Scene opens on Mewni. The camera jumps to Buff Frog's house, where he takes care of his tadpole babies. As he opens a pot to feed them dinner, Buff Frog realizes the pot is empty, and he has no food for them. Buff Frog frowns.
Buff Frog [opens phone] Call Boo Fly.
Boo Fly Hey, Buff Frog! Long time no see man! I heard you have kids now.
Buff Frog Yes. 12 beautiful babies. Very hungry. I hear you're hiring for a job.
Boo Fly Are you sure you're up for it? You've been out of the game for a while.
Buff Frog Oh, don't worry about me. I am just as evil as ever. Hmm. Hehehe. [rocks his children in their cradles]
Scene jumps to the Diaz's home. Buff Frog hands off his babies for Star Butterfly and Marco Diaz to babysit.
Marco It'll be just fine. Star and I got this handled.
Star Just like a suitcase. Totally handled.
Buff Frog Okay. Daddy will come get you after work. Six o'clock sharp. Be good and listen to babysitters.
The portal closes, leaving Buff Frog back on Mewni.
Buff Frog [bawls loudly] Come on. Pull yourself together man. Who's more evil than you? Nobody! [grunts and shouts] Hiya! Hya! Hya! Hya! [runs off to work]
In another part of the Mewni forest.
Dogbull Buff Frog?
Boo Fly Buff Frog.
Dogbull Buff Frog Buff Frog?
Boo Fly Buff Frog Buff Frog.
Dogbull The Buff Frog?
Buff Frog [arriving] Actually, it's Yvgeny Bulgolyubov.
Dogbull What?
Boo Fly Guys, welcome the newest member of our team.
Dogbull This guy? Look a little... soft. To me.
Buff Frog Soft⁈ [grunts and snarls]
Porcupine Ooh.
Dogbull He's just like me. Ah, whatever. Last time he got his hands dirty, he was changing diapers. Heh-heh.
Buff Frog [grabs Dogbull] You want me to change your diaper?
Dogbull [gasps, growls]
Boo Fly Guys! Guys, guys, guys. We're all on the same team here. We have work to do.
Scene changes to outside the rat's lodge. A rat sneaks out of the door. The team of villains watches as another rat gives it an ear of corn.
Buff Frog Corn!
Boo Fly Corn!
Buff Frog Wait. Only Mewmans have corn. How rats have corn when monsters are starving?
Boo Fly That's what we're here to find out.
Buff Frog In that case, let's get show on road.
Both Thumpie-bumpies!
Buff Frog Okay, here is plan. A) We capture rat. B) Make him tell us where he got corn.
Dogbull Well, great. I'll just go grab him!
Buff Frog No, no. Give your abs a break. We must do this quietly. Let me teach you about the element of surprise. [hops into air]
Boo Fly Aw yeah! Buff Frog's back!
In a different part of a forest, a rat walks by itself, alone. It hears a rustling of leaves.
Rat [squeaks]
Buff Frog Surprise!
Buff Frog grabs the rat from above with both hands.
Buff Frog Ha! Hahaha. Okay little guy. You and me will have little talk.
Buff Frog's mind visualizes the rat as one of his children for a breif instant.
Buff Frog Huh? [drops the rat] Wait!
Dogbull What was that? Baby oil on your fingers? [laughs]
Boo Fly Umm, Buff Frog? Did that just happen?
Buff Frog Uhhh...
Dogbull Look what was in the Lost and Found. [holds up rat] Yeah, 'cause he lost it. And we found it! Right?
Dogbull, Porcupine, and Birdle [laughs]
Boo Fly Uuuhh... Hey Buff Frog. Uh, why don't you show the team your patented interrogation technique. This guy's the best!
Buff Frog [chuckles nervously]
Buff Frog holds out his hand over a table of various torture devices.
Buff Frog [to the rat] We will do this the easy way and the hard way. Easy for me, and hard for you.
Dogbull This is amazing!
Boo Fly He-heh. Told you he was good.
Buff Frog [approaching the rat with device] Where did you get the corn?
Once again, Buff Frog imagines the rat as one of his tadpole children.
Buff Frog Uuhhh! [groans, recovers] This rat is tougher than I thought. You're not going to want to see this.
Dogbull Uuh, yeah I do!
Boo Fly No, no, no. Lets, uh, leave the master to his work. You know how artists are [chuckles]
The monsters leave Buff Frog alone with the tied up rat.
Buff Frog [whimpers, drops torture device] Ooh! What is happening to me? [to rat] I can't do this to you. Wait. What am I doing? [grabs rat] I know what you're thinking. You think I'm soft because I have children, don't you? [growls] I'll show you!
Scene jumps to the other villains. They hear the rat squealing very loudly.
Buff Frog [showing pictures] Oh, and can you believe Nadia here? Seriously. There ought to be a law against something that cute.
Rat [continues to scream]
Buff Frog Oooh! We should do live chat with them. I call Star right now. [pulls out phone]
Rat [screeches]
Buff Frog It's ringing!
Boo Fly [distantly] I'm telling you, he probably found all the corn by now.
The monsters find Buff Frog with the rope untied and the rat nowhere to be found.
Dogbull What did you just do⁈ You let him go⁈
Buff Frog Umm, yes. But...
Boo Fly It's all according to the plan. I've seen him do this a hundred times. It's a classic. Buff Frog interrogates the prisoner, then lets him go 'cause he's so freaked out that he'll lead us right to where the corn came from... technique. Am I right, B?
Buff Frog Oh, yes. Yes, never fails.
Dogbull [picks up rope, sniffs] Well, I guess I can track his scent from here.
The monsters follow Dogbull as he sniffs the ground, following the scent. Buff Frog and Boo Fly stay behind.
Boo Fly Hey, Bruh, are you good? 'Cause, um... that didn't look good.
Buff Frog I know. I know! This should be easy... but nothing is feeling right.
Boo Fly You blow this again, I'm not gonna be able to cover for you.
Buff Frog No, no. I got this.
The monsters gather back together, looking over the edge of a cliff.
Dogbull Jackpot.
They see a line of rats marching with corn strapped to their backs.
Buff Frog Yes, but this is not the source. Is only supply route.
Dogbull Hey Buff-Daddy. You with us or what?
Buff Frog Yes. One hundred percent.
Dogbull Okay, guys. Quiet...
All the monsters quietly arm themselves. Buff Frog pulls out his weapons, except that he accidentally grabs some baby toys which start playing baby music loudly. The monsters stare at him blankly.
Buff Frog Uuh... Umm...
Dogbull Shh!
Buff Frog [stamping on toys] Ay. Ay. Ay.
Dogbull Stop it!
The rats scatter as Buff Frog attempts to destroy the toys. Dogbull picks them up and throws them far away.
Buff Frog That was Katrina's favorite...
Dogbull [grabs Buff Frog, growls]
Boo Fly Guys guys guys! Keep your cool.
Dogbull Now, we're gonna do this my way. We follow the supply route back to the source, and we'll be swimming in delicious corn!!!
All Corn!
Boo Fly [to Buff Frog] No no. Not you.
Buff Frog [whimpers]
Boo Fly Alright. Everyone else, move out!
Buff Frog Wait! Boo Fly. Please! I need one more chance.
Boo Fly Just go home man.
Buff Frog Thumbie-bumpie?
Boo Fly No man. No thumpie-bumpie. [flies away]
Buff Frog's phone rings. He pulls it out, revealing a picture of his kids with the message "Good luck with your new job. We're counting on you!" Buff Frog starts crying. The rest of the monsters continue on their quest.
Dogbull [gasps]
They have found the source of the corn; it is a Mewni corn field. Screaming, they all run towards the fields only to crash into a force field surrounding it.
Dogbull No! Stupid Mewmans! [slams fists on field, notices a hole] Huh? Green hole?
He tries to stick his hand through to grab some corn, but it's too far away.
Boo Fly You can't fin in there. You need to try something small–
Dogbull [grabs Boo Fly, tries to push him through]
Boo Fly Hey!
King Butterfly [inside castle] Corn, corn, corn. Ha ha! Corn! Corn! Corn! [heres something] Huh? [looks outside, sees monsters] My corn!
Dogbull Come on man, suck in your gut!
King You there, monsters! Get away from my corn!!
The king launches a fireball. While it does not directly landing on the monsters, it magically surrounds them in a circle of flame.
King Whoopsie!
Monsters [gasp]
Birdle No! [pulls into shell] Later.
Dogbull We're toast!
The fire roars loudly. When all hope is lost, Boo Fly looks up to see Buff Frog leaping in from the sky.
Boo Fly I thought you went home.
Buff Frog We are all going home [grabs them, hops out of the flames]
They land in a fiery explosion some distance way.
Dogbull My ab! My ab!! I'm missing an ab! [ab creaks into place] Oh, thank corn.
Boo Fly Thanks, Buff Frog!
Dogbull Oh! I was wrong, man!
Porcupine Thank you for saving us.
Birdle Sorry we were mean.
Buff Frog Just doing my job.
Dogbull [extends hand] I'm never making fun of dads again!
Buff Frog [opens his arms] Aww, c'mere my little pierogis! [hugs them all]
Dogbull Come here.
Boo Fly Oh!
Dogbull Yeah, come on now.
Boo Fly I don't want to ruin a moment, but um... we didn't get any corn.
Buff Frog True. We did not get corn. But mission not a failure. We found hole in Mewman force field that they did not know was there. We just need a way to get in through that hole [opens portal with scissors]
Boo Fly If anyone can do it, you can!
Buff Frog Now, I must get babies. [gasps happily] Daddy missed you so much, my little kreplachs! [portal closes]
Dogbull Know what? I'm gonna call my dad.
Scene changes to some rats. They are taking corn from a field, bringing it too a greenly lit cave, and dumping it at the feet of Ludo, perched on his spider and bird.
(end song)
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