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Hmm, I thought this was my studio. JK! Everywhere's my studio!
―Oskar Greason[src]

Oskar Greason is a student of Echo Creek Academy who, according to Principal Skeeves, has "a record". Star develops a crush on him in "Cheer Up, Star". As of "Starcrushed", Oskar is a high school dropout. From "Britta's Tacos" onward, he works at the eponymous restaurant.


Oskar has brown hair that usually covers his green eyes. He wears a brown T-shirt, a red neckerchief, gray jeans that are torn at the bottom, and purple and white boots. He has two fangs on opposite sides of his upper mouth.

In "Girls' Day Out", he wears a blue T-shirt with the words "Wrestle Rama" printed on it. In "Starcrushed", it is shown that he has shortened his hair into an undercut hairstyle, making his eyes always visible.

In "Britta's Tacos", he wears a yellow hat and apron over his regular clothes, both with the restaurant's logo on it.


Oskar loves playing his keytar, typically on the hood of his car, but usually plays it discordantly; most who hear it scream and cover their ears. He has "a record", according to Principal Skeeves, and doesn't talk much.

He appears to hold some disdain towards his mother, judging by the lyrics of his songs in "Mewberty".

He mostly has a laid back, uninterested personality; After the Mewberty-form Star lifted him and his car up into the sky then dropped them back down, he showed no signs of trauma at all, even greeting Marco with a nonchalant "What's up?" In "Blood Moon Ball", his only reaction to Tom Lucitor's arrival at the school was to point out that his carriage was parked in a handicapped space.

In "Star on Wheels", Oskar treats everywhere he goes as his "studio", and he is revealed to be a horrendous driver who pays little attention to road safety. In addition, although he agrees to help Marco rescue Star, he is more concerned with having fun with Glossaryck, even suggesting that the two of them start a band together.

In "Starcrushed", he shows a genuine interest in hanging out with Star, stating that she always believed in him, and asking her about her magic. He also blushes when Star holds his hand during a failed attempt at a fist bump, and is happy at the thought of spending time with her over the coming summer. In "Britta's Tacos", he briefly recalls this, but quickly shrugs it off.


Oskar first appears in "Match Maker", as a brief cameo among a group of students.

His proper debut is in "Cheer Up, Star". In a flashback, he is shown playing his keytar, with Star being immediately attracted to him and giving him her number. He later calls her, and they have a brief talk.

In "Mewberty", he is once again playing his keytar. He becomes a target for the Mewberty form Star, who briefly drags him and his car into the air before the condition wears off.

In "Blood Moon Ball", he witnesses Tom's arrival at the school.

In "Mr. Candle Cares", he is seen after having a session with Mr. Candle, having apparantly learned that he is destined to be a great musician.

In "Star on Wheels", Oskar and his car are used to save an out-of-control Star (altough Oskar spends more time bonding with Glossaryck).

In "Girls' Day Out", Star attempts to ask him for some batteries, but becomes too eneamoured of him to even speak.

Oskar is briefly mentioned in "Sleepover", as the person Star has a crush on.

In "Starcrushed", Oskar appears in attendance of the end-of-school party atop the Stop & Slurp, with a new haircut. He and Star (who is struggling with her feelings for Marco) talk for a while, with the two agreeing to spend time over the summer together.

In "Britta's Tacos", Oskar is shown working at the titular restaurant. When he and Star see each other again, he briefly notes that they had talked about spending the previous summer together, but quickly dismisses the thought.

In "Jannanigans", he is briefly seen serving Star, Marco, Tom and Janna their order. In "Mama Star", responding to strange noises, he goes under the restaurant and finds the group throwing garbage into the well that leads into the Realm of Magic (in hopes of drawing out the Firstborn). He then allows Star and the others to borrow his car for the trip into the realm.

In "Cleaved", Oskar is interviewed on television after the destruction of magic causes his place of employment to sink into the ground.



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  • In the promotional poster for "Cheer Up, Star", Oskar's color palette is different: he has darker skin, blond hair, an orange neckerchief, a green shirt, blue pants, and black boots.
  • While he is talking to Star on the phone, he starts playing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star".
  • As revealed in "Girls' Day Out", Oskar has several keytars, for both right-handers and left-handers.
    • Although Oskar usually plays keytars for left-handers, he plays them right handed.
  • In a couple of his songs, the lyrics tell of Oskar's tense relationship with his mother. Coincidently, Star has a similarly difficult relationship with her own mother.
  • In "Starcrushed," Oskar reveals that he dropped out of school, explaining his absence from the series since "Girls' Day Out".
  • Oskar's songs are written by Star vs. the Forces of Evil supervising producer Dominic Bisignano.
  • Oskar has a fictionalized account on Soundcloud, which features instrumental versions of some of his songs in the series.


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