"On the Job" is the twelfth episode of the second season of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

It premiered on August 15, 2016, alongside "Starsitting".[2]


Buff Frog has to complete an important mission in order to care for his kids.[3]


The episode begins at Buff Frog's house on Mewni, where Buff Frog raises and plays with the twelve tadpoles he adopted in "Storm the Castle". However, even though being a father has changed him for the better, Buff Frog has no food to feed his babies. He calls his old monster friend Boo Fly and asks about a job. Boo Fly is wary because Buff Frog has been "out of the game for a while", but Buff Frog assures him that he is just as evil as ever.

After leaving his babies with Star and Marco, Buff Frog goes to meet up with Boo Fly, who has also recruited three other monsters for his job. One of them, a dog-like monster with bull horns named Dogbull, thinks that Buff Frog has gone soft after becoming a father.

Boo Fly explains to the monsters that a pack of rats (from "Wand to Wand") have gotten their hands on Mewman corn. Buff Frog organizes a plan to capture one of the rats and make it tell them where they got the corn. Unfortunately, when he captures a rat, he can't bring himself to torture it for information, and he eventually sets it free, much to the frustration of the other monsters. Boo Fly asks Buff Frog about his strange behavior and says if he messes up again, he won't be able to vouch for him.

Using Dogbull's sense of smell, the monsters track the rats to their corn supply route. They prepare to attack in silence, but Buff Frog accidentally gives away their position with his tadpoles' baby toys, and the rats manage to escape. The monsters make a new plan to follow the rats' supply route to its source, but they leave Buff Frog behind because of his mistakes, considering him to be dead weight. At that moment, Buff Frog receives a photo of his tadpoles on his mirror phone.

Boo Fly, Dogbull, and the other monsters follow the rats' corn supply route to a cornfield just outside Butterfly Castle. The corn is protected by a magical force field. There's a small hole at the base of the force field, but it is too small for the monsters to fit through. When King Butterfly notices monsters trying to steal his corn, he catapults a fireball at them, trapping them in a ring of flames. Suddenly, Buff Frog arrives to rescue them. Once they are safe from harm, the monsters thank Buff Frog for saving them and apologize for calling him soft. Buff Frog says that although they were unable to get the corn, they now know of a way to get to it that the Butterfly family doesn't know about. With that, Buff Frog leaves to pick up his tadpoles from Star and Marco.

Meanwhile, the rats take the corn they have stolen and deliver it to Ludo.


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Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Dutch Aan Het Werk Working
French Le Bon, les Brutes et le Maïs The Good, The Bad, and the Corn
German Vatergefühle Father Emotions
Hebrew בעבודה At Work
Hungarian Az új Meló The New Job
Italian Al Lavoro At Work
Japanese パパのお仕事 Dad's Job
Polish W Pracy At Work
Portuguese (Brazil) Trabalhando Working
Portuguese (Portugal) À Altura Up To
Russian На работе At Work
Spanish (Latin America) En el Ruedo On the Job
Spanish (Spain) La Vuelta al Trabajo Return to Work


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S2E12 Buff Frog receives a photo of his tadpoles
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  • This episode takes place at the same time as "Starsitting", revealing what Buff Frog was doing while Star and Marco watched his children.

Revelations and continuity

  • The fly monster of Ludo's former army reappears and is revealed to be named Boo Fly.
  • Buff Frog is revealed to have the ability to jump extremely high.


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