Oskar Greason's car is a vehicle that Oskar Greason uses as both transportation and a live/workspace.


Oskar's car is an orange two-door compact car that resembles the real-life AMC Pacer. It is a considerably beat-up car with faded paint, cracked windows, duct tape covering the right side-view mirror and back window, and a dented front bumper (the license plate is similarly damaged). There are also two flower stickers on the outside of the front passenger-side door and a dreamcatcher hanging from the rear-view mirror.


In "Cheer Up, Star", Oskar's car is first seen when he meets Star Butterfly. In a fantasy sequence, Star imagines that Oskar's car is a flying snail that they fly on into space. In "Mewberty", Oskar has apparently moved into his car after an argument with his mother, and he lives in it in the Echo Creek Academy parking lot. Star briefly carries the car (and Oskar) into the sky while undergoing mewberty.

In "Star on Wheels", Marco and Oskar drive after Star in Oskar's car as she bicycles uncontrollably across Echo Creek. In "Girls' Day Out", Oskar is shown to keep dozens of keytars in his car trunk. In "Starcrushed", the car appears on the roof of the Stop & Slurp.

In "Mama Star", Star, Marco, Tom and Janna borrow the car to traverse the Realm of Magic. The outer frame is later blasted off by Tom. In "Cleaved", the remains of the car can briefly be seen.


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  • The license plate on Oskar's car varies from episode to episode, but most of the time it has "501" as the last three digits.
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