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"Page Turner" is the twenty-fifth episode of the second season of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

It premiered on November 14, 2016, alongside "Naysaya".[1]


Star tries to resist the temptation of reading a forbidden chapter in her Book of Spells.[2]


In Star's bedroom, Glossaryck bores Star as he tries to pick out the "perfect chip" in a bag of corn chips. To combat this boredom, Glossaryck suggests that Star practice her magic, and he even allows her to pick a spell to practice with. As Glossaryck finds his perfect chip, Star eventually settles on a chapter in her Magic Instruction Book that is bound by magical chains and a skull-shaped lock. Glossaryck forbids Star from reading this chapter, calling it the most dangerous in the book and claiming that it could "taint" her. Unfortunately, this only entices Star more, and she convinces Glossaryck to let her read the locked chapter by holding his perfect corn chip hostage.

After unlocking the book's forbidden chapter and moving Star to the other side of the room, Glossaryck agrees to give Star a small peek at the chapter. However, before he can do so, he receives a call from the Bureaucracy of Magic, and his consciousness is dragged away into another dimension. At the Bureaucracy of Magic, Glossaryck is greeted by security guard/receptionist/elevator operator Sean, who tells him that he has been summoned by the Magic High Commission on the top floor.

Back in Star's bedroom, Star is left alone with Glossaryck's unconscious body and the Magic Instruction Book's forbidden chapter unlocked. She is about to call her mother for advice, but she changes her mind when she notices the book. At the Bureaucracy of Magic, Glossaryck's trip to the top floor is extremely inconvenienced by a "No Magic" rule, a metal detector-like gate, and an out-of-service elevator, forcing him to take the stairs.

Marco enters Star's room to show off his first chest hair, and he finds Star sitting in front of her instruction book, tempted to read the unlocked chapter. Although Glossaryck has forbidden Star from turning the page, Star realizes that Marco is not bound by such restrictions.

Meanwhile, when Glossaryck reaches the top of the stairs at the Bureaucracy of Magic, he ends up right back on the first floor. Enraged, he breaks the building's "No Magic" rule and uses his powers to move the entire lobby to the top floor. There, he meets with the Magic High Commission: a red-haired demon girl named Hekapoo, a goat-like creature with bat wings named Lekmet, a creature with a diamond-shaped head and snake arms named Rhombulus, and a cosmic skull-faced creature in a crystal ball named Omnitraxus Prime. Glossaryck is upset with the High Commission for wasting his valuable time, and he briefly battles the short-tempered Rhombulus before they are interrupted by the arrival of Queen Butterfly.

Queen Butterfly explains to Glossaryck that something somewhere is siphoning off magic from the universe. To prepare themselves for whatever is causing it, the queen tells Glossaryck to accelerate Star's training. However, Glossaryck refuses. When the queen asks him why his methods for training Star are so different from when he trained her, Glossaryck says it's because Star herself is different. He tells Queen Butterfly that Star should be trusted to make her own decisions, especially since she was left alone with the book's chapter about Eclipsa the Queen of Darkness. Realizing her faults, Queen Butterfly accepts Glossaryck's words of wisdom.

Upon returning to Star's bedroom, Glossaryck discovers that Star has already read through the Magic Instruction Book's forbidden chapter. Fortunately, she was able to resist the temptation of learning dark magic. Unfortunately, Marco WAS tempted, and he now floats at the center of a whirlpool of evil energy. Luckily, Glossaryck has a spell to fix it.


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Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Dutch Page Turner Page Turner
French Chapitre Interdit Forbidden Chapter
German Das Verbotene Kapitel The Forbidden Chapter
Hebrew הופך הדף Turn the Page
Hungarian A Lapozó Page Turner
Italian Gira la Pagina Turn the Page
Japanese ページをめくって Turn the Page
Korean 마법의회 Magic Council
Polish Czytadło Page Turner
Portuguese (Brazil) Virando a Página Turning the Page
Portuguese (Portugal) Virar a Página Turn the Page
Russian Увлекательная книга A Fascinating Book
Spanish (Latin America) Libro Cautivador Captivating Book
Spanish (Spain) La Página Censurada The Censored Page


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