening right where she pointed.
Talon Incoming!
A yellow fireball flies out of the portal.
Hekapoo There it is!
Talon Oh, yeah! [aims harpoon gun]
Marco Stop! [kicks over Talon]
Hekapoo Marco, what are you doing?!
Marco I'm not sure, but you need to stop!
Talon [threatening] Ooh... Oh, I'm just gettin' started. [his glasses shatter, kiais] Ba-kaw!
The two start fighting each other.
Hekapoo Marco, it's my job. [aims harpoon gun]
In the harpoon gun's scope, Hekapoo see's that the yellow fireball is actually Star in her Mewberty form. Hekapoo's eye widens and she starts sweating.
Hekapoo [gasps] Star?
Talon [shoving Hekapoo aside] Oh, I love harpoons!
Hekapoo No! You idiot!
Talon fires the harpoon.
Talon Ha-ha!
Hekapoo jumps on the dragon cycle with the gun, and pulls it the opposite direction. Marco jumps onto Talon. As Hekapoo rides, the rope on the harpoon pulls taut and can no longer unwind any further.
Marco Star!
The harpoon stops, mere inches away from her eye. Hekapoo sighs as she stops the cycle. Star opens a portal and flies through it.
Marco That was some great riding, Hekapoo.
Hekapoo [yelling] You knew?! You knew that Star was the one opening these portals, and you didn't tell me?!
Marco Okay, okay, hear me out.
Hekapoo I'm reporting this to the High Commission. [walks away]
Marco Okay, yeah, I lied to you about Star, but not about anything else. Working with you has been incredible, and I don't want it to end. Please don't report this to the High Commission. Star needs to figure out her new powers on her own.
Hekapoo Do you have any idea how dangerous that is?
Marco I'm her squire. I can make sure she's safe. Haven't I earned your trust by now?
Hekapoo [aflame] No!!
Marco [sighs, in adult voice] Pretty please, H-Poo?
Hekapoo [whimpers, angrily] Oh, you know I can't resist your adult voice. Fine. I won't report this for your sake, but us working together is o–ver.
Marco Hekapoo.
Hekapoo Here. [tosses him the map] You're gonna need this. Star's lucky to have a squire like you. [to dragon cycle] Hyah!
Hekapoo rides off in to the sunset on Talon's dragon cycle. Talon walks over to Marco.
Talon You wanna hang out?
Marco opens a portal and leaves Talon stranded. Scene changes to Star's bedroom.
Star [sleepy] Uh... hello?
Marco's hovering by her with his scissors.
Star [screams, grabs wand] Creepy blast!
Marco Aaagh! [groans]
Star Marco? What are you doing? And what are you doing with your scissors?!
Marco Okay, okay, I can explain.
Star First you're lying, and now you're stealing? What are you doing?
Marco I've been closing your portals. Uh, you've been opening them in different dimensions, and I've been closing them with Hekapoo.
Star Wha-wha-what? Does... does Hekapoo know about...
Marco Yeah. Yeah, she knows. She's not happy about it.
Star Oh, no. Oh, no, oh, no!
Marco Star, I like adventures, but I like keeping you safe more, so if I can stop doing this [snips scissors], can you stop doing that? [opens map]
Star Whoa, what is it?
Marco I think it's what you've been looking for.
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